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Fri Mar 30 00:27:42 CEST 2001


> Then for the FAQ:
>  How can one decide which codec to use? ;o)

Using the -afm option.

0 - nosound
1 - mpeg layer 2/3
2 - PCM
3 - AC3
4 - Win32/ACM DLL
5 - aLaw
6 - msgsm
7 - Win32/DSHow DLL

The native codec is the default is possible, so use -afm 4 or 7 to
enforce using DLL files. Only exception is the MP3, because on Intel
systems the DLL is the default (because it's optimized to Intel CPUs).
But for AMD CPUs, the native 3dnow-optimized MP3 codec is faster...
but it's sometimes unstable. but has better seeking/resync code...

So there are many differences between native (linux) and dll (windows)
codecs, all of them has advantages and disadvantages. I'll leave the
choose to the user.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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