[Mplayer-cvslog] main/libvo vo_quartz.c,1.1,1.2

Sascha Sommer saschasommer at freenet.de
Mon Apr 26 23:09:03 CEST 2004

> Honestly I dont give a d$#^ ! Alex should have looked trough the whole
> and understand the fact that the previous revision was send in january.

No. The goal is to keep the changes understandable for a longer perjod of
This is nothing against you. It is only to prevent the case when the autor
suddenly dissapeared
and the users report bugs in his code. We had bad experiences with this in
the past and still have.
Take into account that not only applying patches takes to long also the
releases get delayed
and delayed so it is possible that silly copy and paste bugs get discovered
years later. In this case the user could go back revision
by revision to find out what change broke it exactly.

> If he had committed the patch sooner maybe this would not be an issue.

Yes, I admit. Applying patches is currently a problem. MPlayers codebase is
and every change brings the possibilty of new bugs. This does not only apply
to your
vo driver but also to other patches. Moreover most people are busy with
reallive stuff and applying/testing/commenting on patches takes time.

> And why rejecting a good patch adding many needed feature just for a
> f$%^#%g bracket! Way to go, just remove all my work.

Noone wants to remove your code, leave it in a broken state or whatever.
Also cosmetic changes are not a problem when they are seperated by
changes. Just commit the features  and afterwards the cosmetics while trying
to keep the cosmetic
changes to a minimum because there already might be other people preparing
to send a patch for your code.

> If my help is not needed fine from now on I will keep my improvement for
> myself. I was the one maintaining this file if I can do as I see fit
> what the freaking point.

The freaking point is that we have rules that make it possible for many
people to work on
this project. Either accept these rules to keep your cvs account or send

> oh and thanks to Arpi for being so quick a disabling cvs account.

I think he only disabled immediately, because he thought you ignore his
He can't know that you aren't subscribed to -cvslog. He also cannot know
that you thought
that you did something wrong because your change did not show up in cvs and
therefore recommited it.

> And yes I subscribed to mplayer-cvs-log.

Good, so one issue is solved already.
I hope you rethink your decision and keep up the good work.


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