[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20131204

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 02:05:01 CET 2013

[02:24] <raytiley> I'm trying to take mp3 audio from a mpeg transport stream and repackage it as flvtags. Does anyone know in the payload of a flvtag, should the mp3 header be included?
[03:57] <aFeijo> yo mates, can I use ffmpeg to mix audio? to group small audio files into one, to add some effects and such?
[03:57] <relaxed> aFeijo: sure but sox may be the better tool
[03:58] <aFeijo> sox? googling
[03:58] <relaxed> http://sox.sourceforge.net/
[03:58] <aFeijo> yeah found it :)
[03:58] <aFeijo> relaxed, a client asked me if I can implement a php site (with drupal) that the user can select sounds, effects, and in the end he can download it
[03:58] <aFeijo> sound like fun
[04:49] <tm512> is there a way to limit ffmpeg's memory usage? I was trying to use -f lavfi to do a music visualization, but about one minute into the output video, it consumed enough memory to lock my computer up so badly, I had to do a hard shutdown
[04:49] <tm512> which seems unusual really
[05:11] <phunyguy> hello, weird question here, I have flac audio with the majority of them having cover art embedded into the metadata, I am trying to use ffmpeg in a sync script for my nexus device to transcode it to ogg to save space, but it complains about the cover art metadata (thinks it is an mjpeg stream)
[05:12] <phunyguy> is there a way for ffmpeg to carry over that cover art and add it to the vorbis tags?
[05:20] <Fusl> phunyguy: already tried -vn -sn? -vn removes image/video streams and -sn subtitle streams
[05:20] <phunyguy> well I don't want to remove them
[05:21] <phunyguy> I want it to include the cover art in the ogg
[05:21] <Fusl> hmm
[05:21] <Fusl> okay then i do not have an idea, sry
[05:21] <phunyguy> k.
[05:21] <phunyguy> thanks anyway
[05:22] <phunyguy> I could probably dump the flac image metadata with metaflac, and find a way to import it to the ogg after the fact
[05:24] <phunyguy> but it is going to annoy me into using mp3, which I do not want :(
[05:24] <Fusl> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/2729
[05:25] <phunyguy> Fusl: changing to mp3 it works
[05:25] <phunyguy> I just.... ugh.
[05:26] <Fusl> can you send me an example file? (just crop it to 15 sec length)
[05:26] <phunyguy> :-/
[05:26] <phunyguy> I suppose
[05:27] <phunyguy> I could also just send you the paste of the output
[05:27] <phunyguy> not sure what good the actual audio will do you
[05:27] <Fusl> yea
[05:29] <phunyguy> https://dpaste.de/mPf4
[05:29] <phunyguy> forgot to include command, but it is just codec params
[05:29] <Fusl> please include the cmd
[05:30] <Fusl> it's easier readable for me
[05:30] <phunyguy> ffmpeg -i input_file.flac -codec:a libvorbis -q:a 4 "/tmp/temp.ogg"
[05:30] <Fusl> seems just like this one: http://avp.stackexchange.com/questions/5443/preserve-embedded-album-art-when-converting-from-flac-to-ogg
[05:31] <Fusl> http://superuser.com/questions/169151/embed-album-art-in-ogg-through-command-line-in-linux/319099#319099
[05:31] <phunyguy> if I remove the codec params and just tell it to output mp3, I get: https://dpaste.de/pMwt
[05:31] <phunyguy> yeah I saw the first one
[05:32] <phunyguy> I was just hoping for an easier solution, like how MP3 works :(
[05:32] <phunyguy> but I think right now, for my purposes, MP3 will be fine.
[05:34] <Fusl> k
[05:38] <phunyguy> blech.  such a waste of space for terrible quality.
[05:38] <phunyguy> wonder how m4a will work
[05:39] <phunyguy> nope, same as ogg
[05:44] <phunyguy> ahh well.  It is what it is.
[05:44] <phunyguy> stick to what works.
[08:07] <ItsMeLenny> is there a way just to print the video stream information
[08:07] <SirCmpwn> man ffprobe
[08:11] <ItsMeLenny> thanks, didnt help much
[08:13] <relaxed> ItsMeLenny: man ffprobe | less +/select_streams
[08:13] <ItsMeLenny> pattern not found
[08:14] <ubitux> update
[08:14] <ItsMeLenny> avconv
[08:14] <ubitux> it's a fork, and it hasn't select_streams
[08:14] <ubitux> see http://ffmpeg.org/ffprobe.html for current manual/features
[11:34] <stein_> hi all...
[11:34] <stein_> http://pastebin.com/xVt65HQ3
[11:35] <stein_> im getting that error msg, and encoding stops
[11:35] <stein_> on debian 7
[11:54] <Floh79> Hi, is there a way to override ffmpeg the incoming codec?
[11:54] <Floh79> The problem is, ffmpeg doesn't recognize input-codec properly.
[11:54] <JEEB> you can have -f or -c before -i
[11:55] <JEEB> and that sets stuff for input
[11:56] <Floh79> ok like ffmpeg -f -vcodec x264 -i "rtmp://....." ?
[12:01] <Floh79> Ok, well I found out "-f x264" is wrong. So what is the proper codec if I want get rtmp-stream with h.264 codec?
[12:02] <JEEB> the rtmp format is most probably already set correct by the input name :P
[12:02] <JEEB> so you want -c:v h264
[12:02] <JEEB> (H.264 is the video format, x264 is an encoder that encodes stuff into that format)
[12:02] <JEEB> and h264 is H.264 in libavcodec
[12:03] <Floh79> Hm... thank you but I got error:
[12:03] <Floh79> Failed to set value '-c:v' for option 'f': Invalid argument
[12:04] <Floh79> tried with: ./ffplay -v debug -c:v h264 "rtmp://
[12:04] <JEEB> you are setting -f without a value? I don't see any reason why that would work
[12:04] <Floh79> There is no -f
[12:04] <JEEB> -f is for setting "format" and -c is for setting "codec"
[12:04] <Floh79> So I have to use both.
[12:04] <JEEB> no
[12:05] <JEEB> <Floh79> Failed to set value '-c:v' for option 'f': Invalid argument <- and yes, there was a -f clearly
[12:05] <JEEB> I was commenting on that :P
[12:05] <JEEB> but yes, like that line you have with ffplay
[12:05] <JEEB> just set the video "codec" to h264 for input
[12:05] <JEEB> I'm not sure if ffplay can take that option btw
[12:05] <Floh79> Ah... I pasted wrong attempt. :D
[12:07] <Floh79> ./ffplay -v debug -c:v h264 "rtmp://
[12:07] <Floh79> -> Failed to set value 'h264' for option 'c:v': Option not found
[12:08] <JEEB> yes, I have no idea if ffplay handles that option at all
[12:09] <JEEB> ffmpeg and ffplay do not share all settings
[12:09] <Floh79> Ok, tried with ffmpeg (this is what I'm trying to get work).
[12:09] <Floh79> http://pastebin.com/b356sRCJ
[12:13] <JEEB> it seems to be set properly, but it seems to fail getting needed information from the stream
[12:14] <Floh79> I see...
[12:14] <Floh79> without setting codec it works fine.
[12:14] <Floh79> Our problem is...
[12:14] <Floh79> ...from our server h.264 and h.263 is working fine.
[12:14] <Floh79> But we try to get stream from other server working.
[12:15] <Floh79> There it only works if h.263 is streamt. But if I try with h.264, nothing works.
[12:15] <Floh79> I only get such error if server is streaming h.264:
[12:15] <Floh79> [flv @ 0x7f03340008c0] Non-increasing DTS in stream 0: packet 31 with DTS 1023, packet 32 with DTS 1023
[12:16] <Floh79> Because it says "[flv @ 0x...." I believe ffmpeg detects wrong codec. Am I right?
[12:16] <JEEB> no
[12:16] <JEEB> rtmp is flv
[12:16] <JEEB> container-wise
[12:17] <Floh79> Ah ok...
[12:17] <JEEB> that's a libavformat error/warning, not -codec as far as I can see
[12:17] <Floh79> I see... so Non-increasing DTS is the cause, am I right?
[12:18] <JEEB> yes, you have a packet first that has a DTS (decoding time stamp) of 1023, and then you get another with the same DTS
[12:19] <Floh79> Hm... ah... I see...
[12:19] <Floh79> ...so the server sent duplicate DTS...
[12:22] <Floh79> Could I ask you a favor? Could you test our streaming server with your ffmpeg please?
[12:22] <Floh79> ffplay would be sufficient. If its ok for you.
[12:24] <Floh79> If I understand properly DTS means audio, right?
[12:26] <JEEB> that is the audio format, which is unrelated
[12:27] <JEEB> as I said, "decoding time stamp"
[12:27] <JEEB> there's also PTS which is "presentation time stamp"
[12:27] <Floh79> Ah... ok.
[12:28] <Floh79> Could I tell ffmpeg to ignore duplicate DTS?
[12:28] <JEEB> you could hack libavformat, I guess?
[12:28] <JEEB> see where that warning/error comes from
[12:28] <JEEB> and poke the code :P
[12:29] <Floh79> Ok, well then... :)
[12:29] <Floh79> Are we sure that stream is not working with ffmpeg if dts sometimes is not increased in next packet?
[12:30] <JEEB> I do not know the intricasies of how that happened and if it's valid in FLV
[12:30] <JEEB> better create a ticket on the issue tracker if you want an official'ish reply
[12:30] <Floh79> I see.
[12:31] <Floh79> The problem is, we don't know yet if stream from other server is conform.
[12:31] <Floh79> But thank you very much.
[12:36] <Floh79> Are there higher verbose level than debug?
[15:16] <tiksa_> hi all. could some help: how can I give a video as an input and then pass it to a filter so that the output (from the filter) is an image (nth frame of the video)
[15:28] <saste> tiksa_, select='not(mod(n, PERIOD))'
[15:28] <saste> or framestep may be another choice
[15:28] <tiksa_> gonna try that, thanks
[15:37] <tiksa_> how can I repeat that output video (1 frame) for m times?
[15:40] <tiksa_> I don't think concat filter is meant for this case..
[15:41] <saste> tiksa_, you should set the correct output rate to duplicate frames
[15:41] <saste> what's your exact use case?
[15:43] <tiksa_> well it's a long story :) I'm creating a system that generates ffmpeg commands with long filter piping. I've managed to create many kind of effects, including cross dissolve between two videos (with filters overlay, fade, trim etc..) but the problem is that
[15:45] <tiksa_> the cross dissolve works now only if the second video is trimmed to start at least x seconds later so that I can get the fading video material for the cross dissolve effect
[15:47] <tiksa_> but if I want that the second video (that fades in while the first is fading out) starts from 0 AFTER the fade is over, so that the video material for cross dissolve is a static image, the first frame of the second video
[15:47] <tiksa_> this is a bit complex to explain..
[15:48] <tiksa_> sorry for that
[15:50] <tiksa_> one way is to give image as input (the first frame of the fadein video) and fade it during the cross dissolve
[15:51] <tiksa_> but I need to generate that image on the fly
[15:52] <tiksa_> actually that is the problem: how to generate a video on the fly that takes nth frame of one of the input videos and shows it for m seconds
[15:55] <saste> you can extract the image and loop it for n-times
[15:55] <saste> probably a dedicated dup filter may also do
[16:54] <Digitalis> hi
[16:55] <Digitalis> i am getting this error message when trying to use an rstp input : [rtsp @ 0292ab60] method SETUP failed: 459 Aggregate operation not allowed rtsp://localhost:8554/vlc.sdp: Invalid data found when processing input
[16:55] <Digitalis> i can open that rtsp stream with vlc
[16:56] <Digitalis> any idea ?
[17:00] <Digitalis> http://pastebin.com/5p2fXKRY
[17:02] <Digitalis> :(
[17:50] <Mista_D> Going from  MPEG2 TS file to  x264 MP4 file. can I keep 29.79 Drop Frame timing? Is it automatic?
[18:03] <Digitalis> anyone knoes about using rtsp with ffmpeg ?!!!
[18:06] <Digitalis> sigh
[18:40] <brontosaurusrex> Digitalis, "This paste has been removed!"
[18:44] <Digitalis> removed ? how and by who ?
[18:46] <Digitalis> http://pastebin.com/yYCLMZhE
[19:13] <brontosaurusrex> Digitalis, perhaps try something like : ffmpeg -rtsp_flags listen -i rtsp://ownaddress/live.sdp output
[19:14] <brontosaurusrex> from http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-protocols.html#rtsp
[19:16] <Digitalis> the problem seems to occur because i have to use the tx mixer to make the stream and ffmpeg doesn't like it
[19:17] <Digitalis> ts mixer *
[19:17] <viric> how would you recomme
[19:18] <Digitalis> i'll try that flag but i can't see how it could help for this problem thanks anyway
[19:18] <viric> nd to add an overlay in a video, that switches from one png to another at different time points? It's for the slides of a conference.
[19:19] <viric> a vf of movie=..., set pts, overlay, ... ? one like that per png? What if there are one hundred pngs?
[19:19] <viric> let's say that I know the time points. :)
[19:20] <brontosaurusrex> viric, is that a theoretical question?
[19:21] <Digitalis> Bronto i tried with the flag and i get no error it's just freezing
[19:21] <Digitalis> really weird ...
[19:23] <Digitalis> i even tried with a file output
[19:23] <viric> brontosaurusrex: well, I never did that before. If I have 200 slides, it may end up with 200 video streams overlayed somehow...
[19:24] <brontosaurusrex> viric, shrug
[19:24] <viric> if anyone knows any blog or wiki page sharing an experience like that, I'd thank it
[19:25] <Digitalis> well i got some animated overlay image may be you can convert it
[19:26] <Digitalis> i broadcast a video with an overlayed animated image
[19:26] <Digitalis> so if you convert your png to an animated one ...
[19:28] <Digitalis> you can use this to convert your images : http://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-gif
[19:28] <viric> by animated... do you mean creating a video file?
[19:28] <Digitalis> no
[19:29] <Digitalis> i broadcast a video with an overlayed animated gif
[19:29] <viric> hm well.. I have ~ 200 time points in a 2h talk.
[19:29] <Digitalis> may be you could do the same thing
[19:29] <viric> a 2h gif?
[19:30] <Digitalis> i see but what could be an easier way to do it ? i can't see
[19:30] <Digitalis> it's a n animated gif you choose the delay between the images
[19:30] <viric> having a 200-line filter with movie= :)
[19:30] <Digitalis> ok
[19:31] <viric> never trie.d
[19:34] <Digitalis> the easier way could be to capture a video from an image viewer then you overlay the video
[19:34] <viric> auhm. not a bad idea.
[19:35] <Digitalis> using a desktop capture
[19:35] <viric> yes, clear
[19:35] <viric> damnit, I write STARTTLS every time I have to type STARTPTS
[19:35] <Digitalis> you play your video and you capture at the same time in you image viewer
[19:36] <Digitalis> then the capture video will be sync with the first one
[19:36] <Digitalis> can't imagine a faster and easier way to do it
[19:40] <saste> Digitalis, what are you trying to achieve?
[19:41] <viric> she advisesme
[19:41] <Digitalis> my first step is to be able to get the rstp stream from vlc
[19:41] <Digitalis> but ffmpeg makes an error bcs i have to mux the rstp stream with ts
[19:42] <Digitalis> i can read the stream from another vlc but ffmpeg doesn't like it
[19:46] <blez> is there ffplay for os x?
[19:50] <Digitalis> i don't understand ffmpeg is supposed to support mpeg ts ? no ?? and i get an error when it's ts and no when i don't use the ts mux
[19:51] <Digitalis> i'm lost
[19:52] <Digitalis> i use ts mux because if i don't use it the stream is broken  every time it plays the next video, may be you know another way of making it works ?!
[19:56] <Digitalis> http://pastebin.com/yYCLMZhE
[20:00] <Digitalis> i am programming two versions of a gui using ffmpeg to broadcast easily to ustream, and this problem blocks everything, help will be appreciated
[20:04] <llogan> Digitalis: you have two -f declared for one output, as far as i can tell
[20:05] <llogan> also -pix_fmt is shown twice...not that it matters
[20:06] <Digitalis> hmmm it's probably bcs i tried another version with another output, but i'm going to check it thanks
[20:06] <llogan> it won't make a difference since it appears that the input can not be processed anyway
[20:08] <llogan> is the 459 message originating from librtmp or native rtmp?
[20:09] <llogan> can anything else access the input properly?
[20:09] <llogan> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/1941
[20:10] <Digitalis> http://pastebin.com/CTKNu8CL
[20:10] <Digitalis> yes i works to read the rtsp from another vlc
[20:11] <Digitalis> it*
[20:11] <llogan> the problem is not with your commands, AFAIK, but with the input
[20:11] <llogan> is vlc making the stream?
[20:11] <Digitalis> yes
[20:11] <Digitalis> it works if i don't use the ts mux
[20:11] <viric> hm should 'overlay' support different frame formats per input? ffmpeg hangs here...
[20:12] <Digitalis> but i need the ts mux or the stream is broken everytime it plays the next video
[20:12] <Digitalis> but ts is supported by ffmpeg right ? so i can't understand ...
[20:13] <viric> llogan: http://sprunge.us/dMAh
[20:13] <llogan> compare native rtmp to librtmp. maybe they will perform differently. other than that i don't know
[20:13] <viric> llogan: it hangs after 25 frames (1 second)
[20:13] <Digitalis> i made a new try and a new pastebin
[20:14] <llogan> oh, i misread. that's rtsp.
[20:14] <llogan> i don't know if it makes a difference
[20:14] <Digitalis> yes
[20:14] <Digitalis> the input is rtsp , from vlc
[20:15] <Digitalis> http://pastebin.com/CTKNu8CL
[20:15] <Digitalis> that's my new try after what you said
[20:17] <Digitalis> i can use h264 and mpeg and i still get the same error
[20:18] <viric> llogan: is that enough info, in the pastebin, to have any idea of why does it hang?
[20:20] <DelphiWorld> hi GUYS
[20:20] <DelphiWorld> LD      ffmpeg_g
[20:20] <DelphiWorld> libavcodec/libavcodec.a(libx264.o): In function `X264_init':
[20:20] <DelphiWorld> '/usr/local/src/FFMpeg/ffmpeg/libavcodec/libx264.c:570: undefined reference to `x264_encoder_open_140'
[20:21] <DelphiWorld> any clue?
[20:22] <llogan> you have two different versions of x264 installed simultaneously in two different places
[20:23] <DelphiWorld> llogan: how to diagnose that dear, please?
[20:23] <DelphiWorld> what's the .so name?
[20:24] <llogan> see if you have multiple x264.h files
[20:24] <DelphiWorld> good point, hold on
[20:25] <DelphiWorld> thank llogan
[20:25] <viric> How would you make a png appear overlayed at second N to second M, using a filter?
[20:26] <llogan> http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#Timeline-editing
[20:26] <llogan> overlay=enable='between(t,10,3*60)'
[20:27] <viric> ah
[20:27] <viric> let's see
[20:27] <llogan> are you tying to loop a-image.mkv?
[20:27] <DelphiWorld> thank llogan, i removed the old x264, now what should i do to eliminate the issue?
[20:28] <viric> llogan: no
[20:28] <viric> llogan: I created it 1 second long, thinking that the overlay would last 1 second, and then go away.
[20:28] <viric> btw, on enable: [overlay @ 0x192ba20] Option 'enable' not found
[20:28] <viric> I'm using ffmpeg 1.2. Should I be using 2.0?
[20:28] <viric> or 2.x
[20:29] <llogan> i guess your ffmpeg is too old. you can verify is you have timeline support in overlay with "ffmpeg -filters"
[20:29] <llogan> users should use ffmpeg from git head
[20:29] <viric> :)
[20:29] <viric> and is head 2.x or 1.2.x?
[20:30] <viric> ffmpeg -filters | grep enable, doesn't say much
[20:30] <llogan> it won't say enable
[20:31] <llogan> git "head" is the most current code in the repository
[20:31] <llogan> it is not under a release branch
[20:32] <viric> ah
[20:32] <viric> so master head.
[20:32] <DelphiWorld> i'm git headed
[20:32] <Digitalis> so it's just not possible to do it with ffmeg ?
[20:32] <Digitalis> is it a bug ?
[20:32] <DelphiWorld> gooooooood i'm FFMPEGIFIED
[20:32] <viric> For grep overlay, I get:overlay          VV->V      Overlay a video source on top of the input.
[20:32] <viric> I've no idea what should tell there if it supports 'enable' or not
[20:32] <llogan> Digitalis: maybe. there is a bug report, but how do you know it is not the fault of vlc?
[20:33] <llogan> can you use a different protocol?
[20:33] <DelphiWorld> llogan: thank dude
[20:33] <DelphiWorld> do someone know any good rtmp server?
[20:33] <DelphiWorld> rtmp / rtsp
[20:33] <Digitalis> i suppose it's not a vlc bug because i can play the stream for another vlc ...
[20:33] <Digitalis> from *
[20:33] <llogan> that does not eliminate that vlc is not the problem if another vlc can play it
[20:34] <Digitalis> you're right ... i have to find another way of testing it
[20:34] <llogan> viric: then i guess it's too old
[20:34] <viric> I'll try to build 2.1.1
[20:35] <Digitalis> is there a way of doing a rtsp stream without ts that will not be broken when it plays the next video ?
[20:35] <Digitalis> as it works without ts .... but it breaks the stream...
[20:35] <llogan> i don't know. you've asked this many times. try ffmpeg-user mailing list if you dont get an answer here
[20:35] <Digitalis> ok thanks
[20:36] <llogan> you'll need to provide your ffmpeg command, the complete ffmpeg console output, and your vlc command and output could be useful too
[20:36] <llogan> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/MailingListEtiquette
[20:38] <Digitalis> i've done it before but  i tried less complex command like the one i pastedbin
[20:38] <Digitalis> it seems it's always the same error even if i change the other parts of the command
[20:38] <viric> Is there any kind of ffmpeg output that I could pipe into ffplay?
[20:38] <viric> that'd take very little encoding effort
[20:39] <llogan> Digitalis: the other parts do not matter because ffmpeg can not seem to decode your input
[20:39] <Digitalis> you're right llogan
[20:40] <Digitalis> i'll try to find another way to test the vlc output
[20:40] <llogan> Digitalis: did you see? https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/1941 (not that it is particularly useful)
[20:40] <Digitalis> ohhh.... i've done it... now i remember i've used it with jtvlc
[20:41] <Digitalis> yes i've seen the ticket but it has not been reviewed by anyone so i thought it was just something i was doing wrong just like for the ticket
[20:42] <DelphiWorld> llogan: where to  put the x264 presets? ffmpeg  saying preset not found
[20:42] <Digitalis> so the vlc output is not wrong bcs it worked with jtvlc too
[20:42] <llogan> viric: ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc -c:v copy -f nut - | ffplay -
[20:43] <Digitalis> that pipe work on windows ?
[20:43] <llogan> viric: but i don't know why you would want to do that
[20:43] <llogan> Digitalis: i know nothing of windows
[20:43] <Digitalis> ok
[20:44] <llogan> Digitalis: what's your vlc command?
[20:45] <DelphiWorld> llogan: where to  put the x264 presets? ffmpeg  saying preset not found
[20:45] <llogan> DelphiWorld: the presets are internal. there are no preset files for x264
[20:46] <DelphiWorld> ok llogan
[20:51] <DelphiWorld> anyone know a free open rtsp server that i can use ffmpeg to push to it?
[20:52] <Digitalis> jtv ?
[20:52] <DelphiWorld> what is jtv?
[20:52] <Digitalis> streaming servers
[20:52] <Digitalis> with chat
[20:53] <DelphiWorld> no, is service not server
[20:53] <DelphiWorld> i'm looking for something like crtmpserver
[20:53] <Digitalis> hmm i probably don't understand what you mean ... sorry
[20:54] <Digitalis> ffmpeg can rtsp output
[20:54] <DelphiWorld> i want to have my  own rtmp/rtsp server
[20:55] <Digitalis> ffserver is not good for you ?
[20:55] <DelphiWorld> ffserver is buggy and not longer maintained at i heard
[20:57] <Digitalis> darwin ?
[20:58] <Digitalis> live555 media server
[20:58] <llogan> actually stefano has been doing some work on ffserver lately. i'm not sure if he will continue
[20:59] <juesor> I am looking for some clarity on Closed Captions and transcoding/reencoding
[20:59] <juesor> #1778: EIA-608 / EIA-708 Closed Captions disappear when transcoding/reencoding
[21:00] <DelphiWorld> Digitalis, darwine require rtp / sdp streaming... dan, live555 rtsp server dont support live streaming
[21:00] <Digitalis> opsss
[21:01] <DelphiWorld> lol, i tryed all pocible solution
[21:01] <DelphiWorld> i'm stuck with  CRTMPServer
[21:01] <DelphiWorld> but it's pretty complex to configure
[21:03] <viric> llogan:  T.C overlay          VV->V      Overlay a video source on top of the input.
[21:04] <viric> timeline support!
[21:06] <viric> right, between() works great!
[21:07] <viric> thank you!
[21:21] <DelphiWorld> mmmmmmmmm no luck for me
[21:35] <bacon1989> so I was wondering, is there an opensource media server out there in the wild?
[21:36] <bacon1989> something along the lines of a service that you setup that when you pass it a video, and ask it to convert it, it will spit out a converted file for you?
[21:36] <bacon1989> and you cna query it on it's progress, cancel the conversion processs
[22:11] <DelphiWorld> llogan: alive?
[22:59] <DelphiWorld> llogan ?
[23:17] <llogan> DelphiWorld: i was afk
[23:19] <DelphiWorld> llogan: np
[23:19] <DelphiWorld> llogan: can you verify my ff config?
[23:19] <DelphiWorld> ffserver
[23:29] <llogan> DelphiWorld: i've never used ffserver
[23:29] <DelphiWorld> llogan: then nevermind :)
[23:29] <llogan> but you should use recent ffmpeg due to some documentation updates
[23:29] <llogan> i mean ffserver
[23:30] <llogan> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Streaming%20media%20with%20ffserver
[23:40] <DelphiWorld> llogan: i'm on git head
[00:00] --- Thu Dec  5 2013

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