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  	use MPlayer on different CPU than it was compiled on.<BR>
+ 	<B>Q: I have problems with icewm and fullscreen xv mode..</B><BR>
+ 	A: Known problem, icewm sucks.<BR>
+ 	<BR>
+ 	<B>Q: But it works with avifile !</B><BR>
+ 	A: So what?<BR>
+ 	<BR>
+ 	<B>Q: Then avifile is better !</B><BR>
+ 	A: Then use avifile, it has nice GUI and nice C++ code :)<BR>
+ 	<BR>
+ 	<B>Q: I got this playing mpeg files: Can't find codec for video format 0x10000001</B><BR>
+ 	A: You have old version of codecs.conf at ~/.mplayer/. Upgrade it from DOCS<BR>
+ 	<BR>
+ 	<B>Q: After starting mplayer under KDE(1/2) I just get a black screen and nothing
+ 	   happens, after about one minute the video starts playing.</B><BR>
+ 	A: The KDE arts sound daemon is blocking the sound device, either wait the time
+ 	   until video starts or you disable the arts-daemon in kontrollcenter.<BR>
+ 	<BR>
+ 	<B>Q: Subtitles are very nice, the most beautiful I've ever seen, but they slow
+ 	   down the playing! I know it's unlikely...</B><BR>
+ 	A: After running ./configure , edit config.h and replace #undef FAST_OSD with
+ 	   #define FAST_OSD . Then recompile.<BR>

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