[FFmpeg-devel] AVClass & AVOption [VOTE]

Michael Niedermayer michael at niedermayer.cc
Mon Jun 13 15:32:28 CEST 2016

On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 01:32:54AM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi
> It was suggested in the IRC meeting today that i start a vote to
> resolve if AVClass & AVOption should be added to AVCodecParameters
> This question needs to be awnsered before the next release because
> the ABI would be broken if its added afterwards
> the lack of any decission blocks the release which is worse than
> either decission, otherwise a vote might be silly for such technical
> question but eve a bad decission is better than no decission here
> The disadvanatges are:
> 1 more field in the struct
> a high level API that some feel is unneeded for AVCodecParameters
> it could be confusing to some that there are 2 different ways to
> access the fields
> people might use it as av_log() context when they intended to use a
> different context for it
> There are probably more please help fill the list if you know more
> The advanatges are:
> More consistent availability of AVOptions and AVClass in public
> structs
> Makes supporting multiple FFmpeg versions and distros easier and
> cleaner for applications. (reduces lists of #if version checks)
> Provides default/min/max values, allows basic validity checking within
> min/max
> Avoids mysterious crashes if an application uses avoption functions
> on AVCodecParameters
> Introspection
> Serialization support that may be usefull for ffserver or an application
> replacing ffserver
> An application that doesnt want to use AVOptions or AVClass can
> completey ignore them.
> Please state clearly if you agree to add AVClass&AVOption to
> AVCodecParameters or if you disagree about adding it or if you dont
> care either way
> The vote will end 1 week from now, simple 50% majority (Yes vs no)
> I dont really know who should be eligible for voting, so i suggest
> everyone from the vote comittee but iam happy with anything, just
> stating somethng ...


Clément Bœsch                   Yes
Carl Eugen Hoyos                Yes
Rostislav Pehlivanov            No
Hendrik Leppkes                 No
Ronald S. Bultje                No
Marton Balint                   Yes
wm4                             No
Michael Niedermayer             Yes
Nicolas George                  No (this one was i belive a few hours
                                    too late but we need a tie
                                    breaking vote)

The results are 5:4 and the winner is "No"


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