[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20140504

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Mon May 5 02:05:01 CEST 2014

[00:00] <Mavrik> diesel420, it's possible, but only when reencoding
[00:01] <Mavrik> due to how video formats work it's not possible when just cutting without reencode
[00:01] <Mavrik> oh and yeah, parameters are always in milliseconds
[00:04] <diesel420> hmm, ok
[00:05] <diesel420> thanks for imformation, so it seems i have to use other programs to simple cut x264. i just could not believe ffmpeg cant do it
[00:06] <Mavrik> uh.
[00:06] <Mavrik> no program will cut h.264 on anything other than I-frame boundaries without reencoding
[00:07] <diesel420> ahhh
[00:14] <diesel420> so ffmpeg will cut at i-frames automatically even i can just set a time? lets say i set 'ffmpeg -ss -i test.mkv -t 120 -c copy new.mkv' it wont cut exactly at second 15 and 120. instead it looks for the next i-frames?
[00:15] <c_14> Ye, but it should be 00:00:15.000
[00:15] <Mavrik> diesel420, yes.
[00:15] <diesel420> ah yes
[00:15] <diesel420> many thanks!
[00:15] <diesel420> awesome
[00:21] <azk> I've been trying to read up on WebVTT support in ffmpeg but haven't found much. Is there a way to encode subtitles to WebVTT yet?
[00:22] <Mavrik> I doubt it
[00:22] <diesel420> nice! works like a charm. beautiful
[01:45] <angrybb> is there option for ffmpeg to wait longer for PPS
[01:54] <angrybb> ok, is there retry option for network streams in ffmpeg?
[02:24] <far0k_l> Hi, I am trying to blend the current to the previous frame of a video for a light painting effect.  I have been looking into filtering but have not managed to work it out.  As it is a VV->V I am guessing I need a buffer of some sort.
[04:28] <Maverick|MSG> anyone have any experience with piping a tga image sequence to ffmpeg?
[04:29] <Maverick|MSG> I got jpg piping to work, but tga isn't for some reason
[04:31] <Hello71> ffmpeg supports tga?
[04:32] <Maverick|MSG> according to the documentation it does, but maybe not?
[05:38] <redy> hello guys
[05:40] <redy> i want convert re-encode video to mkv , source size is 330 ~ 350 mb my goal is output size video less than 100 mb . dose ffmpeg do it for me ?
[05:42] <blippyp> what format is the original file in?
[05:43] <redy> original format is mkv
[05:44] <redy> i use this command
[05:44] <blippyp> oh - dummy me - didn't even really read what you said...
[05:44] <blippyp> you'll likely lose quality???
[05:44] <redy> ffmpeg -i "naruto Shippuuden - 360.mkv" -acodec copy -ab 128kb -ac 2 -vcodec libx264 -preset slow -tune animation -crf 24 -threads 0 output6.mkv
[05:44] <blippyp> I'm guessing a lot!
[05:45] <redy> yes i know . i want re-encode anime
[05:45] <blippyp> if you're aiming for a specific file size you should probably do a two-pass
[05:45] <blippyp> but that much of a drop will probably really destroy the video
[05:46] <blippyp> depends on how well it was compressed the first time
[05:46] <blippyp> like if you first copies were done with an ultrafast preset, then you'll probably end up all right
[05:46] <blippyp> but if they're already encoded using a normals preset or better - you're really just going to destroy the video
[05:47] <blippyp> as in your crf will probably have to be MUCH higher
[05:49] <redy> i have anime episode for make hardsub . my command re-encode anime size above 100 mb . if i use tow pass , my outout size less than 100 mb
[05:49] <blippyp> depends on your settings - with a two-pass you can ensure the file will be exactly 100MB - that's the benefit of going that route
[05:50] <redy> how i use tow-pass ?
[05:50] <redy> sorry for my English
[05:51] <blippyp> 100MB * 8192 / TIME OF VIDEO = VIDEO BITRATE
[05:51] <blippyp> there's probably a similar algorithm for the audio - but I don't know it
[05:52] <blippyp> now just google ffmpeg two-pass x264
[05:52] <blippyp> so basically not considering your audio - your final file should be very close to 100MB with that knowledge - find the algorithm for the audio combination you'll be gold for an exact size
[05:53] <blippyp> google ffmpeg x264 encoding - that should take you to a good page on the ffmpeg site for a two-pass
[05:54] <redy> yes i find it
[05:54] <redy> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/x264EncodingGuide
[05:54] <blippyp> yup, that should be the one I was referring....
[05:55] <redy> on this way , how much lost video quality ?
[05:55] <blippyp> depend on the quality of the source already
[05:55] <blippyp> under normal circumstances, I would say that you're about to destroy the video
[05:56] <blippyp> but you can find out very fast - once you start the encode - just let it get about 100 frames in or so - then stop it and watch the video
[05:56] <blippyp> you'll see what it's going to look like
[05:57] <blippyp> if you don't know how to loop the video - you might want to go further like say 300-500 frames - and if the beginning is just blank screen, then you'll want to go further to see the actual video, etc... (or skip ahead and record a quick clip somewhere in the middle to test it)
[06:04] <blippyp> far0k_l: might be better ways - but here's my attempt: http://sprunge.us/EjMi
[06:04] <redy> thanks i while try tow-pass
[06:05] <blippyp> Maverick|MSG: past your command you tried and the output to pastebin or something....
[06:06] <blippyp> redy: good luck
[06:10] <redy> blippyp , i need help
[06:10] <blippyp> yeah
[06:11] <redy> i use this command
[06:11] <redy> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7390662/
[06:12] <redy> ffmpeg show me this error
[06:12] <blippyp> you don't want the audio?
[06:12] <redy> no . i want audio .
[06:12] <blippyp> good enough
[06:14] <redy> i want my output format was mkv
[06:14] <blippyp> that's fine
[06:15] <Maverick|MSG> blippyp http://pastebin.com/3WxDLEds
[06:15] <Maverick|MSG> hope that helps
[06:16] <blippyp> redy: change the filenames: ffmpeg -y -i "src.mp4" -c:v libx264 -preset medium -b:v 434k -pass 1 -an -f mp4 /dev/null && ffmpeg -i src.mp4 -c:v libx264 -preset medium -b:v 434k -pass 2 -c:a libfdk_aac -b:a 128k output.mp4
[06:17] <redy> ok
[06:17] <blippyp> Maverick: have you used this pipe option before? I've never seen it....
[06:18] <Maverick|MSG> yup
[06:18] <blippyp> it's clearly not liking what you're putting into it
[06:18] <Maverick|MSG> if I replace "targa" with "mjpeg" is works perfect in a jpg piping scenario
[06:18] <blippyp> you have the files ina folder though?
[06:18] <Maverick|MSG> yup
[06:18] <blippyp> why pipe them?
[06:18] <blippyp> is there a reason?
[06:18] <blippyp> how are they named?
[06:19] <Maverick|MSG> in a nutshell, a program is generating these on the fly
[06:19] <blippyp> why do you want them in tga - better quality?
[06:19] <Maverick|MSG> so I'm wrapping ffmpeg in a script which reads the next file as it becomes available and pipes it into ffmpeg
[06:19] <Maverick|MSG> it's just the format the program outputs them as
[06:19] <Maverick|MSG> I don't have a choice unfortunately
[06:20] <blippyp> but you can get it to save the files instead of piping them?
[06:20] <Maverick|MSG> yeah, it saves them to disk
[06:20] <blippyp> I think it's the piping it's not liking - or something about the format of the tga it's spitting out
[06:20] <blippyp> probably the format
[06:20] <blippyp> k - have you tried running this on the files instead of the pipe?
[06:20] <Maverick|MSG> let me try skipping the pipe then
[06:20] <Maverick|MSG> 1 sec
[06:21] <blippyp> k - I doubt it will fix it since you've done it before though...
[06:21] <Maverick|MSG> I'll do it, for science
[06:22] <blippyp> I like to cover my bases as well - ;)
[06:22] <blippyp> clearly piping would be better for you though. but my gut is telling me there's something different about the formats - later down it complains about the palettes
[06:22] <blippyp> it's always about the palettes actually...
[06:24] <blippyp> can you configure the output at all other than specifying where to save them - maybe it wants each image to have the same palette (kind of like a gif)... ie: make it save all files in like rgb24 or something because you're clearly not utilizing your entire color space....
[06:25] <Maverick|MSG> ok, skipping the pipe works
[06:25] <Maverick|MSG> basically ffmpeg.exe -f image2 -vcodec targa -i image%04d.tga ....
[06:26] <Maverick|MSG> so something about image2pipe doesn't support tga?
[06:26] <blippyp> I just tried saving a tga image in GIMP - it gave me only one option - to enable/disable RLE compression - it was on by default - my guess it that you want it off maybe?
[06:26] <blippyp> yup that's right
[06:26] <Maverick|MSG> I don't have a choice actually, I'm just given the tga
[06:27] <blippyp> I think you're going to have to export the files... and maybe convert them all to png or something afterwards (for quality purposes) or jpeg if you don't care and then run ffmpeg on them...
[06:27] <Maverick|MSG> hmph, yeah, I was hoping that wouldn't be the option
[06:28] <Maverick|MSG> there is an option to instead output as jpg
[06:28] <Maverick|MSG> however the program appears to have some other issue with this
[06:29] <blippyp> if you don't care about the quality drop that might be what you need to do - or take the time to convert them...
[06:29] <blippyp> yeah, it must be the format - I just exported a video into tga and then built a video using the tga's.... something about that program is screwing with the images...
[06:29] <Maverick|MSG> the end result is the movie being uploaded to youtube, so I don't think the quality drop will be noticable
[06:30] <Maverick|MSG> especially after x264 encoding, etc etc
[06:30] <blippyp> honestly - I think it will be - but that's for you to judge - the quality drop that youtube add's is more of a 'artifact' issue - not a quality issue....
[06:30] <Maverick|MSG> yeah, true
[06:31] <blippyp> you should always give youtube the best quality you can, simply because they will degrade it
[06:31] <blippyp> did ffmpeg encode the tga files?
[06:31] <blippyp> like I said, it did for me
[06:31] <blippyp> but I had ffmpeg build those tga's for me
[06:31] <Maverick|MSG> yeah, it worked if I didn't pipe it
[06:32] <blippyp> so something's wrong with the piping process...
[06:32] <Maverick|MSG> yup
[06:32] <blippyp> Unforutnately I know nothing about that - there might be a fix for you - but I can't help you further...  :(
[06:32] <Maverick|MSG> ok, I sincerely appreciate the help
[06:32] <blippyp> np
[06:32] <blippyp> hope you figure it out
[06:32] <Maverick|MSG> if anything I might go back to the jpg output and see if I can work around the limitations there
[06:33] <blippyp> understandable....  ;)
[06:33] <blippyp> jpeg isn't really that bad either (imo)
[06:37] <Maverick|MSG> well looks like jpeg is going to have to be it then
[06:37] <Maverick|MSG> haha
[06:38] <blippyp> I'd come back and ask again as well
[06:38] <Maverick|MSG> this program appears to only support jpqg quality of 75
[06:38] <blippyp> There are some really smart guys in here...
[06:38] <Maverick|MSG> which isn't that great, but that's how it goes
[06:38] <blippyp> But someone might have some weird piping thing to offer - I know some of them do a lot of piping
[06:39] <blippyp> I'm more of a 'filter guy'
[06:41] <blippyp> out of curiosity - what os are you using?
[06:42] <Maverick|MSG> windows server 2008
[06:42] <Maverick|MSG> r2
[06:42] <blippyp> mmmm
[06:42] <blippyp> might not have too many options with that
[06:42] <Maverick|MSG> tried the 32 and 64 bit versions of ffmpeg, just to be safe
[06:42] <blippyp> with linux I'd bet there's something someone could offer - not as likely with windows
[06:42] <blippyp> no - I don't think ffmpeg is the problem
[06:42] <Maverick|MSG> yeah, linux provides a few more options, but I'm a bit locked into the platform
[06:43] <blippyp> understandable....
[06:43] <blippyp> it was hard for me to switch... ;)
[06:43] <blippyp> I love windows networks
[06:43] <blippyp> but linux has too many advantages to ignore at this point
[06:43] <blippyp> I took the plunge about 3-4 years ago now - and haven't used windows since
[06:43] <blippyp> and I use to administer windows networks
[06:44] <blippyp> so I definitely understand the advantages of them
[06:44] <Maverick|MSG> my latest issue with windows is the lack of named pipes
[06:44] <Maverick|MSG> I need a windows version of mkfifo
[06:44] <blippyp> to be honest, there isn't anything linux can do that windows can't - but it's much harder to find the software on windows to do it
[06:45] <blippyp> yeah - that's one thing that linux definately has over windows
[06:45] <blippyp> I don't think I've ever even come across a 'windows' version
[06:46] <blippyp> but like I said - I've never had the need or desire to do much piping
[06:50] <Maverick|MSG> ok, well ffmpeg kicked off correctly with the jpgs so we'll see how this does when the video hits youtube
[06:50] Action: Maverick|MSG crosses his fingers
[06:50] <blippyp> maybe there's some kind of 'switch' for ffmpeg also - but there's nothing in the man pages about piping - I only found one occurance of it - bascially stating that you can use them
[06:50] <blippyp> yeah - but it worked with the tga's as well - but they had to be saved first...
[06:50] <blippyp> it's still kind of weird
[06:52] <blippyp> ffmpeg wants a specific 'bit depth' when making the videos - and with the constant changing of the bit depth as it's getting piped in is what it's complaining about
[06:53] <Maverick|MSG> is there a way to tell it to wait for the entire image to be piped into the buffer before it starts processing it?
[06:53] <blippyp> just at a glance - the images went from 0 (weird!) to bit depth of 28 I think is the highest
[06:54] <blippyp> hold on - I haven't even tried googling - maybe there's an answer
[06:54] <Maverick|MSG> I ran into a bug report from a year ago saying that targa wasn't supported, so maybe it is still true
[06:54] <blippyp> no - it definately is
[06:54] <blippyp> we both just did it
[06:55] <Maverick|MSG> well, I mean in a piping scenario
[06:55] <blippyp> well yeah - that could be
[06:59] <blippyp> yeah - there's nothing about this - just that one ticket that was submitted, and doesn't look like it received any love
[07:01] <blippyp> what program are you using to make these images?
[07:07] <Maverick|MSG> actually, left 4 dead 2
[07:10] <blippyp> it produces images of the gameplay? one image at a time?
[07:10] <blippyp> (obviously never played it)
[07:13] <Maverick|MSG> yeah
[07:13] <Maverick|MSG> every frame of the game it'll output a jpg or tga
[07:14] <blippyp> why don't you use fraps or something to record it?
[07:14] <blippyp> then it will produce a video for you immediately
[07:15] <blippyp> if this is something you do a lot of - you might consider getting a pvr of some kind (that's what I did)
[07:15] <blippyp> they're not too expensive - and it does all the encoding for me
[07:24] <Maverick|MSG> this is more for a community thing where people can upload demos of themselves or others playing
[07:25] <Maverick|MSG> the demo is rendered and uploaded to youtube
[07:26] <blippyp> you should give fraps a go - you can also just record your gameplay with ffmpeg itself as well
[07:27] <Maverick|MSG> well everything isdone in a headless manner though
[07:27] <blippyp> headless manner?
[07:27] <blippyp> what does that mean?
[07:27] <Maverick|MSG> no monitor on a dedicated machine
[07:28] <Maverick|MSG> it is all automated so using fraps introduces a few limitations
[07:28] <blippyp> I don't get it - how do you play without a monitor?
[07:28] <Maverick|MSG> the demo is a recording of you playing
[07:28] <Maverick|MSG> it should really be called a "replay"
[07:28] <blippyp> yeah - it's like a let's play
[07:29] <Maverick|MSG> you give the replay file to other people and they can see you playing
[07:29] <blippyp> yeah - so why not use ffmpeg to record yourself while you play?
[07:29] <Maverick|MSG> so I'm basically automating the conversion of that
[07:29] <Maverick|MSG> I think recording yourself while playing would slow the system down a bit
[07:29] <blippyp> it will
[07:30] <blippyp> but not that much - it depends on how poor your system is
[07:30] <blippyp> mine are absolute shit, which is why I don't do lp's on the pc - I play on my xbox and record that using my hd pvr
[07:30] <blippyp> but I can make tutorials easily on my pc using ffmpeg to record
[07:30] <blippyp> just as long as it isn't something crazy like some new game - older games are fine though
[07:31] <Maverick|MSG> yeah
[07:31] <blippyp> haven't really tested the limits
[07:31] <blippyp> like I said it depends on your system
[07:31] <blippyp> but if you record, with a lossless codec - it's not really that hard on your system
[07:31] <blippyp> you can even record using x264 with a qp set at 0
[07:31] <blippyp> so you still get 'some' compression with perfect quality
[07:32] <blippyp> then you re-encode it again afters (most people edit it to some degree anyways)
[07:33] <Maverick|MSG> yeah, this is more for the people who don't want to do any of that
[07:33] <Maverick|MSG> someone who played a random game, got a replay and wants to upload it to youtube
[07:33] <Maverick|MSG> no editing,  just gameplay footage
[07:33] <blippyp> that's okay - you don't have to.
[07:33] <blippyp> a pvr is great for that
[07:34] <blippyp> you click - play it's recorded - when you're done playing you're done with your recording as well - and it's encoded and compressed nicely
[07:34] <blippyp> if anything you might want to clip the start and end of the video
[07:35] <blippyp> but that's basically like copying the file - you don't need to re-encode it
[07:35] <Maverick|MSG> yeah
[07:36] <blippyp> for me anyways - depends on your pvr I suppose - mine encodes in x264 (mp4) - I use a bitstream filter to convert it to ts format, split the files how I want, then splice it all back together into an mp4
[07:36] <blippyp> but no re-encoding is required - I basically just copy the files, it takes seconds, minutes depending on the size of the file
[07:36] <blippyp> it takes longer to determine where to cut the video than anything
[08:28] <redy> blippyp : i use this command
[08:28] <redy> ffmpeg -y -i "src.mkv" -c:v libx264 -preset medium -b:v 488k -pass 1 -an -f mp4 /dev/null && ffmpeg -i src.mkv -c:v libx264 -preset medium -b:v 488k -pass 2 -c:a copy -b:a 100k src.mkv
[08:29] <redy> now i have few question .
[08:29] <blippyp> sure
[08:29] <redy> if i change audio codec , size output is reduce ?
[08:30] <blippyp> depends on the codec...
[08:30] <blippyp> some compress better than others
[08:31] <redy> with above command . my output size file is 107 mb . my source is 334 mb
[08:31] <blippyp> how did it turn out?
[08:31] <redy> quality output is not good .
[08:31] <redy> please see it
[08:31] <blippyp> yeah, I didn't think it would be...  ;P
[08:32] <blippyp> see it?
[08:32] <blippyp> you can always reduce the resolution is you're that insistent on keeping such a small file size - obviously it will be smaller, but you can improve the quality that way
[08:33] <redy> http://upload7.ir/imgs/2014-05/80951048894105410374.png
[08:33] <blippyp> but at this point - that is your ONLY option other than finding a better codec - and you're already using x264 - so you're kinda using the best already...
[08:34] <blippyp> that looks much better than I expected...
[08:34] <blippyp> how are the scenes with lots of action? does it go all blocky?
[08:34] <blippyp> seriously - that's pretty good
[08:35] <blippyp> witha resolution like that - you can easily knock it down by 25% if the quality is bothering you - then the artifacts will probably disappear entirely for you...
[08:35] <redy> really ?
[08:35] <blippyp> how are the scenes with lots of action?
[08:37] <redy> sorry i can't understand means how are the scenes with lots of action .
[08:37] <blippyp> lots of movement
[08:37] <blippyp> the quality will degrade because of that...
[08:37] <blippyp> also the 'dark' scenese
[08:38] <blippyp> your overall quality is pretty good - those other two points should be your determining factor if you're not happy with the quality...
[08:39] <blippyp> you also used a preset of medium - you can still drop that to slow or veryslow and get better compression out of it (but it will take a wile to encode)
[08:39] <blippyp> and if you're REALLY desperate you can even drop that down to placebo (but this is basically a useless option unless you're just dieing to get a few more kilobytes out of it)
[08:40] <blippyp> aside from that you can only lower the resolution or put up with a larger file size
[08:40] <redy> if i use slow or very slow then  quality improve ?
[08:40] <blippyp> I don't know - I would say yes
[08:41] <blippyp> because you'll get better compression - that's all the preset option does for you as far as I understand it
[08:41] <blippyp> this will allow you to up your bitrate more because you're getting better compression
[08:41] <blippyp> if that makes sense?
[08:42] <redy> can you tell me audio codec for max compress . i want reduce size file under 100 mb with same quality
[08:43] <blippyp> that I don't know
[08:43] <blippyp> I use ac3
[08:43] <blippyp> everyone is using ACC these days - but ffmpeg still flags it as experimental - so I use ac3
[08:43] <blippyp> someone else can probably give you much better advice on your audio than me
[08:44] <blippyp> but you're definitely in the right ballpark - you just need to tweak it now if it bothers you
[08:44] <redy> how use ac3 on command ffmpeg . like this -c:a ac3 -b:a 100k or -c:a libac3 -b:a 100k
[08:45] <blippyp> remember you don't have to encode the entire move to 'see' your final results - you can stop it at any time - just make sure you stop both the first and second pass at about the same time (ie: after it encoded approximately the same frames - to be sure you should let your first pass go further than your second pass)
[08:45] <blippyp> yup
[08:45] <blippyp> I never set the audio bitrate - but there are options for that as well...
[08:46] <blippyp> I don't have surround sound - so I honestly don't care as long as it sounds decent
[08:46] <blippyp> which is an option for you as well - if you don't have surround sound (and never expect to) you can drop it to two channels (sterero)
[08:46] <blippyp> that will probably save some space as well
[08:46] <blippyp> ac3 may do that automatically I have no idea
[08:48] <blippyp> just a note - in your command you told it to copy the audio and then set the bitrate - that probably means ffmpeg ignored one of those options (probably reset the bitrate and did not copy it - but likely used the same codec)
[08:49] <blippyp> also you should put the same audio and video settings in both your first and second pass - your commands should be identical except that one is a first pass and the second is a second pass
[08:49] <blippyp> I doubt that affected your video quality - just an fyi for the future
[08:52] <redy> thanks , you hard talk . i can 50-50 % understand your word . but if you say quality is good so it is good for me . whatever you are master on ffmpeg
[08:55] <blippyp> I wouldn't say I'm master - I'm pretty good though...  ;)
[08:57] <blippyp> The choice is up to you - for that file size - I'd say you got a pretty good rip there - It all boils down to your wants and needs - if it's just a want to keep it small, but you're noticing the video quality drop than you might want to re-encode it. If you're planning on many others to enjoy this video, then you need to re-think what you're doing. Most people want perfect quality and don't care about the size....
[08:59] <redy> yes your right because  your speed Internet is good . in my country speed Internet is not good , Internet service is so expensive .
[09:00] <blippyp> like I said - it's up to you - you need to think about your needs and your requirements and who your audience is (if any)
[14:13] <sandman13> i am trying to convert .wma to .3gp but i keep getting errors like this: http://pastebin.com/0jhP630U
[14:17] <klaxa> i don't think .3gp supports xvid video
[14:41] <CapsAdmin> im not sure how to sync audio with video.. audio seems perfect but video is out of sync
[14:41] <CapsAdmin> it  makes sense because my app is running at vsync rate so it reads the video at 120 fps
[14:42] <CapsAdmin> i've tried using seek_frame with the audio time stamp, but it makes the video look like this https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/244444/ShareX/2014-05/2014-05-04_14-40-03.webm
[14:43] <CapsAdmin> if i sync it every other 0.25 seconds
[14:43] <CapsAdmin> if i sync it every frame it looks like the video is lagging
[14:46] <CapsAdmin> if i do it the other way around (setting audio timestamp with video timestamp) it fine and the audio doesn't lag or anything other than sounding timecompressed (opposite of timestretch?)
[14:53] <CapsAdmin> oh i found this: http://dranger.com/ffmpeg/tutorial05.html
[14:53] <CapsAdmin> (it's kinda hard to google around for ffmpeg library issues because it
[14:53] <CapsAdmin> it's being drowned by ffmpeg.exe issues)
[19:09] <angrybb> Hello. I need to setup small restreaming server. Should i use ffserver or it is depricated?
[20:18] <ergZay> someone had me download this ffmpeg https://codeload.github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/legacy.tar.gz/master
[20:18] <ergZay> which one is that?
[20:18] <ergZay> I'm not even aware of the URL format and i can't find a legacy.tar.gz in the repo
[20:20] <BtbN> it's in the filename
[20:34] <diesel420_> ergZay, what is your goal? to install an old ffmpeg? btw, *.tar.gz is an archive, easy to extract with 'tar xvf *.tar.gz' i would suggest to install the latest static ffmpeg anyway, especially if you are on debian or sth like that
[20:52] <ergZay> diesel420: no was given the link by someone else
[20:52] <ergZay> apparently is the .tar.gz of the branch
[21:32] <Maverick|MSG> does anyone know if image2pipe works with piping targa files?  it appears to work fine with jpgs but chokes when given tgas
[21:34] <Maverick|MSG> http://pastebin.com/3WxDLEds
[21:35] <Maverick|MSG> if using jpgs and -vcodec mjpeg it works perfectly
[22:41] <watsonkp> Im struggling to transcode videos to H.264 in an mp4 with the libraries. The resulting file will play in Chrome and VLC, but Safari/Quicktime refuses to open it and whenever a finder window is showing the file VTDecoderXPCService crashes repeatedly.
[22:41] <watsonkp> The transcoding.c example that my program is based on causes the same symptoms. Doing the encode with ffmpeg itself produces a file that works as expected. Ive tried running ffmpeg through gdb, but Ive so far failed to find what is being done differently.
[22:42] <watsonkp> The lack of error messages has me at a loss. Any direction would be very much appreciated.
[00:00] --- Mon May  5 2014

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