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Sun Dec 22 02:05:01 CET 2013

[01:53] <msmithng> so I've got this high end encoder that I would like to supply mpeg2ts to as it's input...
[01:54] <msmithng> I've been trying to use ffmpeg to push to localhost and pipe out via nc on a listening port, but I'm having no luck
[01:57] <msmithng> the hardware encoder I'm testing can only use ip/port as it's input that it's scanning& further and I'm not 100% on this, but I think it's also looking specifically service_id, pmt_start_pid and start_pid& which obviously I'm not setting
[01:58] <msmithng> crap, that might be it
[01:58] <msmithng> anyone have any alternatives to dumping this to nc on localhost?
[01:59] <msmithng> it looks like it's just flooding the socket and exiting
[01:59] <msmithng> i.e. ignoring -re
[02:00] <msmithng> this is the command I've cobbled together at the moment.
[02:00] <msmithng> ffmpeg -re -i sintel-2048-surround.mp4 -c:v libx264 -profile:v main -level 3.1 -r 30 -g 30 -keyint_min 30 -minrate:v 1M -minrate:v 1M -bufsize:v 1.4M -c:a libfaac -ab 96000 -ar 48000 -ac 2 -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb -f mpegts - | nc -l 1234
[02:05] <relaxed> msmithng: look at ffmpeg -protocols, it supports outputting to tcp/udp
[02:06] <relaxed> do you need -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb there?
[03:33] <msmithng> dang, client dropped
[03:34] <msmithng> anyone answer the above? :P
[03:44] <lehrblogger> msmithng: relaxed said "look at ffmpeg -protocols, it supports outputting to tcp/udp
[03:44] <lehrblogger> do you need -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb there?
[03:45] <lehrblogger> oh, but maybe after you dropped
[03:45] <lehrblogger> err before
[05:23] <msmithng> yeah I must have dropped before any of that was said
[05:25] <msmithng> lehrblogger: I guess the question is what is the appropriate way to output mpeg2 ts for another encoder that expects to be able to pull mpeg2ts over ip?
[05:25] <msmithng> we're missing all the head end equipment that a normal broadcast bay would have so I'm making most of this up as I go along
[05:26] <lehrblogger> msmithng: oh, i have no idea at all, i was just pasting what you might have missed from relaxed
[05:26] <msmithng> :P
[05:27] <msmithng> Not a problem what-so-ever
[05:27] <lehrblogger> :)
[05:28] <msmithng> I'll keep digging and if I come up with something clever or more likely, when I get stuck, I'll be back.
[05:30] <lehrblogger> msmithng: rereading your earlier stuff, i only partially understand, but have you looked at http://www.scara.com/~schirmer/o/mplex13818/ ?
[05:31] <msmithng> I have not& let me peek at that
[05:32] <msmithng> "it does not even care for what data it shovels: just bytes"
[05:32] <msmithng> lulz& sounds like I could maybe use this
[05:32] <msmithng> thanks
[05:33] <lehrblogger> yeah, no problem
[05:33] <lehrblogger> just out of curiosity, are you using any particular devices for whatever it is you're doing?
[05:34] <msmithng> the system I'm testing is an Envivio 4Caster
[05:35] <msmithng> nothing else in particular at the moment
[05:40] <lehrblogger> ok, thanks
[07:25] <SirCmpwn> is there a way I can convince ffmpeg to completely ignore file extensions and to rely entirely on magic numbers and such
[07:26] <sacarasc> -f
[07:27] <SirCmpwn> I also don't know the input file format
[07:27] <SirCmpwn> this is running out of a script
[07:27] <SirCmpwn> basically, if I give it a gif with a .jpg extension, it pukes
[07:33] <liam-kelly> Okay, so I am having some issues with ffmpeg and ffserver, when I run ffmpeg it works fine for a few seconds then freezes and I have to use ^c to get back to a prompt. http://pastebin.com/b63FCPKT Any ideas?
[07:41] <maxiaojun> wonder why ffmpeg build requires yasm 1.2.0?
[07:42] <sacarasc> To compile the assembly in the source.
[07:43] <maxiaojun> i mean 1.1.0 doesn't work?
[09:56] <maxiaojun> http://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/UbuntuCompilationGuide
[09:56] <maxiaojun> libopus released a newer version 1.1
[14:36] <pron> is there any reason why ffmpeg when encoding should select second audio stream instead of first one?
[14:36] <pron> its ts -> mp4
[14:36] <pron> ffmpeg 8.2
[14:37] <pron> i mean something liek Stream #0.2 -> #0.1 without any map options provided
[14:39] <saste> pron, what is 8.2? or is it 0.8.2?
[14:39] <saste> anyway it's way too old
[14:39] <pron> yeh 0.8.2
[14:39] <saste> and ffmpeg select the "best" stream according to heuristics, usually the stream with the biggest bitrate or samplerate
[14:40] <saste> *selects
[14:40] <pron> humm they are  kinda indentical at least from what ffmpeg outputs
[14:41] <pron> ookay
[14:48] <pron> saste http://pastebin.com/bdYZPzWU
[14:49] <saste> pron, and where's the script output?
[14:49] <pron> thats abit complicated , workin on it :P
[14:50] <pron> there are tons of unrelated stuff
[14:50] <pron> ^^
[14:50] <pron> in log file
[14:54] <pron> saste http://pastebin.com/0F3LkmaD
[14:57] <ubitux> ffmpeg 0.8? can't you pick something even older?
[14:57] <pron> older might be a problem
[14:57] <pron> :D
[14:57] <ubitux> that was ironic ofc
[14:57] <pron> ah
[14:57] <pron> =)
[15:07] <pron> soo
[15:07] <pron> ubitux any ideas why ffmpeg took 2nd audio stream ?:}
[15:07] <pron> or anyone else
[15:09] <ubitux> use -map 0:a:0 to pick the first one
[15:09] <ubitux> ffmpeg can randomly pick any stream, based on different heuristics
[15:09] <ubitux> also, as said several times, 0.8 is way too old
[15:15] <pron> ima bit afraid of upgrading it
[15:15] <pron> dont want to break the stuff that uses it
[15:16] <pron> well anyways
[15:16] <pron> thx for infos and tips
[15:16] <ubitux> you don't need to install it to use it
[15:17] <ubitux> you git clone and build it, then run ./ffmpeg from the source dir
[15:21] <pron> is there a way to tell ffmpeg to encode _all_ audio streams with same parameters
[15:23] <ubitux> pron: -map 0:a maybe
[15:41] <braincracker> hi
[15:42] <braincracker> new ffmpeg is working?
[15:42] <braincracker> or what is workign now?
[15:42] <bencc2> in audio conference, is it bettero to mix several channels together or send separate channels?
[15:42] <bencc2> what will give better quality?
[15:42] <bencc2> I don't care about bandwidth
[15:44] <braincracker> lossless monkjeyaudio is best
[15:45] <braincracker> your $1000 studio mic in a studio will create some quality recording
[15:50] <braincracker> how one simply warp audio speed? i'd like to slow down mp3's
[15:54] <ubitux> braincracker: -af atempo
[15:56] <braincracker> ty
[15:56] <braincracker> will that simply warp? i do not want to convert pitch
[18:03] <liam-k> Hello, I am having some issues with ffmpeg freezeing when using ffserver
[18:04] <braincracker> that is nice
[18:04] <braincracker> how cold is it?
[18:06] <liam-k> cold enough that I have to use control c to regain control...
[18:07] <liam-k> I detailed my problem here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20716688/av-interleaved-write-frame-immediate-exit-requested-when-streaming-webm and here http://pastebin.com/b63FCPKT
[23:49] <dannyzb> How much of a performance hit do I get from encoding with "Main" profile? ( encoding time hit * )
[23:49] <dannyzb> compared to baseline
[23:51] <giby> Hi, I need some assistance with a video conversion
[23:52] <giby> here is a paste bin http://pastebin.com/gRSqniv7
[00:00] --- Sun Dec 22 2013

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