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Status of codecs support

--- NEW FILE ---

Status of codecs support:

If you have sample files for untested codecs, or want a new codec to be
added, contact us! (for new codecs we need the DLL/AX file and a sample AVI)

Video codecs:
Built-in native codecs:

- MPEG 1/2 (no fourcc)
  libmpeg2: works, YUV (YV12) supported, with optional postprocessing!!!
- OpenDivX (DIV1,DIVX)
  decore:  works, YUV (YV12) supported, postprocessing supported

Fully functional Win32 VfW/DShow codecs:

- M$ MPEG4 v1, v2 (MPG4,MP42):
  mpg4c32.dll: works, YUV supported.
- M$ MPEG4 v3 / DivX ;-)  (MP43,DIV3,DIV4,DIV5,DIV6)
  divxc32.dll: works, YUV supported.
  divx_c32.ax: works, YUV and postprocessing supported.
- Indeo Video 5.0:  (IV50)
  ir50_32.dll: works, YUV supported.
- Cinepak:  (CVID)
  iccvid.dll: works, YUV supported.
- Microsoft Video v1.0 (CRAM)
  msvidc32.dll: works, no YUV
- ATI VCR2:  (VCR2)
  ativcr2.dll: works, YUV supported
- Motion JPEG (MJPG)
  m3jpeg32.dll: can't load (segfault)
  mcmjpg32.dll: works, YUV supported
- Windows Media Video 1 (WMV1)
  wmvds32.ax: works, YUV supported


- Indeo Video 4.1:  (IV41)
  ir41_32.dll: works, no YUV, image upside-down
- Indeo Video 3.2:  (IV32)
  ir32_32.dll: works, no YUV, image upside-down
  asusasvd.dll: ??? not tested
  asusasv2.dll: loads, image upside-down and very pixelized (no YUY2, but YVYU)
- I263:  (I263)
  i263_32.drv: not tested (no sample file)
- ATI VCR1:  (VCR1)
  ativcr1.dll: can't load (16-bit DLL)

Audio codecs:
Built-in native codecs:

- Uncompressed PCM (0)
- MPEG layer 2 and 3:  (0x50, 0x55)
  mp3lib, based on mpg123  (sometimes segfaults, then use ACM, see bellow)
- AC3:  (0x2000)
- aLaw audio: (6)
  aLaw codec from xanim sources
- MS-GSM: (0x31,0x32)
  xa_gsm from avifile sources

Fully functional Win32 ACM/DShow codecs:

- DivX audio (0x160, 0x161)
  divxa32.acm: works
- MS ADPCM (0x2)
  msadp32.acm: works
- MPEG layer 3:  (0x55)
  l3codeca.acm: works  (you can use built-in 3dnow-optimized codec too)


- IMA ADPCM (0x11)
  imaadp32.acm: segfault
- MS-GSM: (0x31,0x32)
  msgsm32.acm: segfault  (use built-in codec)
- VoxWare: (0x75)
  voxmsdec.ax: segfault

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