[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20131212

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 02:05:01 CET 2013

[00:34] <SirCmpwn> thanks llogan
[06:25] <apo> hi
[06:27] <apo> I've been trying for hours to get ffmpeg to stream to twitch.tv, but I either get a terribly choppy stream or awful quality... with xsplit I can stream at perfectly acceptable quality at about 800kbit/s, but with ffmpeg I just can't get it to work
[06:27] <apo> I suspect that I have to set it to actively select the Amsterdam server, but when I do that, it just tries to start and then stops after a few seconds (but my channel page shows 'Loading' for a short time)
[06:28] <apo> my settings are -i file -c:v libx264 -b:v 75KB -minrate:v 75KB -maxrate:v 75KB -bufsize 2M -qscale:v 23  -s 1280x720 -c:a libmp3lame -b:a 5KB -ar 44100 -f flv <stream url>
[06:29] <apo> Any idea why rtmp://live.twitch.tv works, but rtmp://live-ams.twitch.tv doesn't?
[06:41] <relaxed> apo: -qscale does nothing there
[06:41] <apo> relaxed: okay
[06:42] <apo> relaxed: doesn't really matter at the moment, I'm rather sure that the problem is that I can't select the proper server...
[06:42] <relaxed> -b:a 5KB ?
[06:42] <apo> 40kbit/s audio?
[06:44] <relaxed> right, I never see it donted in KB
[06:58] <apo> I wonder what return 141 means...
[07:00] <apo> You have my input, and http://p.0au.de/3c4f3895/
[07:02] <relaxed> add -preset veryfast and/or try a smaller bufsize
[07:03] <apo> Those presets are not part of 1.2.3
[07:03] <apo> and I did try the smaller buffer size
[07:03] <relaxed> Try a more up-to-date version
[07:04] <apo> the only x264 presets are some ipod stuff
[07:04] <relaxed> http://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/
[07:08] <apo> It's still choppy, but at least it streams to Amsterdam now...
[07:09] <apo> (No presets on that either, btw)
[07:09] <relaxed> add -preset veryfast
[07:11] <apo> still choppy \o/
[07:11] <apo> http://www.twitch.tv/ludwigvanboltzmann btw
[07:12] <relaxed> -tune fastdecode
[07:12] <relaxed> or -tune zerolatency
[07:13] <apo> hm
[07:13] <apo> not quite
[07:13] <apo> a bit better, I think
[07:14] <apo> but it does look quite a bit worse than what I got with xsplit ~_~
[07:15] <apo> ... I've been working on this for too long, and it's late (or early)
[07:15] <apo> Thanks for the help, but I need to sleep now
[07:15] <apo> \o
[08:33] <mijo> Is there a way to extract the timestamps from a H263 bit stream received from a peer so that I could build .3gp video file?
[09:12] <diverdude> Hello, i am trying to use the matplotlib.animation.writers['ffmpeg'] to create a movie, however if i set fps below 5 it gives me an error saying it cannot write to file. Why can I only go to 5 fps?
[09:14] <relaxed> some codecs have frame rate requirements
[09:14] <relaxed> which one are you using?
[09:14] <diverdude> relaxed: hmm good question. I am not really sure
[09:17] <diverdude> relaxed: mpeg4
[09:17] <relaxed> show me the command it's running
[09:18] <diverdude> relaxed: mmm its a python script. i am basically invoking it like this: FFMpegWriter(fps=1, metadata={'artist':'me'},bitrate=16384)
[09:19] <diverdude> relaxed: im not sure how to see which ffmpeg command its running under the hood
[09:20] <relaxed> do you have a link to the code? in question?
[09:22] <diverdude> relaxed: its code like this: https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/blob/master/examples/animation/moviewriter.py
[09:27] <relaxed> ok, that's not very helpful.
[09:30] <diverdude> relaxed: hmmm no...what else can i supply you?
[09:30] <relaxed> http://matplotlib.org/users/customizing.html?highlight=ffmpeg
[09:31] <relaxed> there must be some ffmpeg log
[09:36] <diverdude> relaxed: i have made a series of pngs instead :) Do you know how i can create a movie from those with 1fps?
[09:40] <relaxed> how are they named?
[09:42] <relaxed> ffmpeg -f image2 -pattern_type glob -framerate 1 -i *.png -c:v libx264 -crf 14 -preset veryslow output.mkv
[09:43] <zap0> relaxed, i've only ever done  1.png 2.png 3.png etc..     does -pattern_type glob  just do it in natural glob ordering?
[09:44] <zap0> does the mean you don't need perfectly consecutive numbering?
[09:44] <relaxed> there's glob_sequence too
[09:45] <relaxed> seems to work from my short test
[09:45] <zap0> ‘glob_sequence (deprecated, will be removed)’     <-- from http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-formats.html
[09:46] <zap0> reading about it now
[09:46] <relaxed> I used glob
[09:46] <relaxed> of course "deprecated" in ffmpeg means it will be around for a decade
[09:47] <zap0> :)
[09:48] <relaxed> diverdude: stick "-pix_fmt yuv420p" after the input unless you know you don't need it.
[09:48] <zap0> `glob`   This is only selectable if libavformat was compiled with globbing support.       <-- i wonder if this is typically turned on.
[09:48] <relaxed> it is
[10:30] <torrent> hi, iam trying to build ffmpeg with static libs on a amd64 machine in a linux32 chroot. but ffmpeg fails:
[10:30] <torrent> http://nopaste.info/857e5f82c8.html
[10:30] <torrent> http://nopaste.info/4e8425866e.html
[10:31] <torrent> first the output of config.log followed by the output of configure
[10:31] <torrent> *make
[10:32] <kuch3n> looked in the config.log, iam installing the missing passages..
[10:43] <diverdude> relaxed: when i run ffmpeg -f image2 -pattern_type glob -framerate 1 -i *.png -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:v libx264 -crf 14 -preset veryslow output.mkv i get Unrecognized option 'pattern_type' and Failed to set value 'glob' for option 'pattern_type'
[11:12] <saste> probably you have an old version
[11:19] <relaxed> diverdude: show me the filename of one of the images
[11:35] <BoR0> is there any framework that is able to detect whether or not a video is contained in a video? lossless comparison is trivial, what I need is something that can compare by approximation
[11:35] <BoR0> and also to be good in performance
[12:22] <kuch3n> iam stuck here now: http://nopaste.info/e057b0db7c.html
[12:22] <kuch3n> with this "solution": http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/DUtyPwfZ9clDk5ukDnvs
[12:23] <kuch3n> but i cant get it to work
[12:25] <kuch3n> fontconfig.pc looks like this:  http://nopaste.info/560d7a7e49.html
[12:52] <relaxed> kuch3n: are you using the latest version from git? i thought this was fixed.
[12:53] <ubitux> it is
[12:54] <ubitux> but looks like a different issue here
[13:01] <kuch3n> relaxed: thanks for the hint, was using 2.1, now 2.1.1.. trying it right now
[13:03] <ubitux> kuch3n: he was suggesting git master/HEAD
[13:03] <ubitux> but the issue you have looks unrelated to the recent fix
[13:05] <deviker> Hi, what do DC AC and MV mean?
[13:05] <deviker> (in the context of ffmpeg)
[13:07] <ubitux> A and C coefficients (DC is the first/biggest, AC are the others of the MB)
[13:07] <ubitux> A and D*
[13:08] <ubitux> MV motion vector
[13:08] <deviker> thx ubitux
[13:08] <ubitux> don't remember the meaning of the A and D though, but that's a common name
[13:08] <ubitux> try looking up "ac dc jpeg" on your favorite web search engine
[13:10] <deviker> ok thx again
[13:10] <kuch3n> this is how i build ffmpeg: http://nopaste.info/40462f5431.html
[13:10] <kuch3n> shall i paste the whole script?
[13:14] <ubitux> you have multiple --extra-cflags
[13:14] <ubitux> and you also use CFLAGS/LDFLAGS
[13:14] <ubitux> don't do that
[13:29] <kuch3n> ubitux: so i should put stuff from ldflags to --extra-ldflags?
[13:30] <mijo> Hello ppl. Is there a way to extract the timestamps from a H263 bit stream received from a peer so that I could build .3gp video file?
[13:30] <ubitux> kuch3n: one --extra-{c,ld}flags should be enough
[13:33] <kuch3n> LEAR
[13:38] <kuch3n> same problem: http://nopaste.info/290c206ce5.html http://nopaste.info/91de3beea1.html
[13:58] <relaxed> kuch3n: why are you setting CFLAGS and --extra-cflags ?
[13:59] <relaxed> you have --extra-cflags twice
[14:25] <kuch3n> relaxed: have a look
[14:25] <kuch3n> @ 12:38 changed it already but it didnt resolved the problem
[15:23] <bencc> can I find the timestamps in a movie where a transition starts?
[15:23] <bencc> I have a video of a slideshow
[15:23] <bencc> and I want to know when there is a transition between slides or animation in a slide
[16:02] <BoR0> how can I convert a video file to output wmv3 ?
[16:04] <relaxed> BoR0: wmv2 is the highest supported
[16:04] <BoR0> I noticed that
[16:05] <kuch3n>  BoR0 -vcodec
[16:06] <relaxed> why do you want wmv3?
[16:17] <BoR0> I am working on a set top box that uses Microsoft Multimedia software, so they have limited support of formats
[16:17] <BoR0> does ffmpeg support vc1 at least?
[16:18] <relaxed> recent Windows supports h264/aac
[16:19] <BoR0> this set top box has windows ce on it
[16:19] <BoR0> I tried with h264, no success
[16:19] <BoR0> I get audio only with aac
[16:20] <relaxed> ugh, try mpeg4/aac
[16:20] <BoR0> I tried that as well
[16:20] <BoR0> and mpeg2
[16:21] <BoR0> Note   MPEG-2 video compression is not supported in the f-MP4 container format.
[16:21] <BoR0> The following settings are supported for MPEG-2 encoders for the set-top box client.
[16:21] <BoR0> Video: 2.0-3.1 Mbps cbreak X: 352, 480, 528, 544, 640, 720
[16:21] <BoR0> Y: 480, 576, 23.976, 24p, 25p, 25i, 29.97i, 29.97p
[16:21] <iive> BoR0: VC1 is mostly supported. I'm not sure if interlace and advanced format is implemented.
[16:21] <BoR0> maybe some of these params need to be specified additionally?
[16:22] <cbreak-work> cbreak!
[16:22] <BoR0> iive, but the question is how can I use ffmpeg to convert any format to vc1?
[16:22] <Mavrik> BoR0, usually streaming to STBs is done with MPEG2-TS format, not MP4
[16:23] <BoR0>  ./ffmpeg -i test_kb600.transcoded.wmv -strict experimental -vcodec mpeg2video test.wmv
[16:23] <BoR0> is this the correct way to get a mpeg2 out of wmv?
[16:23] <relaxed> -f mpegts output.ts
[16:24] <BoR0>     Stream #0.0[0x100]: Video: mpeg2video (Main), yuv420p, 400x300 [PAR 1:1 DAR 4:3], 104857 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 90k tbn, 59.94 tbc
[16:24] <BoR0>     Stream #0.1[0x101]: Audio: mp2, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 128 kb/s
[16:24] <BoR0> no audio and no video on the STB
[16:25] <iive> BoR0: you said STB, is it DVB compatible?
[16:25] <Mavrik> BoR0, why are you packing MPEG2 video into wmv container?
[16:26] <BoR0> I have no idea. all I want to do is convert wmv to mpeg so that my STB can play it
[16:27] <relaxed> ffmpeg -i input -c:v mpeg2video -q:v 3 -c:a ac3 -b:a 192k -f vob output.mpg
[16:28] <BoR0> still no audio/video on the STB
[16:28] <relaxed> ffmpeg -i input -c:v wmv2 -q:v 3 -c:a wmav2 -b:a 192k -f asf output.wmv
[16:29] <relaxed> if that doesn't work then just quit
[16:30] <BoR0> only audio with that command
[16:30] <relaxed> try wmv1
[16:30] <BoR0> with audio wmav2?
[16:30] <relaxed> why not
[16:31] <BoR0> same thing, no video
[16:33] <relaxed> ffmpeg -i input -c:v mpeg4 -q:v 3 -vtag XVID -c:a libmp3lame -b:a 192k this_is_stupid.avi
[16:34] <BoR0> no audio no video :(
[16:34] <BoR0> how can this STB be so crappy
[16:34] <BoR0> in the documentation it's stated that vc1, mpeg2 and h264 and wmv
[16:34] <BoR0> are supported
[16:37] <relaxed> ffmpeg -i input -c:v mpeg2video -q:v 3 -c:a mp2 -b:a 192k -f dvd output.mpg
[16:38] <BoR0> no audio and no video
[16:38] <BoR0> :)
[16:38] <relaxed> smash it on the ground
[16:38] <BoR0> is there some reverse engineered version of wmv3?
[16:39] <BoR0> I downloaded a video off the internet with wmv3 and it played fine
[16:40] <relaxed> is the sole purpose of this crappy machine to playback video?
[16:40] <BoR0> yes
[16:41] <relaxed> then install linux on it with vlc, mplayer, or mpv and make it useful
[16:41] <bencc> I have a video with 5 static seconds, than a transition and another 5 static seconds
[16:41] <bencc> can ffmpeg find the timestamp where the transition starts and ends?
[16:41] <BoR0> thanks for the help man
[16:42] <BoR0> I guess I'll have to go that way :)
[16:43] <BoR0> if ffmpeg is able to decode wmv3, why would it not be able to encode?
[16:44] <relaxed> just because you can read a book doesn't mean you can write one
[16:44] <BoR0> is it so hard to encode wmv3?
[16:51] <BoR0_> my connection dropped
[17:02] <bencc> how can I use scene-detection?
[17:02] <bencc> can't find docs
[17:06] <ubitux> look at the select filter
[17:10] <bencc> ubitux: thanks. looking
[17:37] <bencc> ./ffmpeg -vf "-vf select='gt(scene\,0.9)'" -i test.mp4 -vsync 0 -f image2 /tmp/thumbnails-%02d.jpg
[17:37] <bencc> Option vf (set video filters) cannot be applied to input file
[17:37] <bencc> how can I get thumbnails?
[17:38] <saste> bencc, wrong syntax
[17:38] <GstBlub> I'm trying to capture a rtsp stream: ffmpeg -i rtsp://strm01.novotempo.org.br/radionovotempo-vivo -acodec copy -vcodec copy captured.file but I keep getting the following errors:
[17:38] <GstBlub> [rtsp @ 0x59400] UDP timeout, retrying with TCP
[17:38] <GstBlub> [rtsp @ 0x59400] method SETUP failed: 454 Session Not Found
[17:39] <saste> also you need to specify -vf after -i
[17:39] <GstBlub> That URL works fine in windows media player and vlc
[17:39] <GstBlub> what am I doing wrong?
[17:41] <GstBlub> This is with ffmpeg 2.1 btw
[17:48] <tolis> how i can remove a moving finger print from a realtime movie with which filter if it is possible?    thanks in advance
[17:50] <saste> tolis, you can use the removemovingfingerprint filter
[17:51] <tolis> there is documentation about this to read it saste ?
[17:51] <saste> tolis, it was a joke, there is no filter for such a very specific task
[17:51] <tolis> :)
[17:51] <tolis> so there is no solution :(
[17:51] <bencc> what's the syntax error?
[18:00] <Compn> GstBlub : to get rid of udp warning, use the tcp switch (i forgot its name now) should be in the manual
[18:02] <GstBlub> Compn: rtsp_transport?
[18:03] <Compn> possibly
[18:03] <Compn> yes
[18:03] <Compn> -rtsp_transport tcp
[18:06] <GstBlub> Compn: that seems to work, but shouldn't it still work considering it's trying to fall back to tcp?
[18:10] <Compn> yes
[18:10] <Compn> one sec lemme test
[18:11] <Compn> GstBlub : what ver ffmpeg you got ?
[18:11] <GstBlub> 2.1
[18:15] <Compn> GstBlub : you can use vlc to record it
[18:15] <GstBlub> yeah I know but I can't use vlc in my project, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong in my project using ffmpeg
[18:16] <GstBlub> or if it is a ffmpeg bug
[18:16] <Compn> looks like a bug in ffmpeg yes
[18:16] <Compn> mplayer ffmpeg://rtsp://strm01.novotempo.org.br/radionovotempo-vivo
[18:16] <Compn> works like that haha
[18:17] <Compn> but only playing 10 second audio then stopping
[18:22] <GstBlub> yeah i think that's correct, it's not a live stream. vlc also stops playing after a while
[18:22] <GstBlub> why would mplayer work though? unless it's using a different version of ffmpeg that doesn't have this bug?
[18:27] <LucaS05> hi. Does the library has features like b-frames, lumi-masking or trellis quantization?
[18:28] <zap0> what is trellis quantization
[18:29] <towolf> hi. i have a question about the ts_from_file feature for jpg series here: http://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2013-May/144093.html
[18:29] <towolf> i'm taking jpgs at about 1.24 seconds, very roughly 1 fps.
[18:30] <towolf> now i want $SPEEDUP to be 60. so i get 24 minutes per day. the example convert to constant frame rate, but i want VFR in mp4 container. when I remove the fps=60 filter it starts dropping a lot of frames, why?
[18:33] <towolf> do i have to set timebase or something? i thought, when i do "setpts="(PTS-STARTPTS)/60" it will change timestamps of 1.2, 2.4, 3.6 to 0.02, 0.04, 0.06 and those frames will play at this 50-60fps rates
[18:33] <towolf> but it drops a lot of frames
[18:35] <LucaS05> i want to simulate the xvid codec, and it uses features like those, so can i use them with ffmpeg?
[18:44] <Compn> GstBlub : could be , im using an old mplayer
[18:47] <GstBlub> Compn: I created a ticket for it: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/3222
[18:50] <Compn> GstBlub : btw whered you get the url from ?
[18:50] <Compn> what website url
[18:51] <Compn> put it in bug trac
[18:53] <GstBlub> I don't know where i got it from (nor do I speak/understand that language).  Yeah, I put it in the bug report as well
[19:16] <LucaS05> nobody can help me?
[19:24] <c_14> NEW KERNEL
[19:24] <c_14> \o/
[19:25] <c_14> Also new firefox.
[19:25] <c_14> Sadly Old Vehk.
[19:25] <c_14> Sorry about that.
[19:25] <c_14> Wrong chonnel.
[20:13] <bencc> can a filter have a state?
[20:13] <Compn> on/off ?
[20:13] <bencc> I mean, react to a diff between two frames in the context of some state of the diff between previous frames
[20:13] <Compn> if frame=interlaced ?
[20:13] <bencc> I want to find timestamps of transitions between slides in a powerpoint video
[20:14] <Compn> ah no clue
[20:14] <bencc> so I have several frames without any change and than some frames of slide transition or animation
[20:33] <bencc> anyone using this? https://github.com/stvs/ffmpeg-static
[20:33] <bencc> I'm getting: ERROR: opus not found
[20:54] <jangle> Greetings all.  I am attempting to write an rtsp client.  I am testing this against a server that delivers the content using rtp over udp.  When I watch vlc start the stream and compare it to my client, the rtsp handshake is similar enough, and the return codes from the servers in both cases don't suggest anything out of the ordinary.  in the case of vlc, rtp-delivered video and audio is recieved shortly after, whereas in the case of my client, the rtp dat
[20:54] <jangle> not delivered.  is there somthing I have to do special in order to setup the rtp side of the equation?
[21:09] <Compn> jangle : might be easier to read openrtsp client part of live555 project
[21:09] <Compn> read the source of openrtsp
[21:09] <jangle> ok thanks
[23:56] <SirCmpwn> hey there
[23:56] <SirCmpwn> how can I ignore input streams that can't be passed along to the output?
[23:56] <SirCmpwn> I'm trying to convert mkv to webm and it fails when there are ssa streams
[23:57] <JEEB> use -map to map only those streams to output that can be used
[23:57] <SirCmpwn> can this be done in an automated fashion?
[23:57] <JEEB> -map 0:v -map 0:a maps the video and audio from the first (zeroth) input
[23:57] <SirCmpwn> is there a way I can use -map without examining the streams first
[23:57] <SirCmpwn> perfect, tahnks
[23:57] <SirCmpwn> thanks*
[23:57] <SirCmpwn> yep, works great, you're a lifesaver
[23:59] <llogan> that will still map all video and audio streams present in the input, IIRC. maybe you want that.
[23:59] <SirCmpwn> I could live with it, but I'd rather take the first one alone
[23:59] <SirCmpwn> or the default one alone, perhaps
[23:59] <llogan> 0:v:0
[00:00] --- Fri Dec 13 2013

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