[FFmpeg-devel] Looking for C++ developer with ffmpeg library experience for hire

Ragnar Rüütel ragnar.ruutel at aweroc.com
Wed Jun 1 12:40:13 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I have small project where I need to capture windows desktop screen(s) 
on client PC and save it as video file (MP4 container and h264 codec) on 
server. I've managed to get some screen capture samples working on my 
own but my understanding of FFmpeg is quite limited so I need help from 
someone with much more experience with FFmpeg.

I have two Visual Studio 2015 projects (client and server) which have 
all the necessary parts in place.

The applications work cycle must be following:
1. Server sends start signal (already done)
2. Client starts GDI capturing
3. After couple of seconds of capture, Client resamples captured screen 
(to save bandwidth) and sends it to Server
4. Server receives screen data, converts it to h264/mp4 and saves it to 
  ... 3 and 4 are repeated until ...
5. Server sends stop signal (also done)
6. Client stops GDI capturing and sends final part of screen capture to 
7- Server saves final part of screen capture to MP4 file

1. Must work on most Windows versions (7/8.1/10/etc)
2. The mp4 file on Server must be playable after every screen addition 
since client might go away before Server sends stop signal.
3. Client cant have external dependencies (expect FFmpeg of course).
4. On multi screen Client there should be option to select which (or 
all) screen to capture (provided with start signal from Server).
5. Option to set screen resolution, color depth and frame rate (provided 
with start signal from Server).
6. CPU and memory usage on client should be as low as possible.

If You're interested then email me(rax +at+ aweroc +dot+ com) Your offer 
and payment terms.

Please post additional questions here.

With Regards,

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