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burek burek021 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 02:05:01 CET 2013

[01:00] <kcm1700> Is there a way to pass so-called 'extradata' to mpeg4-video codec after avcodec_open# ?
[01:00] <kcm1700> codec_id is AV_CODEC_ID_MPEG4
[02:42] <kcm1700> no one here? T.T
[02:57] <llogan> try libav-user mailing list if you don't get an answer here
[03:14] <kcm1700> thank you. is it ok to use libav-user mailing even if I use ffmpeg?
[03:46] <rcombs> does ffmpeg not support building with SDL2 yet?
[07:05] <sisco_dreamber> hi all
[07:05] <sisco_dreamber> any one here able to help me plz
[08:34] <zap0> just ask
[08:35] <zap0> also, good luck,  you said like a moron.. 'plz'
[09:12] <sisco_dreamber> zap lol
[09:12] <sisco_dreamber> well its more ruby
[09:12] <sisco_dreamber> so im at ruby lobby
[10:37] <matthias_> Can sb help me with some pulseaudio and ffmpeg scripting?
[10:40] <saste> matthias_, don't ask to ask, just ask
[12:13] <vvu|Log> hello! i am trying to save some images from an RTSP stream and i get "unimplemented RTP/JPEG restart marker header". from what i see this comes from libavformat/rtpdec_jpeg.c
[12:13] <vvu|Log> the id of the jpeg decoder params is > 63 *don't really know what this means*
[14:43] <feep> hi, can I use ffmpeg to convert a high-fps video (like 120) to a low-fps motion-blurred video?
[15:08] <zap0> probably, but you really shouldn't think of  ffmpeg as an fx thingy
[15:08] <zap0> the rate conversion yes.  blur..  maybe
[16:56] <benbro2> when recording video from screen, how can I know the timestamp of the first frame?
[17:09] <zap0> record the time in teh first frame.
[17:10] <benbro2> zap0: how?
[17:10] <benbro2> I want to use something like "ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="UScreenCapture" output.flv"
[17:10] <benbro2> can I get the timestamp of the first frame from output.flv?
[17:16] <viric> -vf showpts
[19:12] <Xaser> hiho
[19:13] <Xaser> I have a quick question about using ffmpeg to split audio streams.
[19:14] <Xaser> Basically I want to losslessly extract a one minute sample from a) the original ac3 file, b) the aac encoded (nero) version of that original
[19:16] <Xaser> I've been using this command: ffmpeg -i "org.ac3" -ss 00:02:30 -t 00:01:00 "Sample1.ac3" and ffmpeg -i "enc.m4a" -ss 00:02:30 -t 00:01:00 "Sample2.m4a"
[19:17] <Xaser> now.. is that the correct way to do this and will the extracted sample2 sound different compared to the reencoded sample1 ?
[19:28] <Xaser> anybody?
[19:54] <clever> Xaser: i think that will re-encode the tracks by default
[19:54] <Xaser> hm
[19:54] <clever> you probly want to add -acodec copy
[19:55] <Xaser> okay
[19:55] <Xaser> i was wondering why the file sizes of all three samples turned out the same^^
[19:56] <Xaser> anything else I should take into concideration?
[20:18] <benbro2> when starting a screen capture from the command line, how can I stop it?
[20:18] <benbro2> just Ctrl+C ?
[20:18] <benbro2> or will it leave a corrupted video?
[20:28] <Xaser> it won't affect the input file, thats for sure
[20:28] <Xaser> however it won't create a valid video file
[20:29] <Xaser> @benbro2 that is
[20:30] <relaxed> benbro2: did you try 'q'?
[20:31] <benbro2> I need something like "ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="UScreenCapture" output.flv" under windows
[20:31] <benbro2> 'q' is under linux?
[20:32] <relaxed> Try it. You can also use -t $time after the input
[20:34] <benbro2> relaxed: I need to stop it dynamically
[20:34] <benbro2> maybe from powershell
[21:00] <Davym123> I probably the 1000th person to be here for a problem, so first of all.. Sorry! Anyway, there is a php script that requires ffmpeg with xvid coddec support but I can't get it to work..!
[21:00] <Davym123> http://prntscr.com/2f7mku
[21:00] <Davym123> Look
[21:01] <Davym123> http://prntscr.com/2f7n9a
[21:11] <Davym123> Any idea, anyone?
[21:33] <Davym123> Nobody here? :D
[21:33] <llogan> Davym123: why are you trying to compile code from SVN?
[21:33] <llogan> ffmpeg has been using git for a few years now at least
[21:33] <Davym123> So how do I enable the xvid ?
[21:34] <llogan> your version of ffmpeg is unsupported here
[21:34] <Davym123> All the rest worked fine using the auto installer
[21:34] <Davym123> Oh..
[21:35] <Davym123> So what the the recommended steps to fix this
[21:35] <Davym123> are*
[21:36] <llogan> 1. get recent ffmpeg via http://ffmpeg.org/download.html
[21:36] <llogan> 2. mak sure /tmp does not have noexec
[21:37] <llogan> your /tmp issue probably has nothing to do with ffmpeg
[21:37] <Davym123> should I clean everything in my /tmp?
[21:37] <llogan> no
[21:38] <llogan> use pastebin.com or similar to show the output of: mount | grep noexec
[21:38] <llogan> and also: ls -alh /tmp
[21:39] <Davym123> http://pastebin.com/aJtefMuc
[21:40] <Davym123> http://pastebin.com/Qk3vW3q7
[21:40] <llogan> your /tmp is mounted as noexec. why?
[21:41] <Davym123> I don't really do stuff in my ssh
[21:42] <llogan> what is your distro?
[21:42] <Davym123> I had an indian installing security on my server though
[21:42] <Davym123> distro?
[21:42] <llogan> an indian?
[21:42] <llogan> an indian from india, or a Native American?
[21:42] <Davym123> India
[21:43] <Davym123> Centos 5 btw
[21:43] <Davym123> 6.5*
[21:43] <Davym123> 6.4
[21:43] <Davym123> derp
[21:43] <Davym123> CENTOS 6.4 x86_64
[21:44] <llogan> remount /tmp without noexec or set the TMPDIR environment vairable to another directory and make sure it is not mounted with noexec
[21:45] <Davym123> Whoa
[21:45] <Davym123> I guess I need to hire someone
[21:45] <Davym123> :D
[21:45] <clever> sudo mount /tmp -o remount,exec
[21:45] <clever> this will force it to have the exec flag without loosing any data
[21:45] <Davym123> done
[21:45] <clever> then just try whatever failed in the first place
[21:46] <Davym123> Well, installing Xvid codec
[21:46] <llogan> but use ffmpeg from git, not that old, ancient, graybeard code from SVN
[21:46] <Davym123> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CentosCompilationGuide
[21:46] <Davym123> use this?
[21:46] <llogan> sure
[21:47] <llogan> also, why do you want libxvid support? ffmpeg has a native mpeg-4 part2 video encoder.
[21:47] <llogan> "-vcodec mpeg4"
[21:47] <Davym123> It's for a php script that I found
[21:47] <llogan> if you found some food on a sidewalk, would you eat it?
[21:48] <Davym123> No
[21:48] <Davym123> :D
[21:48] <llogan> and who uses that format these days anyway?
[21:49] <Davym123> The script, I'm not good at php coding so I can't change it
[21:49] <Davym123> and the script is kinda good
[21:56] <Davym123> Need to updatte my YASM
[21:57] <Davym123> And I did, but still says i'm running older version, do I need to restart something,
[21:57] <Davym123> ?
[22:09] <llogan> Davym123: what is telling you that you are running an older version of what?
[22:09] <Davym123> yasm
[22:10] <Davym123> Found yasm 1.1.99.HEAD
[22:10] <Davym123> Minimum version is yasm-1.2.0
[22:10] <llogan> then install a newer yasm
[22:10] <llogan> and remove your old one
[22:10] <Davym123> Well I followed the instructions but it's still saying that
[22:10] <Davym123> Nvm, I'll find a way
[22:10] <Davym123> Thanks ^^
[22:10] <llogan> it's probably detecting your old yasm first
[22:11] <llogan> i guess
[00:00] --- Tue Dec 31 2013

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