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Wed May 14 02:05:01 CEST 2014

[01:06] <maksimkaaa> If I had 2 sets of frames that are parts of one clip (1000 frames taken at 5 FPS and 1000 taken as 12 FPS, how can I generate one video of the two sets using ffmpeg without losing quality ? it seems like ffmeg takes only fixed frame rate variable while I have 2 frame rates ..
[01:07] <c_14> I'd look at the concat filter in a complex filtergraph with at least one fps filter.
[01:07] <c_14> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/How%20to%20concatenate%20(join,%20merge)%20media%20files#differentcodec
[01:08] <maksimkaaa> c_14: thank you very much sir! just what I was looking for!
[16:18] <xreal> Nice! I've build ffmpeg for Windows in Ubuntu AND cygwin! cygwin makes more problems...
[17:54] <Wu> hi everbody
[17:54] <Wu> s/ever/every
[17:55] <Wu> maybe someone in here is familiar with this error...
[17:55] <Wu> Assertion v>0 && v<=(1 ? 32 : 16) failed at libavutil/mem.c:224
[17:55] <Wu> ?
[17:55] <Wu> running ffmpeg2theora (latest release, but also happened with a binary compiled from the latest sources)
[17:56] <Wu> ffmpeg installed on that box is the latest available for freebsd 10 (2.1.1)
[17:57] <Wu> ffmpeg2theora starts the conversion just fine and after some minutes, it segfaults
[18:01] <c_14> This channel doesn't give support for ffmpeg2theora, could you try encoding the file using ffmpeg to see if that segfaults as well?
[18:10] <Wu> c_14: mmm, can the same conversion be done with ffmpeg?
[18:12] <c_14> Pretty sure. Depends on what kind of complicated stuff you're doing in your ffmpeg2theora commandline since I don't know much about the tool. You might want to look at: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/TheoraVorbisEncodingGuide
[19:34] <jedir0x> i'm linking against ffmpeg to generate videos on android devices and i'm finding that it's pretty slow.  What are some tips for speeding this up?
[19:34] <jedir0x> this is how i configure ffmpeg: https://github.com/Cheers-Dev/android-ffmpeg/blob/master/configure_ffmpeg.sh
[19:34] <jedir0x> and libx264: https://github.com/Cheers-Dev/android-ffmpeg/blob/master/configure_x264.sh
[19:44] <ChocolateArmpits> Hello, can anyone help compiling ismindex.c under windows with mingw ?
[20:18] <xreal> Is it good to decode AC3 with 5-7 channels to Dolby ProLogic2 or better to normal stereo?
[20:33] <edrx> hi - I am trying to clean up some mp3 files that have lots of errors like "Too many audio packets in the buffer: (4096 in 2850733 bytes)", and that seem to point to an image...
[20:34] <edrx> I'd like to use ffmpeg to read the audio in them and create another audio file withou the image. I am trying to find in the ffmpeg manpage how to do that
[20:35] <edrx> question: what is the terminology for those images in mp3s? they're usually used for album covers...
[20:37] <rsevero> Hi. I've been recording continously TV output to mp4 format with the "segment" format. Each file had 15 min as I asked and when played on Firefox and Chrome the video duration shown was 15 min also. Now I just changed the container format to webm and the files have a increasing duration with a delay that makes the final duration to be  the expected 15 min. How can I make ffmpeg create sequencial webm files with 15 min duration as the mp4 ones?
[20:40] <rsevero> edrx: Googling showed me http://goo.gl/hYjtVF
[20:49] <edrx> rsevero: excellent, thanks! =)
[21:03] <rsevero> Answering my own question, I finally found the solution: set the "-reset_timestamps" flag to 1.
[22:18] <cepheus> Anyone around? I'm having issues running ./configure with VS2013/Win32-x64 with git rev cef99e1 when using the --enable-libopus flag
[22:18] <cepheus> cl -Werror=missing-prototypes -D_ISOC99_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0502 -Dstrtod=avpriv_strtod -Dsnprintf=avpriv_snprintf -D_snprintf=avpriv_snprintf -Dvsnprintf=avpriv_vsnprintf -nologo -D_USE_MATH_DEFINES -D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS -Dinline=__inline -FIstdlib.h -Dstrtoll=_strtoi64 -c -Fo./ffconf.peDPdrQW.o ./ffconf.DNHgcyrz.m
[22:18] <cepheus> cl : Command line error D8021 : invalid numeric argument '/Werror=missing-prototypes'
[22:18] <cepheus> looks like it's generating flags for the wrong compiler
[22:19] <cepheus> nvm, looks like it might be just because i don't have pkg-config installed. rtfm i guess!
[22:32] <nehaljwani> On my 32 bit Ubuntu, I am getting the error: http://fpaste.org/101507/40001315/
[22:32] <nehaljwani> Can somebody please help?
[22:37] <c_14> Do you have build-essentials installed?
[22:47] <nehaljwani> c_14, the problem was the option -fstack-protector-strong
[22:59] <nehaljwani> Now I get ffmpeg: relocation error: /usr/lib/libswresample.so.0: symbol av_calloc, version LIBAVUTIL_52 not defined in file libavutil.so.52 with link time referenc
[22:59] <nehaljwani> :-/
[22:59] <nehaljwani> Whats the solution to this?
[23:01] <nehaljwani> c_14, ^
[23:02] <c_14> When compiling or when running?
[23:03] <nehaljwani> c_14, after compilation ,during runnning
[23:05] <nehaljwani> c_14, config options used: http://fpaste.org/101519/15105140/
[23:05] <c_14> Try removing --enable-shared from the configure
[23:22] <nehaljwani> c_14, http://fpaste.org/101526/40001613/
[23:24] <c_14> Can you paste the output of ldd ffmpeg
[23:24] <c_14> ?
[23:28] <nehaljwani> c_14, I rebooted the vm, starting afresh now
[23:28] <nehaljwani> with clean image
[23:28] <c_14> Have you looked at: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CompilationGuide/Ubuntu ?
[23:28] <c_14> Might give some pointers.
[23:29] <nehaljwani> c_14, on 64 bit, http://fpaste.org/101528/00165561/ works perfectly
[23:29] <nehaljwani> but not on 32 bit
[23:29] <nehaljwani> :'(
[23:33] <c_14> The main thing I can see is that you're using a lot of custom cflags, you might want to try it with only the basic flags and then if that works add the others incrementally so you know where it's going wrong.
[23:34] <nehaljwani> c_14, I am trying to start with the ones with which the ffmpeg was built in fedora20 i386 atrpm repo
[23:35] <c_14> Those might be specific to fedora and may not work with ubuntu. You might want to start with the ubuntu compilation guide and then expand on that.
[23:43] <nehaljwani> c_14, \m/ \woot/ Finally! http://fpaste.org/101529/14000173/
[00:00] --- Wed May 14 2014

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