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Tue Sep 2 17:31:06 CEST 2003

This e-mail would have reached you long time ago but my tardiness was 
prompted by the randomly sent scam letters, especially the one from 
Africa is treated as scam or joke. This is different case and it's real.

You know, I have been working with the former President of my country 
MADAGASCAR, and I have some thing to discuss with you, but the scam issue kept me thinking and the discussion being delayed. Now I have made up my mind to talk to you about my proposal because I know this is real wealth. Find below the Details;

Dear Good Friend,


My name is Mrs. G. Gallo, I am one of the former advisers to the former 
President of Madagascar, Mr. Didier Ratsiraka on financial matters. I 
am compelled to contact you and reveal this confidential issue to you 
due to the prevailing circumstances in my country Madagascar. And I hope you will maintain confidentiality. During the last Presidential 
election conducted by the former government of Mr. Didier Ratsiraka, in my country, the former President withdrew large sums of fund in U.S.dollars for his re-election campaigns and to buy more votes from the opposition members. The funds were kept in the offices of the former Presidents confidants which my office was among. 

During the campaign and the election proper, the former President spent 
so much money, large part of the fund in my custody was spent leaving 
the balance of $15 million U.S.A. dollars, but the election was marred 
by civil unrest led by the leader of the opposing party Mr.. Marc 
Ravalomanana who eventually became the President of Madagascar as a result of many deaths, there was interventions of some world leaders which resulted to the ousting of the former President by the opposition party. Fortunately,before the total collapse of the government of Mr. D 
Ratsiraka, I was able to move the fund balance of $15 million dollars 
in a disguised manner as a 'diplomatic baggage' by cargo out of the 
country to the Netherlands, and the baggage was deposited into a security company there in Netherlands through their affiliate in Africa. Before his exile I have declared to him (the former President) that we lost the money to fire set on my office by the opposition supporters,in fact my office was really burnt down.
I have decided to divert this fund which I declared to be an "diplomatic consignment" belonging to my foreign partners, as nobody have 
requested for it till date. It was obvious and known that during that 
political crises, majority of foreigners from America, Europe and Asia left 
Madagascar in a rush, this informed my idea to lebel the consignment 
diplomatic, and would not be tampered. I have not been into business before, therefore as 'am preparing my self I need a trust-worthy person to guide me into this new life, after this consignment have been secured.

I am unable to leave Madagascar now due to the security put in place by the present government to monitor movement of some close allies of 
former President, that is the reason we should reply through e-mails. More importantly, this message is to inform you that I seek for your 
assistance to go on my behalf to Nederland and recieve delivery of the 
consignment for onward lodgement into your account, within the shortest possible time for safe keeping, as I hope to leave the country as the newly elected parliamentarians are now poised to relax all restrictions 
affecting former officers. Please note that this transaction demands the highest degree of trust and confidentiality between us, as I have taken adequate measure to assure safety and risk free. In appreciation of your assistance, I have worked out the sharing ratio for this transaction as follows; 70% for my investment in your country under your close supervisions and directions. 25% for you as a result of your assistance.. 5% for all incidental expenses. 

If you have any question do not hesitate to ask me.Upon your immediate favorable reply I would be able to send to you the guide lines on how 
to actualize and bring to successful conclusion of the transaction. I 
would also ask the affiliate company here to make avilable to you the 
contact line of their company in Holland where the consignment is kept 
now. All communications to me should be by emails for now, in your reply include your telephone and fax numbers. As I wait for your reply, stay Blessed.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs.. Gloria Gallo

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