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     it correctly. Audio downsampling isn't implemented in MPlayer (yet).
- Q: I'd like to use/port MPlayer on/to my <insert your favourite architecture
-    here> on <insert your favourite OS here> . Is it possible?
- A: No.
- Q: But...!
- A: No.
- Q: And if MPEG is sufficient?
- A: Maybe. But you better look for already existant MPEG players on that
-    platform.
  Q: MPlayer dies with "MPlayer interrupted by signal 4 in module: decode_video".
  A: Try running MPlayer on the machine you compiled on. Or recompile. Don't
     use MPlayer on different CPU than it was compiled on.
- Q: I have problems with icewm and fullscreen xv mode..
- A: Known problem, icewm sucks.
- Q: But it works with avifile !
- A: So what?
- Q: Then avifile is better !
- A: Then use avifile, it has nice GUI and nice C++ code :)
  Q: I got this playing mpeg files: Can't find codec for video format 0x10000001 !
--- 205,211 ----

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