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Arpi of Ize arpi at mplayerhq.hu
Mon Jun 10 03:32:15 CEST 2002

Update of /cvsroot/mplayer/main/libmpcodecs
In directory mail:/var/tmp.root/cvs-serv22316

Modified Files:
	ad.c Makefile 
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readaudio decoder - not yet working

--- NEW FILE ---

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>

#include "config.h"


#include <stddef.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>

#include "ad_internal.h"

static ad_info_t info =  {
	"RealAudio decoder",  // name of the driver
	"real",   // driver name. should be the same as filename without ad_
	AFM_REAL,    // replace with registered AFM number
	"A'rpi",     // writer/maintainer of _this_ file
	"",          // writer/maintainer/site of the _codec_
	""           // comments


static void *handle=NULL;

void *__builtin_new(unsigned long size) {
	return malloc(size);

static ulong (*raCloseCodec)(ulong);
static ulong (*raDecode)(ulong,ulong,ulong,ulong,ulong,ulong);
static ulong (*raFlush)(ulong,ulong,ulong);
static ulong (*raFreeDecoder)(ulong);
static ulong (*raGetFlavorProperty)(ulong,ulong,ulong,ulong);
//static ulong (*raGetNumberOfFlavors2)(void);
static ulong (*raInitDecoder)(ulong,ulong);
static ulong (*raOpenCodec2)(ulong);
static ulong (*raSetFlavor)(ulong,ulong);
static void  (*raSetDLLAccessPath)(ulong);

typedef struct {
    int samplerate;
    short bits;
    short channels;
    int unk1;
    int unk2;
    int packetsize;
    int unk3;
    void* unk4;
} ra_init_t;

static int preinit(sh_audio_t *sh){
  // let's check if the driver is available, return 0 if not.
  // (you should do that if you use external lib(s) which is optional)
  unsigned int result;
  handle = dlopen ("/usr/local/RealPlayer8/Codecs/cook.so.6.0", RTLD_LAZY);
      mp_msg(MSGT_DECAUDIO,MSGL_WARN,"Cannot open dll: %s\n",dlerror());
      return 0;

    raCloseCodec = dlsym(handle, "RACloseCodec");
    raDecode = dlsym(handle, "RADecode");
    raFlush = dlsym(handle, "RAFlush");
    raFreeDecoder = dlsym(handle, "RAFreeDecoder");
    raGetFlavorProperty = dlsym(handle, "RAGetFlavorProperty");
    raOpenCodec2 = dlsym(handle, "RAOpenCodec2");
    raInitDecoder = dlsym(handle, "RAInitDecoder");
    raSetFlavor = dlsym(handle, "RASetFlavor");
    raSetDLLAccessPath = dlsym(handle, "SetDLLAccessPath");
  if(!raCloseCodec || !raDecode || !raFlush || !raFreeDecoder ||
     !raGetFlavorProperty || !raOpenCodec2 || !raSetFlavor ||
     !raSetDLLAccessPath || !raInitDecoder){
      mp_msg(MSGT_DECAUDIO,MSGL_WARN,"Cannot resolve symbols - incompatible dll\n");
      return 0;

      mp_msg(MSGT_DECAUDIO,MSGL_WARN,"Decoder open failed, error code: 0x%X\n",result);
      return 0;


  { unsigned char temp2[16]={1,0,0,3,4,0,0,0x14,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,3};
    // note: temp2[] come from audio stream extra header (last 16 of the total 24 bytes)
    ra_init_t init_data={
	100, 60,  // ?????
	16, // ??
      mp_msg(MSGT_DECAUDIO,MSGL_WARN,"Decoder init failed, error code: 0x%X\n",result);
      return 0;
      mp_msg(MSGT_DECAUDIO,MSGL_WARN,"Decoder flavor setup failed, error code: 0x%X\n",result);
      return 0;

  sh->audio_out_minsize=128000; //sh->samplerate*sh->samplesize*sh->channels;
//  sh->samplesize=2;
//  sh->channels=2;
//  sh->samplerate=44100;
//  sh->sample_format=AFMT_S16_LE;
  return 1; // return values: 1=OK 0=ERROR

static int init(sh_audio_t *sh_audio){
  // initialize the decoder, set tables etc...

  // you can store HANDLE or private struct pointer at sh->context
  // you can access WAVEFORMATEX header at sh->wf
  // set sample format/rate parameters if you didn't do it in preinit() yet.

  return 1; // return values: 1=OK 0=ERROR

static void uninit(sh_audio_t *sh){
  // uninit the decoder etc...
  // again: you don't have to free() a_in_buffer here! it's done by the core.

static int decode_audio(sh_audio_t *sh,unsigned char *buf,int minlen,int maxlen){
  int result;
  int len=-1;
  demux_read_data(sh->ds, sh->a_in_buffer, 60);
  result=raDecode(sh->context, sh->a_in_buffer, sh->wf->nBlockAlign,
       buf, &len, -1);
  printf("radecode: %d bytes, res=0x%X  \n",len,result);

  // audio decoding. the most important thing :)
  // parameters you get:
  //  buf = pointer to the output buffer, you have to store uncompressed 
  //        samples there
  //  minlen = requested minimum size (in bytes!) of output. it's just a
  //        _recommendation_, you can decode more or less, it just tell you that
  //        the caller process needs 'minlen' bytes. if it gets less, it will
  //        call decode_audio() again.
  //  maxlen = maximum size (bytes) of output. you MUST NOT write more to the
  //        buffer, it's the upper-most limit!
  //        note: maxlen will be always greater or equal to sh->audio_out_minsize

  // now, let's decode...  
  // you can read the compressed stream using the demux stream functions:
  //  demux_read_data(sh->ds, buffer, length) - read 'length' bytes to 'buffer'
  //  ds_get_packet(sh->ds, &buffer) - set ptr buffer to next data packet
  // (both func return number of bytes or 0 for error)

  return len/8; // return value: number of _bytes_ written to output buffer,
              // or -1 for EOF (or uncorrectable error)

static int control(sh_audio_t *sh,int cmd,void* arg, ...){
    // various optional functions you MAY implement:
        // it is called once after seeking, to resync.
	// Note: sh_audio->a_in_buffer_len=0; is done _before_ this call!
        // it is called to skip (jump over) small amount (1/10 sec or 1 frame)
	// of audio data - used to sync audio to video after seeking
	// if you don't return CONTROL_TRUE, it will defaults to:
	//      ds_fill_buffer(sh_audio->ds);  // skip 1 demux packet


Index: ad.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/mplayer/main/libmpcodecs/ad.c,v
retrieving revision 1.7
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.7 -r1.8
--- ad.c	7 Apr 2002 17:42:31 -0000	1.7
+++ ad.c	10 Jun 2002 01:32:12 -0000	1.8
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
 extern ad_functions_t mpcodecs_ad_faad;
 extern ad_functions_t mpcodecs_ad_vorbis;
 extern ad_functions_t mpcodecs_ad_libmad;
+extern ad_functions_t mpcodecs_ad_real;
 ad_functions_t* mpcodecs_ad_drivers[] =
@@ -66,6 +67,9 @@
 #ifdef USE_LIBMAD
+  &mpcodecs_ad_real,

Index: Makefile
RCS file: /cvsroot/mplayer/main/libmpcodecs/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.44
retrieving revision 1.45
diff -u -r1.44 -r1.45
--- Makefile	8 Jun 2002 20:47:54 -0000	1.44
+++ Makefile	10 Jun 2002 01:32:12 -0000	1.45
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 LIBNAME = libmpcodecs.a
 LIBNAME2 = libmpencoders.a
-AUDIO_SRCS=dec_audio.c ad.c ad_a52.c ad_acm.c ad_alaw.c ad_dk3adpcm.c ad_dk4adpcm.c ad_dshow.c ad_dvdpcm.c ad_ffmpeg.c ad_hwac3.c ad_imaadpcm.c ad_mp3.c ad_msadpcm.c ad_pcm.c ad_roqaudio.c ad_msgsm.c ad_faad.c ad_vorbis.c ad_libmad.c
+AUDIO_SRCS=dec_audio.c ad.c ad_a52.c ad_acm.c ad_alaw.c ad_dk3adpcm.c ad_dk4adpcm.c ad_dshow.c ad_dvdpcm.c ad_ffmpeg.c ad_hwac3.c ad_imaadpcm.c ad_mp3.c ad_msadpcm.c ad_pcm.c ad_roqaudio.c ad_msgsm.c ad_faad.c ad_vorbis.c ad_libmad.c ad_real.c
 VIDEO_SRCS=dec_video.c vd.c vd_null.c vd_real.c vd_cinepak.c vd_qtrpza.c vd_ffmpeg.c vd_dshow.c vd_vfw.c vd_odivx.c vd_divx4.c vd_raw.c vd_xanim.c vd_msvidc.c vd_fli.c vd_qtrle.c vd_qtsmc.c vd_roqvideo.c vd_cyuv.c vd_nuv.c vd_libmpeg2.c vd_msrle.c vd_huffyuv.c vd_zlib.c vd_mpegpes.c
 VFILTER_SRCS=vf.c vf_vo.c vf_crop.c vf_expand.c vf_pp.c vf_scale.c vf_format.c vf_yuy2.c vf_flip.c vf_rgb2bgr.c vf_rotate.c vf_mirror.c vf_palette.c vf_lavc.c vf_dvbscale.c vf_cropdetect.c vf_test.c
 ENCODER_SRCS=ve.c ve_divx4.c ve_lavc.c ve_vfw.c ve_rawrgb.c ve_libdv.c

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