[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20111222

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 02:05:02 CET 2011

[00:36] <newl> l
[04:07] <sam1> hi guys, "-attach"  could work for subtitle?
[04:16] <burek> sam1, try reading the documentation
[04:18] <newl_> blue before red except after green
[04:36] <sam1> hi  guys, i can't use  "sbsf",  result is here http://pastebin.com/BfWvYErL
[05:13] <Wizord> I have this sample which is incompatible with ffmeg decoder: http://m1el.mooo.com/as-002.mkv . on frame 18 or 19, this what I get with ffmpeg decoder: http://i.minus.com/iff5Y1eIoan1c.png , and this what I get with coreavc decoder: http://i.minus.com/iesZs8sBvMwgy.png . some other proprietary decoders have result similar to coreavc
[05:14] <Wizord> this is a trimmed and remuxed h.264 stream directly from BD
[05:25] <Wizord> this is interesting, because ffmpeg have fixed one problem related to Arietty BD
[07:28] <ami_> can we pass memory buffer as input for FFmpeg in place of file
[08:23] <ami_> any other api can we used in ffmpeg instead of init_put_byte() for passing memory buffer 
[08:24] <ami_> I am not getting any api for passing memory buffer as input whatever the refrence are available is represting file as input
[08:24] <ami_> can you suggest something on this
[08:25] <ami_> I want to play TS stream that is in my circular buffer
[09:22] <symtab> hi
[09:22] <symtab> any ideas why this error: Received signal 24: terminating.
[09:22] <symtab> appears?
[11:47] <Leoneof> hello
[11:48] <Leoneof> what's the command line to convert flv file to mp4 (for psp) 
[12:11] <JEEB> Leoneof, lemme see how to set certain options for libx264 in ffmpeg
[12:11] <JEEB> I've got the general guidelines down of what the PSP can support
[12:12] <JEEB> Leoneof, you have libfaac or something else built into ffmpeg?
[12:13] <Leoneof> JEEB: oh i don't know, i'm using Debian, and ffmpeg/winff installed, with many free/nonfree codecs
[12:13] <JEEB> ugh
[12:13] <JEEB> debian sounds like old ffmpeg
[12:13] <JEEB> might become ugly
[12:13] <Leoneof> :(
[12:13] <JEEB> it has only been like 12 months or so since ffmpeg got saner with libx264 usage
[12:13] <JEEB> do ffmpeg --version
[12:13] <Leoneof> ok
[12:13] <JEEB> or -version
[12:13] <JEEB> or -v
[12:13] <JEEB> or just run ffmpeg?
[12:13] <JEEB> I'm not sure how you got the version info
[12:14] <Leoneof> ffmpeg version , Copyright (c) 2000-2011 the FFmpeg developers
[12:14] <Leoneof> built on Nov 23 2011 10:04:36 with gcc 4.4.5
[12:14] <Mavrik> dpkg -l | grep ffmpeg
[12:14] <Mavrik> since ffmpeg doesn't have version compiled in
[12:15] <Leoneof> it is 5:0.7.8-0.1
[12:15] <JEEB> oh, relatively new'ish
[12:15] <Mavrik> that's actually not ancient :)
[12:15] <Leoneof> :D
[12:15] <JEEB> x264 --version gives you?
[12:16] <Leoneof> i don't have x264
[12:16] <Leoneof> :d
[12:16] <JEEB> you kind of need it :P At least libx264
[12:16] <JEEB> to encode H.264
[12:16] <JEEB> also check that you have libfaac as well
[12:16] <Leoneof> where i can find this lib?
[12:17] <JEEB> well, if you're going to use ffmpeg from the repos you'll have to check the repos :P
[12:17] <JEEB> also, do I see correctly that one cannot set reference frame amounts with x264opts?
[12:17] <Leoneof> i have libx264-112 , but not x264 filename
[12:17] <JEEB> k
[12:18] <JEEB> now to check how old 112 was again >_>
[12:18] <JEEB> I think it's up to 120+ by now
[12:18] <Leoneof> oh, i have libx264-118
[12:18] <JEEB> nice
[12:18] <JEEB> that's nice
[12:18] <JEEB> quite new'ish
[12:18] <JEEB> now check for libfaac
[12:18] <Leoneof> but not 120
[12:19] <JEEB> well, I don't think it really matters that much and making you build a newer lib will just make you rebuild ffmpeg as well
[12:19] <JEEB> and I'm not going to take you through it :3
[12:19] <JEEB> it should work
[12:19] <JEEB> now check for libfaac
[12:20] <Leoneof> libfaac0 is installed
[12:20] <JEEB> k
[12:20] <JEEB> now someone confirm me if I can limit the amount of reference frames with ffmpeg :P
[12:20] <JEEB> with x264opts
[12:20] <JEEB> because the PSP does not like more than three ref frames, and thus you have to limit it
[12:20] <Mavrik> I think x264opts are directly translated to x264 options
[12:21] <JEEB> i'd guess so
[12:21] <JEEB> But it seems like libx264.c contains code for certain options
[12:21] <JEEB> so it's a "I don't really know" kind of a situation
[12:21] <JEEB> anyways, let's give it a try
[12:21] <Leoneof> can you give me website about what psp can support?
[12:22] <JEEB> http://x264.fushizen.eu/random/psp_encoding.txt
[12:22] <JEEB> I've written this myself
[12:22] <Leoneof> ah great
[12:22] <Leoneof> thanks :D
[12:22] <JEEB> I'm translating that into ffmpeg options atm
[12:23] <JEEB> ffmpeg -i input.flv -vcodec libx264 -crf 22 -vpre fast -profile main -level 3 -x264opts ref=3:b-pyramid=none:weightp=1 -acodec libfaac -b:a 192k out.mp4
[12:23] <JEEB> something like this?
[12:23] <JEEB> and of course the resize
[12:23] <JEEB> which I forgot :P
[12:24] <JEEB> but that should be it for the audio and video
[12:25] <Mavrik> JEEB, -profile instead of -vpre
[12:25] <Mavrik> er
[12:25] <Mavrik> -preset
[12:25] <JEEB> Mavrik, but the last time I was telling someone to use -preset it tried to use it for the audio encoder
[12:25] <JEEB> and they told me I should use -vpre
[12:25] Action: JEEB has been recommending -preset for long
[12:26] <Mavrik> huh... I'm using preset in all my ffmpegs... it's place dependent though
[12:26] <JEEB> yeah
[12:26] <Mavrik> vpre is deprecated and has a tendency to try to look for the ffpreset files :\
[12:26] <JEEB> yeah
[12:26] <Leoneof> JEEB: psp can run mp4 with the resolution 720x480  ?
[12:26] <JEEB> Leoneof, yes
[12:26] <Leoneof> wow
[12:26] <Leoneof> didn't know
[12:26] <JEEB> not surprising since the UMD video discs had that :P
[12:26] <JEEB> basically it's H.264 + AAC in MP4
[12:27] <JEEB> ffmpeg -i input.flv -vcodec libx264 -crf 22 -preset fast -profile main -level 3 -x264opts ref=3:b-pyramid=none:weightp=1 -acodec libfaac -b:a 192k out.mp4
[12:27] <JEEB> this then I guess
[12:27] <JEEB> I just hope -preset really is placing-dependent :P
[12:27] <JEEB> because someone said it might not be
[12:27] <JEEB> but I guess it _should_ be because i've been recommending it through this year
[12:28] <Mavrik> ^^
[12:28] <Mavrik> JEEB, I have a nasty feeling it was a bug in some of the repository packaged versions :)
[12:28] <Leoneof> so every file under H.264 + AAC should work, right?
[12:28] <JEEB> and yeah, I don't know which resizing setup fits you so you should add that after -i
[12:28] <JEEB> Leoneof, NO!
[12:28] <JEEB> see the limitations I wrote with the x264 options
[12:29] <JEEB> also it can be rather herpy derpy with resolutions
[12:29] <JEEB> it won't take more than 720x576 and specific resolutions might not work
[12:29] <JEEB> keeping to the "officially supported" resolutions is a good idea
[12:31] <JEEB> Leoneof, profiles are basically "feature sets", levels keep memory usage under limits, and then the PSP has a few limitations of its own: (refs, b-pyramid, weightp can't be 2 unless you lower reference frame count)
[12:32] <Leoneof> okay
[12:33] <JEEB> In any case, I haven't found many files "on the interwebs" that are generally distributed to be within the limits of the PSP :P
[12:33] <JEEB> of course, certain youtube videos and such should play
[12:36] <JEEB> anyways, add -s 480x272 or something after the input and see how it goes
[12:39] <Leoneof> oops sorry, bad connection
[12:39] <JEEB> <JEEB> anyways, add -s 480x272 or something after the input and see how it goes
[12:39] <Leoneof> ah okay, thanks for your help :D
[12:40] <JEEB> ffmpeg -i input.flv -s 480x272 -vcodec libx264 -crf 22 -preset fast -profile main -level 3 -x264opts ref=3:b-pyramid=none:weightp=1 -acodec libfaac -b:a 192k out.mp4
[12:40] <JEEB> something like this
[12:40] <Leoneof> i will try it now
[12:40] <Leoneof> oh, what's ref=3 ? 
[12:41] <JEEB> equivalent to --ref 3 in x264's command line encoder, I hope it works :P If it doesn't, you're in some kind of a shit
[12:42] <JEEB> basically it hardcodes libx264 to use at maximum three reference frames, because the profile can let the encoder use more than that
[12:42] <JEEB> but the PSP doesn't support >3
[12:43] <Leoneof> i see
[12:43] <Leoneof> got error: Unrecognized option 'b:a'
[12:43] <JEEB> aww
[12:43] <Leoneof> what this
[12:43] <JEEB> so that version ffmpeg doesn't support the -b:a way of setting bitrates
[12:43] <Leoneof> ouch!
[12:44] <Leoneof> i have to remove b:a ?
[12:44] <JEEB> more like replace it with some older way of saying it
[12:44] <JEEB> -b 192k I guess?
[12:44] <MT`> -ab
[12:44] <JEEB> oh
[12:44] <JEEB> I ctrl+f'd for -ab
[12:45] <JEEB> but only got -absf
[12:45] <JEEB> derp
[12:45] <JEEB> then -ab 192k
[12:45] <Leoneof> okay!
[12:45] <JEEB> replce the -b:a with it
[12:45] <Leoneof> oh well, it is converting
[12:45] <Leoneof> :D
[12:46] <Leoneof> thanks folks!
[12:46] <JEEB> now grab your PSP and see how it works
[12:46] <JEEB> basically the parts you can change at your liking are:
[12:46] <JEEB> -preset
[12:46] <JEEB> this sets the speed/compression ratio
[12:46] <JEEB> I set it to fast
[12:47] <JEEB> -crf
[12:47] <JEEB> this is the "quality" setting
[12:47] <JEEB> constant rate factor
[12:47] <JEEB> if it looks good you can make it higher
[12:47] <JEEB> if it looks bad, you can make it lower
[12:48] <JEEB> I remember using 19.5 at one point for the PSP, but it really depends on how good your eyes are at catching compression artifacts -- and of course the size/type of the source :)
[12:48] <JEEB> some sources look good with 30 or so
[12:48] <JEEB> yet some sources might need 18 or even less, trust your eyes on this
[12:48] <JEEB> it's a mobile device after all :)
[12:48] <JEEB> 22 should be OK'ish
[13:13] <Leoneof> JEEB: it is working, thanks :)
[13:13] <JEEB> np
[13:16] <Leoneof> JEEB: any command line to see the properties for file.mp4 ?
[13:20] <ubitux> ffprobe ?
[13:21] <Leoneof> oh right, thanks
[13:22] <JEEB> also, if you want to find the slowest preset that works for you (is fast enough for you): http://mewiki.project357.com/wiki/X264_Settings#preset
[13:22] <JEEB> this is the listing
[13:28] <Leoneof> i will try ultrafast
[13:36] <JEEB> -.-
[13:36] <JEEB> no
[13:37] <JEEB> don't use ultrafast
[13:37] <JEEB> jeez
[13:37] <JEEB> the fastest and slowest presets are the ones you really shouldn't use unless it's for testing
[13:37] <JEEB> ultrafast and placebo
[13:45] <Leoneof> why i don't have to use ultrafast?
[13:45] <JEEB> well, if you don't like any compression at all I guess it's fine for you
[13:45] <JEEB> but...
[13:46] <JEEB> superfast already gives more than 100fps with an i5 with 1080p content
[13:46] <JEEB> ultrafast gives 200fps+
[13:46] <JEEB> (constant quant stuff, but still)
[13:46] <JEEB> in any case
[13:46] <JEEB> you most probably don't want to use ultrafast
[13:47] <Leoneof> then i have to wait many hours to encode 1 hour in slow presets? :/
[13:47] <JEEB> but you are free to if you really want :P
[13:47] <JEEB> eh
[13:47] <Leoneof> phew!
[13:47] <JEEB> how bad of a PC do you have?
[13:47] <Leoneof> cpu 2ghz dual core,  ram 2gb 
[13:47] <JEEB> lol, way to be ambiguos
[13:48] <JEEB> c2d, some AMD?
[13:48] <Leoneof> don't tell me you have 20ghz eight core :P
[13:48] <JEEB> no
[13:48] <Leoneof> intel
[13:48] <JEEB> I have a dual core c2d p8400 (2.26GHz)
[13:48] <JEEB> and I get quite nice speeds with PSP-res stuff
[13:48] <JEEB> how fast speeds did you get with fast preset?
[13:49] <Leoneof> my cpu is T7300 , i don't know if this is good or bad
[13:49] <Leoneof> slow :P
[13:49] <JEEB> can you pastebin the full log of your encode?
[13:50] <Leoneof> i'm not encoding now, but i'm trying to find some clips to convert 
[13:51] <Leoneof> brb
[13:51] <JEEB> you encoded something to test right now?
[13:51] <JEEB> right?
[13:51] <JEEB> you don't have the log for that?
[13:51] <JEEB> I mostly wanted to see a few things
[13:51] <JEEB> because it really sounds REALLY weird if it really was slow
[13:51] <JEEB> with 480x272
[13:51] <JEEB> and preset fast
[13:51] <JEEB> (unless whomever built that x264 built it without optimizations)
[13:52] <Leoneof> ok, i will do some tests.
[13:52] <JEEB> I don't need tests
[13:52] <JEEB> I want to check what the fuck libx264 outputs as in what optimizations it's using
[13:52] <JEEB> it's shown in ffmpeg's output
[13:52] <JEEB> :V
[13:52] <JEEB> I just want to make sure you're not using some build that's built in a way that's pants-on-head retarded
[13:55] <Leoneof> :D
[13:55] <Leoneof> brb
[13:58] <Holden> Hello. ffplay rtsp://wm.streaming.kataweb.it/reflector:20627 crashes when I press 'q': http://paste.ubuntu.com/778576/
[14:03] <ami_> can we use av_open_input_stream() for passing data from buffer in place of file
[14:04] <ami_> because I am getting error I am able to play few frame of data 
[14:04] <ami_> it look this api is not right for copying memory buffer data
[14:05] <ami_> Please can anybody suggest what I have to refer for playing live stream data that I have store in circular buffer
[14:31] <cbreak-work> is the Doxygen documentation on http://www.ffmpeg.org/doxygen/trunk/ the best to start with ffmpeg?
[14:31] <cbreak-work> I looked at the examples in the source code repo, but half of the methods they use are deprecated
[14:31] <Leoneof> hey cbreak-work 
[14:32] <cbreak-work> good afternoon.
[14:45] <ami_> ok
[14:45] <ami_> thanks cbreak-work
[14:57] <cbreak-work> ami_: that was actually a question and not an answer to your question :)
[14:59] <ami_> yes I am looking into that, actually I am getting struck for playing live data through memory buffer
[15:30] <cbreak-work> the ffmpeg api seems to be extremely inconsistent :(
[15:30] <cbreak-work> some functions start with av_, others with av_format, some are deprecated
[16:58] <Orphis> I'm running some transcoding benchmark on a server with Xeon 2.1GHz/core 16 cores and a desktop with i7 2GHz 4 cores with HT 
[16:58] <Orphis> And it looks like the desktop i7 is faster than the Xeon
[16:59] <JEEB> are they of the same arch?
[16:59] <Orphis> Both 64bits
[16:59] <JEEB> not in that arch
[16:59] <JEEB> CPU architecture
[16:59] <JEEB> sandy bridge, the original i7 (whatever it's name was)
[17:00] <Leoneof> just curious question, Xeon is faster than intel?
[17:00] <Leoneof> or better
[17:00] <JEEB> Leoneof, generally the other way as long as the arch is the same
[17:00] <JEEB> they're both Intel
[17:00] <JEEB> :P
[17:00] <JEEB> IIRC
[17:00] <JEEB> unless my memory is completely holed up
[17:00] <Leoneof> oh
[17:00] <JEEB> xeon is the server range IIRC
[17:01] <JEEB> while i5/i7 are now the desktop high-end CPU models
[17:01] <Orphis> The i7 is 2635QM, the Xeon is L5630
[17:01] <Leoneof> oh i see, thanks
[17:01] <Orphis> Then I have to lookup the arch on internet
[17:01] <JEEB> ok, the L5630 is nehalem
[17:02] <JEEB> it seems so at least
[17:02] <JEEB> and the 2635 is sandy bridge
[17:02] <JEEB> which is a newer arch :)
[17:02] <Orphis> Yes
[17:03] <JEEB> so yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if in the case of the rate being similar
[17:04] <JEEB> the sandy bridge would end up being faster :)
[17:04] <Orphis> It's like for some video it's transcoding at 35fps on the desktop but only 30fps with all cores on the server
[17:06] <Orphis> And only 15fps on another Xeon server with only 8 cores
[18:39] <morteza> can anyone help me to stream using vlc?
[18:39] <morteza> I have installed vlc and ffmpeg on server
[18:40] <morteza> then I started vlc -I http
[18:40] <morteza> this is the location of input stream: mms://
[18:40] <morteza> it says: main decoder error: cannot create packetizer output (WMA2)
[18:41] <morteza> any suggestion?
[19:25] <h_senior_paris> good evening do I have to request assistance in english or french
[19:26] <JEEB> Most people around speak English
[19:26] <JEEB> it is the "standard" language on the internet nowadays
[19:26] <h_senior_paris> ok then I will do so
[19:26] <h_senior_paris> I have some undestanding probleme on rtmp
[19:27] <h_senior_paris> on live rtmp
[19:27] <h_senior_paris> the red5 server works with flme but nor too much with ffmpeg
[19:28] <h_senior_paris> ffmpeg is on encoding state
[19:29] <h_senior_paris> does anybody have experience on ?
[19:38] <pasteeater> JEEB: if the psp wasnt so resolution picky i could make a preset for it
[19:38] <h_senior_paris> does anybody will want to exchange in private ?
[19:38] <pasteeater> h_senior_paris: if you do not get an answer here try ffmpeg-user mailing list.
[19:39] <P-l> hey, i'll convert aac to mp3 with mbr any idea plz ? (i see all time mencoder but i'll with ffmpeg)
[19:39] <h_senior_paris> I did since 2 weeks already , it seems ..
[19:39] <P-l> abr*
[19:39] <JEEB> pasteeater, yeah -- making the preset wouldn't be that hard IMHO
[19:40] <JEEB> (for the other parts)
[19:40] <JEEB> keep ref frames less or equal to 3, no b-pyramid, weightp 1 -- otherwise standard level 3/main profile works
[19:41] <JEEB> the resolution thing shouldn't be that hard, just make it 480x272 and the 4:3 version of that
[19:41] <JEEB> if anyone wants something else they can do it by themselves
[19:44] <pasteeater> 480xfoo just won't work? would be nice to just scale="480:trunc(ow/a/2)*2" (if filters work in .ffpresets)
[19:44] <JEEB> I'm not sure actually
[19:44] <JEEB> haven't tested too much
[19:46] <pasteeater> P-l: ffmpeg -i input -f wav - | lame --preset 128 - output.mp3
[19:48] <JEEB> hmm, seems like foox272 seems to be the key?
[19:49] <P-l> pasteeater, thx, i see that but i think we can only with ffmpeg but it's ok too :/
[19:49] <P-l> :)
[19:51] <pasteeater> JEEB: strange
[19:52] <JEEB> some of the random sizes people've mentioned: 368x272, 480x272, 360x270, 480x270
[19:54] <h_senior_paris> second question, padon to disturb you: does somebody have experience on live streaming ? i have few , my red5 server does run but I want to improve
[20:05] <h_senior_paris> have a nice evening
[21:40] <_hc> I'm building ffmpeg 0.9 for ARM cortex-a8 NEON using the Android NDKr7 (gcc 4.4.3) and I'm getting this bizarre error that I is stumping me: 
[21:40] <_hc> libswscale/x86/scale.asm:660: error: (RUN_AVX_INSTR:6) cannot reference symbol `sizeofm9' in preprocessor
[21:40] <_hc> first, its building something for x86
[21:41] <_hc> second sizeofm9 doesn't seem to exist anywhere
[21:41] <_hc> here's the complete build log: https://build.safermobile.org/job/android-ffmpeg/7/console
[00:00] --- Fri Dec 23 2011

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