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Q/A about mencoder printing negative recommended bitrate
(Diego, don't you wanna enhance the FAQ?)

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 No, VFAT doesn't support 2GB+ files.
 </TD><TR><TD COLSPAN=3>&nbsp;</TD>
+<TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">Q:</TD><TD WIDTH=100%><B><FONT CLASS="text">
+Why is the recommended bitrate printed by MEncoder negative?
+</B></TD><TR><TD></TD><TD VALIGN=top><FONT CLASS="text">A:</TD><TD><FONT CLASS="text">
+Because the bitrate you encoded the audio with is too large to fit the
+movie on any CD. Check if you have libmp3lame installed properly.
+</TD><TR><TD COLSPAN=3>&nbsp;</TD>

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