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make sure ppl know that geometry doesnt change aspect

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diff -u -r1.437 -r1.438
--- mplayer.1	15 Sep 2003 01:22:50 -0000	1.437
+++ mplayer.1	21 Sep 2003 10:35:13 -0000	1.438
@@ -1663,6 +1663,8 @@
 screen size in that direction.
 It also supports the standard option format to the standard X \-geometry
+Be aware that the window size is changed to fit the aspect of the movie.
+If you want to disable this behaviour please use \-nokeepaspect.
 The values given must be integers.
 Note: This option is only supported by vo x11, xmga, xv, xvmc, 

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