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Tue Sep 9 09:04:54 CEST 2003

D Richard Felker III wrote:
> I disagree. With external subtitle files, the user intentionally
Please understand, that from user perspective, there is no "internal" or
"external" subtitle. With xine/whatever it works, it doesn't work with
MPlayer - this is gonna be the user conclusion, and I definitely don't want
to answer those questions.

> exact same base name in the same directory as the movie. On the other
> hand, with ogm, the user can't just rm/mv the .srt file to keep
> mplayer from auto-loading subs for that one file.
On the other hand, users can place a per-file configfile with noautosub=yes
Please don't tell me they can place a config with sid=1 or whatever, because
if there IS a subtitle file, chances are great that people want to use it.

Not every people are as pro in japanese as we ;)) Not to mention that not
only anime OGM's exist. (hungarian ppl watching english _movie_ with dub,
plus hungarian subtitles, hm?)

> As I said before, the new behavior is consistent with dvd subtitles,
> so my vote is to keep it.
I am still against it.

MPlayer Core Team
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