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burek burek021 at gmail.com
Thu May 1 02:05:01 CEST 2014

[00:30] <SunUNIX> hey im getting this error message on oracle solaris 11.1 when compiling ffmpeg install: ffmpeg.1 was not found anywhere!
[00:37] <SunUNIX> hmm i suppose its just a dumb mistake i done seems to be working now that i done gmake clean
[00:37] <SunUNIX> and redone the configuration
[00:37] <SunUNIX> cheers
[00:37] <klaxa> SunUNIX++
[06:02] <CapsAdmin> im trying to convert some mp3 to AV_SAMPLE_FMT_S16 but it's playing twice as fast
[06:02] <CapsAdmin> changing the sample format around seems to be the only way to make a change
[06:02] <CapsAdmin> 32 sounds correct but then it's panned
[06:03] <CapsAdmin> code: https://gist.github.com/CapsAdmin/ede735d490d64046345a
[07:06] <corajo> I just want the best libx264 settings for encoding a video consisting of an audio track and a single image.
[07:06] <corajo> I already put -r 1, so that outputs only 1fps.
[07:08] <corajo> Me video dont really have any movements or chainging images.
[07:08] <relaxed> corajo: -tune stillimage -preset:v veryslow
[07:09] <relaxed> er, -tune stillimage -preset veryslow
[07:09] <corajo> Thanks!
[09:29] <ergZay> anyone experienced in reconstructing raw mpeg2 transport streams? http://www.spacex.com/news/2014/04/29/first-stage-landing-video
[09:29] <ergZay> like filling in corrupted data
[09:48] <termos> is there a way to get libpostproc without --enable-gpl? Not all of the post processing filters are GPL and I just want to use the non-gpl ones. Any ideas?
[10:47] <allengreen> how to remove audio from mp4 file?
[10:53] <allengreen> how to remove audio from mp4 file and don't reset the pts?
[11:30] <luc4> Hello! Maybe someone here knows: are decoders supposed to always return the exact same output? Like an h264 decoder. Or I should expect slightly different output?
[11:32] <hendry> there UI/UX to join two MP4 files is a bit awful, no? http://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/How%20to%20concatenate%20(join,%20merge)%20media%20files
[11:40] <brontosaurusrex> luc4, its possible to disable certain aspects, but if they are not, then the output should be bitentical i think
[11:41] <luc4> brontosaurusrex: so, the aspect of some hardware h264 decoder should provide frames perfectly identical to those provided by ffmpeg?
[11:41] <brontosaurusrex> yes
[11:42] <luc4> brontosaurusrex: I thought that even jpeg output was not always perfectly identical... ok, it seems I was wrong... thanks!
[11:43] <brontosaurusrex> not sure about jpeg
[12:14] <kevmitch> will ffmpeg link to gnutls28?
[12:30] <znf> How would I deinterlace a 50i video to 25p?
[12:31] <brontosaurusrex> znf, thats 100 sub-pictures/s ?
[12:31] <znf> I think that's 25?
[12:32] <znf> http://i.imgur.com/tj6jNfG.png
[12:34] <brontosaurusrex> -vf yadif=0 < should do it
[12:35] <relaxed> you could do a frame for each field at go 50fps
[12:35] <relaxed> /at/and/
[12:36] <znf> brontosaurusrex, that gives me 50p
[12:37] <znf> ffmpeg -i Bogdan.mp4 -i overlay.png -filter_complex "yadif=0, scale=1280:-1[resize];[resize][1]overlay=x=0:y=0:eval=init" -shortest -acodec copy -vcodec libx264 -crf 22 -preset medium -movflags faststart bogdan-out.mp4
[12:37] <znf> what am I doing wrong?
[12:37] <brontosaurusrex> znf, post the full ffmpeg output
[12:38] <znf> http://pastie.org/9126816
[12:40] <jonascj> can you call ffmpeg a framegrapper when it captures video from a camera?
[12:41] <jonascj> or is it video capture?
[12:41] <znf> ffmpeg can take input from almost anything, even stdin, afaik
[12:41] <brontosaurusrex> znf, and the speed of the output is normal?
[12:41] <znf> brontosaurusrex, yeah
[12:42] <relaxed> are you sure it's interlaced?
[12:42] <brontosaurusrex> znf, ffmpeg thinks its 50p
[12:42] <brontosaurusrex> znf try -r 25 before input
[12:42] <znf> mediainfo says it's interlaced
[12:43] <znf> Hmmm
[12:43] <znf> I think I screwed this up when I concatenated the video
[12:43] <znf> I had a bunch of .ts
[12:44] <znf> run them trough concat, and I just now realize that they somehow ended up at 50fps
[12:44] <relaxed> tsmuxer is a good tool for that.
[12:45] <relaxed> Get the latest version here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=168539
[12:46] <znf> I think I'll just use the original .MTS files and doing the whole thing in one go
[18:03] <Lokie> c_14 got a bit better with fonts / subtitles also installed mkvtoolnix to extract subtitles since they are not marked as attachements. I got a problem now with ffmpeg not using the fonts even though they are there
[18:04] <Lokie> googled and seems the culprit is fontconfig? running 2.9.0 and seems anything before 2.10.93 won't really behave. is that correct?
[22:41] <Orbixx> How do I tell ffmpeg what codec to expect for the input file?
[22:42] <sacarasc> -c:(v|a) blah as an input option, for example ffmpeg -c:v h264 -i ilikecheese.blah
[22:43] <Orbixx> Hmm, that's not the problem them
[22:43] <Orbixx> I'm getting this error
[22:44] <Orbixx> [AVFilterGraph @ 00000000029e3d80] No such filter: ''
[22:44] <Orbixx> c_14: sacarasc: http://pastie.org/private/xrxmb3nb5wphbs2n1welq
[22:45] <c_14> get rid of the = before "ass
[22:45] <Orbixx> Just made some subtitles and am trying to burn them in for use on YouTube
[22:45] <Orbixx> ah *fuck*
[22:45] <Orbixx> A bloody syntax problem
[22:45] <Orbixx> sorry
[22:46] <Orbixx> Thanks for your help
[22:46] <c_14> np
[22:49] <Lokie> updated to ffmpeg static build of today, upgraded fontconfig to 2.11 (which should be unbugged)
[22:50] <Lokie> and i am getting: Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 70: non-double matrix element
[22:50] <Lokie> doesn't seem to affect anything though
[22:50] <Lokie> ignore? anyone had that warning and found how to correct it?
[22:51] <c_14> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70258
[22:52] <c_14> According to that bug some program is linked to a different (presumably older) version of fontconfig.
[22:53] <Lokie> so it's ffmpegs fault?
[22:56] <c_14> Which static build did you use?
[22:56] <sacarasc> Lokie: A static build means that all the libraries are compiled in. If you upgraded a library outside of the static bundle, it doesn't upgrade within it.
[22:56] <c_14> And the Fontconfig error is caused during ffmpeg execution?
[22:58] <c_14> If the fontconfig version that the static build was compiled with is older than the system one, it could be that the static fontconfig tries parsing the system fontconfig settings and fails because the syntax is different.
[23:06] <Flobu> hey anyone here to help me with building ffmepg with vs2013?
[23:07] <Flobu> i openend msys.bat with the command prompt from vs2013 successfully
[23:12] <Flobu> but if i try to execute ./configure --toolchain=msvc i got an error line 389: pr: command not found
[23:17] <codepython777> is there  a way to tell ffmpeg, Given an input movie, cut from start time, till end time- and stitch the remaining movie to one piece?
[23:18] <codepython777> so something like ffmpeg -i x.mov -st 00:00:05 -et 00:00:10 out.mov - will create out.mov which is exactly like x.mov but 5 seconds deleted from x.mov ?
[23:18] <klaxa> you mean -ss and -to?
[23:18] <codepython777> klaxa: if i understand it right, -ss is start time to extract a video
[23:18] <codepython777> I want to essentially delete a segment from a video
[23:18] <klaxa> ah
[23:19] <klaxa> well... use two steps?
[23:19] <codepython777> given start/end times
[23:19] <klaxa> extract from 0 to a, then from b to end
[23:19] <codepython777> klaxa: how do i concatenate the pieces?
[23:19] <klaxa> then use the concat demuxer to concat the files
[23:20] <klaxa> http://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/How%20to%20concatenate%20%28join,%20merge%29%20media%20files
[23:22] <codepython777> klaxa: ./ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg.exe -i ./DSC_1234.MOV -ss 00:00:03 cut.mov - this takes a lot of time. Any ideas how i can speed this up?
[23:22] <codepython777> I was hoping cutting and pasting /merging should be fast. It seems its reencoding.
[23:22] <klaxa> -c copy
[23:23] <klaxa> you cannot cut from everywhere depending on the codec, it will most likely cut on the next keyframe
[23:24] <codepython777> klaxa: seems like the the cutting command made my audio non-sync with video by a second or so
[23:25] <codepython777> klaxa: any ideas what could be wrong? The audio lags my lips
[23:25] <klaxa> that shouldn't happen, can you pastebin your command and complete output? use pastebin.com or something similar
[23:26] <codepython777> klaxa: http://pastebin.com/3iBM9BbN
[23:27] <klaxa> i think re-encoding might be the best option even if it takes long
[23:27] <klaxa> try: ./ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg.exe -i ./DSC_1234.MOV -ss 00:00:03 -t 10 cut.mov and see how the quality is
[23:29] <codepython777> 10 seconds takes a long time! I've 3 minutes of footage. Probably will have to wait the entire night :(
[23:29] <codepython777> that works thou - no lip sync problem
[23:29] <klaxa> well define "long"
[23:29] <klaxa> that seemed like 2 minutes maybe
[23:30] <codepython777> yes 10 seconds = 2 minutes
[23:31] <klaxa> old computer?
[23:31] <codepython777> i5
[23:31] <codepython777> 4gb ram, not too slow
[23:31] <klaxa> weird
[23:32] <klaxa> maybe take a look at this: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/x264EncodingGuide
[23:37] <codepython777> klaxa: thnks.
[23:37] <codepython777> Running the script to do all of the cuts and merges. Lets hope that works.
[00:00] --- Thu May  1 2014

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