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@@ -481,9 +481,10 @@
 </B></TD><TR><TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">A:</TD><TD><FONT CLASS="text">
 The KDE arts sound daemon is blocking the sound device, either wait the time
 until video starts or you disable the arts-daemon in kontrol center. If you want
-to use arts sound, specify audio output via SDL (<CODE>ao=sdl</CODE>), and
-make sure your SDL can handle arts sound. Yet another option is to start
-<B>MPlayer</B> with artsdsp.
+to use arts sound, specify audio output via our native arts audio driver
+(<CODE>ao=arts</CODE>), or if it fails or isn't compiled in, try SDL
+(<CODE>ao=sdl</CODE>), and make sure your SDL can handle arts sound. Yet
+another option is to start <B>MPlayer</B> with artsdsp.
 </TD><TR><TD COLSPAN=3>&nbsp;</TD><TR>
 <TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">Q:</TD><TD WIDTH=100%><B><FONT CLASS="text">

Index: sound.html
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diff -u -r1.35 -r1.36
--- sound.html	2 Jun 2002 19:06:11 -0000	1.35
+++ sound.html	7 Jun 2002 22:04:47 -0000	1.36
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
 <TR><TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">alsa5</TD><TD></TD><TD><FONT CLASS="text">native ALSA 0.5 driver</TD></TR>
 <TR><TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">alsa9</TD><TD></TD><TD><FONT CLASS="text">native ALSA 0.9 driver (works, but has problems -> use OSS)</TD></TR>
 <TR><TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">sun</TD><TD></TD><TD><FONT CLASS="text">SUN audio driver (/dev/audio) for BSD and Solaris8 users</TD></TR>
+<TR><TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">arts</TD><TD></TD><TD><FONT CLASS="text">native ARTS driver (mostly for KDE users)</TD></TR>

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