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> Hi all
> what shall FFmpeg 3.1 be called ?
> I still have these ideas from past suggestions:
> Von Neumann, Einstein, lorentz, poincaré, desitter, de broglie, Gauss,
> Galois, Viterbi, Darwin
> Are there other suggestions?
> Is something preferred ?
> In absence of any preferrance ill pick something randomly
> Thanks
> --
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Maybe to start a new tradition/policy, and since this will be sort of a June release, I googled famous scientists with birthdays in June.  Based on that here are some suggestions, with birthdays/summaries below:  Cassini, Crick, Stephenson, Paul, Cousteau, Maxwell, Coulomb, Rutan, Pascal, Turing, Kelvin, Mayer.  My pick  would be Rutan.

- June 8, 1625 Giovanni Cassini, French astronomer who discovered the moons of Saturn
- June 8, 1916 Francis Crick, British molecular biologist, physicist, and neuroscientist who co-discovered DNA structure
- June 9, 1781 George Stephenson, English inventor of the first steam locomotive engine for railroads
- June 9, 1915 Les Paul, American inventor who founded Les Paul guitar, and invented sound-on-sound, the eight-track recorder, over-dubbing, the electronic reverb effect, multi-track tape recording, and the Les Paul electric guitar
- June 11, 1910 Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French oceanic explorer who invented diving gear
- June 13, 1831 James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish physicist who discovered the electro-magnetic field
- June 14, 1736 Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, French physicist who wrote Coulomb's Law and invented the torsion balance
- June 17, - 1943 Burt Rutan, American aerospace engineer who invented light, strong, unusual-looking, energy-efficient aircraft designed Voyager first plane to fly around the world without stopping or refueling
- June 19, 1623 Blaise Pascal, French mathematician and physicist who invented an early calculator
- June 23, 1912 - Alan Turing, mathematician and computer theory pioneer, who invented the Turing Machine
- June 26, 1824 William Thomson Kelvin, British physicist who invented the Kelvin Scale
- June 28, 1906 - Maria Goeppert Mayer, American atomic physicist, who proposed the nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleus, Nobel Prize 1963

Greg Wolfe

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