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some nice words from Chris Philips

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 <P>The main rule of this documentation: if it's not documented, it
   <U>does not exist</U>. If I don't say you encode audio from TV tuner, you
   can't. A healthy quantity of combining ability is welcomed, though.
-  Good luck. You'll need it :)</P>
+  Good luck. You'll need it :) And for another good advice, let me quote
+  Chris Phillips from the <B>mplayer-users</B> mailing list:</P>
+<P><I>"I said a while ago that there is such a difference between a newbie and
+  a dumbass. No matter what you actaully know about a system (linux, cars,
+  girls :D) you should ALWAYS be able to take a step back and be objective,
+  otherwise, you're just dumb IMHO. A girl i live with assumed the vacuum
+  cleaner was broken because it didn't suck things up. never thought to change
+  the bag, becasue she'd never done it before... now that's just stupid, not a
+  case of simply not knowing what to do... Simply not being that familiar with
+  your surroundings is no excuse for a) laziness and b) ignorance. So many
+  people seem to see the word "error" and then stop...  few seem to actually
+  read the words on the OTHER side of the colon."</I></P>
 <P><B><A NAME=1>1. Introduction</A></B></P>

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