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     other projects (DRI, avifile, etc..) have problems with this shit too.
     ** DO NOT USE gcc 2.96 !!! **
+ Q: Is there a hint on how to watch QuickTime and RealMedia movies in mplayer?
+ A: There's no way to do it. Therefore these formats deserve to die in flames.
+    Theoretically you can reverse engineer Real codecs built for Linux (they
+    are available as .so files), but in practice that's really difficult, even
+    if you know how the compiler used by Real is making assembler code.
+    As for QuickTime, it's possible to play some old movies and this
+    capability will be added to mplayer soon, but newer clips are all Sorenson
+    encoded, and that codec is built-in deep in the QT executable, there's
+    no way to use it.

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