[Mplayer-cvslog] CVS: main/libvo vo_dxr3.c,1.21,1.22

David Holm dholm at telia.com
Sun Dec 23 09:57:08 CET 2001

Felix Buenemann wrote:

>On Saturday, 22. December 2001 17:20, you wrote:
>>Modified aspect reference, uses default PAL values... Difference to NTSC
>>should be minimal enough so that no checking of videomode is necessary.
>it's not that minimal, PAL has 625 scanlines and NTSC 525 that's quite a 
>difference, so you should set mode according to setting of card (NTSC or 
>PAL), if it can be detected (or add a switch if not).
Ok, I might have to add functionality to the driver though. That means I 
have to tell users to get em8300 from cvs again =(

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