[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20111225

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 02:05:02 CET 2011

[00:00] <mystica555_> this to me seems to potentially be something even more.. a framerate conversion in the middle
[00:00] <praedo> maybe it can be cause because the tape was overwritten 4 times?
[00:00] <iive> praedo: there is dvgrab program for linux, that should be able to grab the dv stream, in the way it appears on the camera
[00:00] <mystica555_> no
[00:00] <mystica555_> there is no way this is a tape issue 
[00:00] <iive> you MUST get that raw dv stream.
[00:01] <praedo> then what can be the cause of it?
[00:01] <mystica555_> this is 95% guaranteed premiere dealing with a 24>25 or 30>25 framerate conversion at the field level
[00:01] <mystica555_> 4% premiere simply mucking with interlacing *very* badly
[00:01] <iive> the exporting is probably ruining it. 
[00:01] <mystica555_> 1% anything else
[00:01] <iive> mystica555_: I said above, this happens when you scale image as progressive, when it is actually interlaced. 
[00:02] <praedo> i always encode 24p footage using premiere and exported to pal dv at 25
[00:02] <mystica555_> iive: ah; i didnt know if that was the source of premiere's issues, but, i know premiere is an issue. 
[00:02] <praedo> then i deinterlace with ffmpeg and it's always good
[00:02] <iive> the fields are bleeding into each other,  in patterns that depend on scale algorithm and parameters.
[00:02] <mystica555_> so what you're doing is an upconversion at the field level
[00:02] <mystica555_> if you are going to do 24p, speed the film up and do a pitch-corrected new audio track
[00:02] <mystica555_> dont try and have it convert by mangling it
[00:03] <mystica555_> if anything, dont even pitch correct
[00:03] <mystica555_> all the brits watching Star Trek don't realize picard sounds like hes on helium over there
[00:04] <mystica555_> being 24p>25i, its trying to keep the motion 'fluid' and interpolating fields and weird crap on you right now.
[00:04] <iive> praedo: once again. it seems that your capture program is doing some conversion. you should not allow it to do that.
[00:04] <iive> you MUST get the raw dv stream, in the way it is stored on the camera.
[00:05] <mystica555_> and even then, with said raw dv stream at 24p, the question is, is it literally 24p, or is it telecine'd 29.97i 
[00:05] <mystica555_> ive seen cams do both
[00:05] <praedo> but it only happened for this footage
[00:05] <cbsrobot> why not deinterlace first with ffmpeg and then import to premiere ?
[00:05] <praedo> i did hundreds of captured before from 24p to 25i and it never happened before
[00:05] <mystica555_> can you, somehow, export a 30-50 megabyte raw video so at least one of us can figure out exactly what you are starting with?
[00:05] <iive> cbsrobot: because he needs the raw dv stream!
[00:05] <mystica555_> dvgrab for nix etc
[00:06] <mystica555_> praedo: then you must find out why this stream is unique
[00:06] <mystica555_> it may be that interesting 29.97i conversion considering thats a truely interlaced downscale. 
[00:06] <iive> praedo: most probably, the previous streams have been properly marked as interlaced, so premiere used proper scaling.
[00:06] <mystica555_> 59.94 fields per second meshing into 50i fields 
[00:07] <praedo> how can i cut a piece of the raw video without having to export it with premiere?
[00:07] <iive> praedo: try to find the simplest and dumbest program possible that would capture the dv stream.
[00:08] <praedo> no linux on the comptuter where i have the 10gb file
[00:08] <praedo> any other fast way to do it?
[00:09] <praedo> instead of premiere
[00:09] <mystica555_> what made the 10gb file?
[00:09] <iive> praedo: the sample you gave me, did you cut it from that file?
[00:09] <mystica555_> or is it on a tape at that point?
[00:09] <cbsrobot> praedo: premiere captures the file into a project or temp folder
[00:09] <cbsrobot> you can use ffmpeg on it to cut the file
[00:09] <praedo> that's it
[00:09] <iive> praedo: did you cut it with premiere?
[00:10] <praedo> the sample is cut from the captured file using premiere
[00:10] <praedo> and it was capture also using premiere
[00:10] <iive> the cutting may be what created these artifacts.
[00:10] <praedo> the whole video also has the same bad thing
[00:10] <praedo> after exported
[00:10] <praedo> the captured video just plays fine (normally interlaced as usual)
[00:11] <iive> ok, don't export it.
[00:11] <mystica555_> save the captured dv raw somehow if possible?
[00:11] <iive> try to cut a sample using ffmpeg and -vcodec copy -t 11
[00:11] <praedo> instead of grabbing from tape again, i think the best thing i can try is to -deinterlace the captured file before being edited
[00:11] <cbsrobot> praedo: I still suggest you deinterlace the captured file with ffmpeg and cut it in premiere afterwards
[00:12] <praedo> should i?
[00:12] <iive> using the capture, not export.
[00:12] <mystica555_> praedo: no
[00:12] <mystica555_> figure the reason its being flaky
[00:12] <mystica555_> ive got 4 potential ideas in my head right now
[00:12] <iive> praedo: yes, use the captured file.
[00:12] <mystica555_> and if you deinterlace, it'll a: never properly diagnose the reason for a proper fix and b: may make it worse
[00:12] <mystica555_> thus wasting more time
[00:13] <praedo> okay, so i transfer the captured file (29i) to the linux box and i cut a sample with ffmpeg, yes?
[00:13] <iive> praedo: you don't have ffmpeg for windows?
[00:13] <mystica555_> there are ffmpeg binaries for both platforms that have premiere..
[00:13] <cbsrobot> 29i ? or PAL ?
[00:13] <praedo> it's recorded as 24p but always captured as 29i and then exported to 25 pal dv
[00:13] <praedo> this is what i always do and results are fine
[00:13] <iive> praedo: DO NOT EXPORT.
[00:14] <iive> work with the raw capture.
[00:14] <praedo> no, now i will just cut the captured file
[00:14] <praedo> raw = the file captured with premiere?
[00:14] <iive> i guess. the file as it is grabbed from the dv camera
[00:15] <praedo> exactly
[00:15] <praedo> so that i don't have to transfer 10gb from pc to pc, how can i do ffmpeg and -vcodec copy -t 11 using windows?
[00:15] <praedo> i never found working binary
[00:16] <iive> the ffmpeg site points to this site http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/
[00:16] <mystica555_> random comment: IMHO the best way to do a framerate conversion (which i dont know if anything even does, but to me, this seems reasonable) is: motion estimate and upconvert like 240hz LCDs  to the greatest common factor of 24, 25, 50 and 60... 600fps. then select one frame at a proper fraction of those 600fps...
[00:16] <praedo> avidemux could do it too?
[00:17] <iive> get the static builds.
[00:18] <praedo> okay... please wait some minutes...
[00:19] <praedo> fine, i got the binary
[00:19] <cbsrobot> wiki says The camera can record 24p video in "telecined" fashion (2-3 pulldown for 24P and 2-3-3-2 pulldown for 24PA)
[00:19] <cbsrobot> what is 24PA ?
[00:19] <iive> btw, one unrelated question. where are you going to use the end result, is it going to be burnt on dvd or just uploaded online?
[00:19] <praedo> what's the command to cut from second 0 to second 15?
[00:20] <mystica555_> it may have done that 2332 pattern.....
[00:20] <mystica555_> thats annoying
[00:20] <cbsrobot> -t 15
[00:20] <praedo> the end result will be both delivered on dvd (as mp4 file) and posted to be viewed with a flash player
[00:21] <praedo> i got paid 40 eur for it! :)
[00:21] <mystica555_> so its not even needed to be anything but 24p
[00:21] <mystica555_> its not playing back in a PAL dvd player
[00:21] <praedo> yes, it was recored using 24PA mode in the dvx100 camera
[00:21] <mystica555_> 24pa mode would definitely figure into the weird shuddering artifacts every few seconds
[00:22] <mystica555_> if its not expecting the reversal of field cadance
[00:22] <mystica555_> so ideally, find something that plays this 24pa format properly and make a 24p output at 720x576 framesize
[00:23] <mystica555_> or scale for whatever media you need; its 24p 
[00:23] <mystica555_> 25fps PAL output is going to convolute the process any which way if your output is 100% not a PAL DVD player circa 1999.
[00:24] <iive> praedo: maybe it would be better to record in 24p in future.
[00:24] <iive> telecine and interlace work properly only on CRT TV
[00:25] <iive> avoiding them whenever possible is good thing (tm)
[00:26] <iive> and yes, adobe seems a little too fixated on proper support for PAL/NTSC, that are also things that matter on analog CRT TV.
[00:27] <praedo> so no need to record in 24pa
[00:27] <praedo> 24p is fine
[00:29] <mystica555_> technically from what im reading, if the algorithm detects 24pa properly, it'll work just fine and produce a bit better result even than 24p. just need that detection and proper pulldown step.
[00:29] <praedo> okay, i have cut 20 seconds from the raw captured file
[00:29] <praedo> uploading now... will take a while
[00:29] <praedo> 50mb
[00:30] <cbsrobot> praedo: use another filehoster
[00:30] <praedo> no... 70mb
[00:30] <praedo> okay, which one?
[00:30] <cbsrobot> http://www.1fichier.com/
[00:30] <iive> ffmpeg doesn't have any ivtc filters on its own, i hope some of the mp= imports would work correctly.
[00:31] <praedo> i played the file with windows media and no artifacts there
[00:31] <praedo> problem starts after export
[00:31] <praedo> but as you will see in this raw file, the beginning of the tape is corrupt and then video plays fine
[00:31] <iive> praedo: it would be quite annoying, if premiere is the one creating the interlace/telecine.
[00:32] <praedo> uploading to 1fichier, ok
[00:32] <iive> praedo: do you know what telecine is?
[00:32] <praedo> why not megaul?
[00:32] <praedo> more or less, yes
[00:32] <mystica555_> does premiere understand 24pa i wonder.. 
[00:33] <iive> mystica555_: mpeg1/2 have flags for soft telecine, i won't be surprised if dv have something similar. and premiere may turn it from soft into hard.
[00:33] <cbsrobot> megaupload is dogslow
[00:34] <iive> donno... for some reason I got it before I hit the save button. :E
[00:34] <praedo> yes, premiere does 2:3:3:2 pulldown automatically
[00:39] <iive> hum... maybe premiere test just the first minute, so the detection fails, that leads to the rest of your problems.
[00:40] <cbsrobot> iive: nice idea
[00:41] <iive> at least it sounds plausible.
[00:45] <praedo> iive, that could be very possible, yes
[00:45] <praedo> 90% of the uploaded file...
[00:46] <mystica555_> iive: its not soft.. there is nothing in the dv format to repeat a field. its literally encoding 29.97/59.94 fields and how it combines them is the question. the pulldown method is key
[00:47] <iive> :/
[00:47] <praedo> mystica555_, but i always do this 29i capture from 24pa and this never happened before
[00:47] <mystica555_> praedo: try exporting as 24p without going to 25i
[00:48] <mystica555_> if premiere understands what the 2:3:3:2 pulldown format is, then getting it to 24p as soon as possible in the chain is beneficial to you.
[00:48] <iive> i'd like to see the sample before giving advice.
[00:48] <praedo> pal dv is 25
[00:48] <mystica555_> why are you even putting pal into it?
[00:48] <mystica555_> youve already stated your output format is MP4 in ipod and data-dvd presentation formats
[00:48] <praedo> no exporting option i premiere produces a suitable 24 frames file
[00:49] <mystica555_> ^^^ this is why i loathe premiere with such fervor. it can't do what i consider a *basic* operation.
[00:49] <mystica555_> "plz don't screw up the file kthx"
[00:50] <cbsrobot> praedo: why not record in 29i ?
[00:50] <praedo> http://www.1fichier.com/remove/rnn9ja/MmMWK
[00:50] <cbsrobot> nooooo
[00:50] <cbsrobot> not the remve link
[00:50] <cbsrobot> the other one
[00:50] <praedo> no, not this link
[00:50] <praedo> okay
[00:50] <praedo> http://rnn9ja.1fichier.com
[00:50] <cbsrobot> I'm sure somebody clicked
[00:50] <praedo> not deleted yet?
[00:50] <cbsrobot> no
[00:50] <cbsrobot> password ?
[00:51] <praedo> notcorrupt
[00:51] <praedo> hehehe
[00:51] <praedo> but in fact it is, at least the tape
[00:51] <mystica555_> strange; i got 12 megabit from megaupload... 1.5 from 1fichier
[00:51] <mystica555_> maybe closer to 1.2 if i dont do the /10 rounding
[00:52] <cbsrobot> I hate the 1 min waiting time at megaupload
[00:52] <mystica555_> last one he uploaded was 8 seconds wait for me
[00:52] <iive> cbsrobot: i got 4 seconds, you must be regular there :P
[00:52] <mystica555_> then 1.3 MB/s download
[00:52] <praedo> iive, downloading
[00:52] <praedo> ?
[00:53] <mystica555_> id rather wait upto 1 minute if my download is 10x faster
[00:53] <iive> waiting. It got downloaded while i was navigating directories.
[00:53] Action: mystica555_ stares at cbsrobot for an apparent bad suggestion in uploader
[00:54] Action: cbsrobot is sorry for all the kittens killed while downloading
[00:54] <praedo> video starts at second 12
[00:54] <praedo> that's the beginning of the raw capture
[00:56] <mystica555_> on the up-side, that uploader service doesn't mind 10 down-them-all threads.........
[00:57] Action: cbsrobot has finally time to watch the megaupload song
[00:59] <iive> 4p frames 1i
[00:59] <mystica555_> right, and those 2 interlaced ones get discarded according to what wiki says. 
[00:59] <mystica555_> or should rather
[01:04] <praedo> have you all watched the sample?
[01:04] <praedo> from 1fichier
[01:05] <iive> yes, the interlaced frame have one field from the previous and one from the next frame.
[01:05] <praedo> but from second 12 to 20 it looks fine as the rest of my captured 29i videos
[01:06] <praedo> so then problem is when premiere tries to detect the interlace in the first seconds?
[01:07] <praedo> iive, what did you use to analize that?
[01:08] <cbsrobot> well try to cut the first few seconds and see in a quick test if premiere can export it the way you want
[01:08] <iive> praedo: i told you, mplayer -vf il=d:d and my eyes :)
[01:08] <mystica555_> iive: i can't even get mplayer to play anything correctly.. heh. i just see the repeating bad test pattern image
[01:08] <praedo> okay, i'll do that... what's the command with ffmpeg to cut from second 11 to the end?
[01:08] <praedo> -t ...?
[01:09] <iive> mystica555_: i hope you are not using any forks :P
[01:09] <cbsrobot> ffmpeg -i model.avi -ss 20 -t 60 -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.avi
[01:09] <praedo> mystica555_, no video in second 12 to 20?
[01:09] <mystica555_> iive: no, using about a 2 or 3 week old compile though
[01:09] <cbsrobot> ^ just a test file - not the whole ...
[01:10] <praedo> okay, i'll do that test now
[01:11] <praedo> [dvvideo @ 003F8CC0] AC EOB marker is absent pos=64
[01:11] <praedo> [dvvideo @ 003F8CC0] AC EOB marker is absent pos=66
[01:11] <praedo> [dvvideo @ 003F8CC0] AC EOB marker is absent pos=64
[01:11] <praedo> [dvvideo @ 003F8CC0] AC EOB marker is absent pos=68
[01:11] <praedo> while cutting
[01:12] <cbsrobot> thats your damaged file ...
[01:15] <mystica555_> its fun; i just got a brand new pull of git ffmpeg / svn mplayer; need to force -demuxer lavf to have it pass 1.2 seconds. then it gets to 19.7s and quits, still showing the same crap from the beginning here.
[01:15] <praedo> so you can confirm that the imposibility to correctly deinterlace is because of these first 10 seconds of noise?
[01:15] <Howie69> OK after 2 hours of looking and such, I guess I will follow the docs and ask here :)
[01:15] <Howie69> It says to come here to get help for compiling/installing handbrake
[01:15] <Howie69> is that correct?
[01:15] <mystica555_> praedo: if you can get proper video sync later in the file, perhaps start editing at that point. 
[01:16] <mystica555_> it may be confusing the way premiere handles the file
[01:16] <iive> btw, it is not 4p1i, it seems to be 3:2 pulldown.
[01:16] <mystica555_> i don't know; but regardless, maybe try and make a new 24p profile yourself..
[01:16] <mystica555_> it shouldnt be 25fps pal
[01:16] <iive> Howie69: if it is ffmpeg question then yes. handbrake... no idea...
[01:17] <iive> there seems to be #handbrake channel too :)
[01:17] <Howie69> iive: Yeah, I found it odd for one project to refer to another project's IRC...
[01:18] <iive> Howie69: well, handbrake uses x264 encoder, so it may also use ffmpeg as engine core, while HB provide only the GUI.
[01:19] <Howie69> iive: Heh, in one place on their webpage it says to come here for help, in another it says use #handbrake.  Oh well
[01:19] <Howie69> Thanks for the help
[01:19] <iive> i guess, it depends what is the problem :)
[01:22] <praedo> mystica555_, how would you export if source is 24p and it's to be viewed in web?
[01:22] <mystica555_> as 24p
[01:22] <praedo> not 25
[01:22] <mystica555_> the web doesnt care about PAL vs FILM vs NTSC framerates
[01:23] <mystica555_> it cares somewhat about frame sizes, so 720x756 would still work, but 640x480 may be better for some devices. 
[01:23] <sacarasc> 27.4fps or death!
[01:23] <praedo> 27.4?
[01:23] <praedo> never heard that
[01:23] <mystica555_> hes being sarcastic ;)
[01:23] Action: iive gives death to sacarasc 
[01:24] <praedo> iive, 3:2 or 2:3:3:2?
[01:24] <praedo> if it's 24p it would be the 2nd
[01:24] <praedo> btw, how do you analize it?
[01:24] <iive> praedo: told ya... watching it.
[01:24] <iive> and yes, it could be 2:3:3:2
[01:25] <praedo> i see... mplayer -vf il=d:d 
[01:25] <cbsrobot> it is 2:3:3:2
[01:25] <praedo> so premiere handles correctly the pulldown?
[01:25] <praedo> it detected it as 24pa
[01:27] <cbsrobot> praedo: just know - you do some really nasty video porn !
[01:27] <iive> mplayer -vf pullup seems to work nicely with it.
[01:27] <praedo> i imported the cut file into premiere and when i try to export, it gives error with a yellow warning triangle
[01:27] <cbsrobot> recording with a 29i to a 24pa and exporting to 25p ...
[01:27] <iive> but for some reason ffplayer -vf mp=pullup doesn't do the same.
[01:27] <iive> ffplay
[01:28] <praedo> i did ffmpeg -i model.avi -ss 20 -t 60 -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.avi
[01:28] <praedo> it doesn't even start encoding
[01:30] <praedo> cbsrobot: source is 24pa, import is done to 29i (unwanted) and export should be 24p again but no option in premiere produces a correct 24p file
[01:30] <cbsrobot> praedo: just saying ...
[01:30] <praedo> strange i can't encode that cut sample... what should i do next?
[01:30] <iive> praedo: there probably is a way to do it, it is just well hidden.
[01:31] <cbsrobot> this works for me: ffmpeg -i model.avi -ss 18 -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.avi
[01:31] <praedo> yes, the output.avi is fine
[01:32] <cbsrobot> ah you mean premiere ...
[01:32] <praedo> but once imported and moved to the time line, the export to PAL DV fails before it even starts
[01:32] <praedo> i tried quicktime and fails too
[01:33] <praedo> in fact the output.avi can't be played in premiere
[01:33] <praedo> but plays in windows media fine
[01:34] <iive> let's try to keep it simple
[01:34] <iive> can you capture again, but not from the start, but after the broken portion?
[01:35] <praedo> yes, that will be the easier thing
[01:35] <praedo> i'll capture 15min. or so
[01:35] <iive> and don't delete that 20gb file... just in case
[01:35] <praedo> yes
[01:35] <praedo> i'll let you know something
[01:36] <praedo> btw, why that broken portion happened if the tape was new?
[01:36] <praedo> bad media?
[01:37] <praedo> only 10 seconds bad in 60min. of good tape
[01:37] <mystica555_> bad quality control perhaps
[01:37] <mystica555_> *shrug*
[01:37] <praedo> it's panasonic
[01:37] <mystica555_> the proverbial 0.01% defect
[01:38] <cbsrobot> maybe some cosmic beams - who knows
[01:42] <praedo> good news
[01:42] <praedo> no need to recapture those 15min.
[01:42] <praedo> the ffmpeg cut was encoded successfully and no artifacts at all this time in the PAL DV
[01:42] <praedo> it failed to encode for some reason and it worked after closing and starting premiere again
[01:43] <praedo> now i will just need to cut from second 11 to the end
[01:43] <praedo> how can i specify that in -t ?
[01:44] <praedo> for the whole file
[01:44] <praedo> instead of ffmpeg -i model.avi -ss 20 -t 60 -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.avi
[01:46] <mystica555_> if youre skipping 20 seconds (-ss 20) the -t 60 is only a limit; removing it entirely should give you the whole thing
[01:47] <mystica555_> thats saying 'skip 20 seconds, output 60 then stop'
[01:47] <praedo> very good
[01:47] <praedo> i'm going for it now... let's see
[01:48] <praedo> thanks a lot everyone
[03:33] <Howie69> xes
[04:16] <bcardarella> I just encoded a MOV file and the resulting file was flipped 180 degrees... any reason for this?
[04:20] <bcardarella> it seems to be happening when encoding from MOV to MPEG
[04:20] <bcardarella> I don't think I'm doing anything crazy, here is the command with options:
[04:20] <bcardarella> ffmpeg -i input/IMG_0194.MOV -qscale 5 -t 10 -threads 14 -y -loglevel quiet output/IMG_0194_temp_2.mpeg
[05:20] <relaxed> bcardarella: look at the transpose filter in the man page
[11:44] <RoyK> can ffmpeg add subtitles to a video steam?
[13:29] <burek> RoyK, yes it can
[15:13] <Ginks> question, and maybe this is better suited for a x264 channel.  Does ffmpeg default to slow-firstpass now?
[15:13] <Ginks> because when I invoke it with --slow-firstpass it says the option isn't valid
[15:13] <Ginks> running from the latest git
[15:16] <khali> hi there
[15:16] <khali> is it possible to pass several -fflags options together? I can't find the right syntax
[15:24] <khali> ah, apparently they should be prefixed with +
[15:24] <khali> didn't help though... I'm still stuck with: "pts < dts in stream 0"
[15:24] <khali> no idea how do go past this
[15:25] <iive> looks like there is bug in there.
[15:25] <khali> I'm able to play the input video file so I know it's not all borked
[16:53] <gdp16> hello
[16:54] <gdp16> I have question.
[16:54] <gdp16> I want to enable yasm in cygwin build
[16:54] <gdp16> do anyone have sugestion to compile ffmpeg with yasm in cygwin environemnt?
[17:08] <JEEBcz> gdp16, build yasm and use it as usual? I didn't know cygwin was SuperSpecial in any way that building with yasm would be impossible or whatever
[17:12] <gdp16> JEEBcz, I just realize I got woring configuration in my cygwin
[18:03] <Yoda----> hello, I'm using libav* and I often have error messages that breaks the decoding about missing headers
[18:03] <Yoda----> does it ring a bell to anyone and is there a way to avoid this ?
[18:07] <caytchen> it probably means your files are corrupt
[18:07] <Yoda----> yes they are, reending it fix the problem
[18:08] <Yoda----> bu I wonder how to bypass this because I don't think any other program using ffmpeg has the same problem
[18:08] <Yoda----> seeking in the midle of the file is ok AFAIR (using ffmpeg seek)
[18:20] <burek> khali, use something like this: -flags +ilme+ildct
[18:54] <khali> burek: thanks, I figured it out meanwhile, but the flags did not fix my issue anyway
[22:24] <ffmpeguser> hi all, is it possible to remux a video stream with -vcodec copy, changing only the aspect ratio of it?
[22:28] CTCP VERSION:  from ffmpeguser (ffmpeguser!5e44f028 at gateway/web/freenode/ip. to #ffmpeg
[22:31] <reflexrg> ?
[22:32] <ffmpeguser> do you know reflexrg?
[22:33] <cbsrobot> ffmpeguser: Idont think so - but I'm not sure - try it out
[22:33] <reflexrg> (03:28:13 PM) ffmpeguser: Received CTCP 'VERSION' (to #ffmpeg) from ffmpeguser
[22:34] <ffmpeguser> reflexrg: don't worry i won't steal your files
[22:35] <reflexrg> lol
[22:35] <ffmpeguser> :P
[22:35] <reflexrg> I am on secure system
[22:35] <reflexrg> not winblows
[22:35] <ffmpeguser> there is always a weak link in every security chain, the human that is part of it
[22:37] <kode54> channel version query, classy
[22:38] <caytchen> theres always one moron in a channel that will exploit the missing +C mode and go on to annoy us all.
[22:41] <ffmpeguser> cbsrobot:  i'll try it in a few minutes, i'm still doing other things| kode54 always classy | caytchen i'm not a moron, but you might be one
[22:49] <maujhsn> ePirat What version of ffmpeg are you using?
[22:56] <ePirat> maujhsn, i don't know o_o why are you asking?
[22:56] <ePirat> I'll have to look it up
[22:56] <ePirat> on my mac: ffmpeg version 0.7.6
[22:57] <ePirat> and on my ubuntu ffmpeg version git-2011-10-31-c0dbab9
[22:58] <ffmpeguser> cbsrobot: i've been looking into it, and a few values about the video stream change even with -codec copy
[22:58] <ffmpeguser> of the video*
[22:58] <ffmpeguser> -vcodec*
[22:58] <cbsrobot> f.ex. ?
[22:59] <ffmpeguser> i'll copy-paste
[22:59] <ffmpeguser>     Stream #0:0(eng): Video: h264 (Main) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p, 720x390, 1564 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 2500 tbn, 5k tbc | original
[23:00] <ffmpeguser>     Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (Main), yuv420p, 720x390, 1564 kb/s, 25 tbr, 1k tbn , 2k tbc |  copied stream
[23:01] <ffmpeguser> the tbn and the tbc values
[23:02] <cbsrobot>  2500 tbn, 5k tbc are way off
[23:03] <cbsrobot> I think they're limited by some sane values
[23:03] <ffmpeguser> how does that affect the stream in the output file?
[23:03] <cbsrobot> they do not affect the stream in any way
[23:05] <ffmpeguser> you mean that the values of the stream in the original file are incorrect and/or abnormal?
[23:07] <cbsrobot> tbn is the timebase from the container - and as I assume you coy the stream from one container into the other, the timebase is still off limit - but not insanely off limit
[23:07] <ffmpeguser> flv to flv
[23:07] <cbsrobot> tbc is the time base for the codec and it's even worse
[23:08] <cbsrobot> tbr is guessed from the video stream and is normally the value you need
[23:08] <cbsrobot> who made the first flv ?
[23:08] <ffmpeguser> also the seeking is very slow at first in the output file
[23:09] <cbsrobot> errr - what tool made the flv
[23:09] <ffmpeguser> i only know that the file was created by someone in new zealand :P, i grabbed it with rtmpdump
[23:10] <cbsrobot> ok
[23:11] <cbsrobot> anyway these values do not affect the quality of the content
[23:12] <cbsrobot> and try the setdar filter while copying the stream, maybe it works
[23:12] <ffmpeguser> good. let me check the documentation
[23:13] <cbsrobot> what aspect ratio you need ?
[23:14] <ffmpeguser> give a few seconds, i'll find the right one again
[23:16] <ffmpeguser> it's 2.something:1
[23:16] <ffmpeguser> give me*
[23:16] <cbsrobot> lol
[23:17] <ffmpeguser> 2:21:1 :P
[23:17] <ffmpeguser> 2.21:1*
[23:18] <cbsrobot> hmm 221:100 ?
[23:18] <cbsrobot> I never tried that but here you go
[23:18] <cbsrobot> ffmpeg -i dump.flv -vf setdar=221:100 -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.flv
[23:18] <ffmpeguser> i've never used that parameter, i'll try it right now
[23:22] <ffmpeguser> it still has the original aspect ratio
[23:24] <cbsrobot> well ....
[23:29] <ffmpeguser> no matter what i try, it doesn't change it
[23:32] <ffmpeguser> even when the video stream is re-encoded 
[23:47] <cbsrobot> ffmpeguser: try setsar
[23:48] <ffmpeguser> ok, i'll look into it
[23:52] <ffmpeguser> no change
[23:55] <ffmpeguser> even with both parameters :P
[00:00] --- Mon Dec 26 2011

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