[Mplayer-cvslog] CVS: main/libao2 ao_alsa.c,NONE,1.1

joy at pingfm.org joy at pingfm.org
Thu May 13 18:16:00 CEST 2004

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Diego Biurrun wrote:

> joy_ping CVS writes:
> > Added Files:
> > 	ao_alsa.c 
> > Log Message:
> > alsa9/1.x merge, now with api_compat-definition
> Are you going to remove the other alsa ao drivers now?  alsa9 and
> alsa1x have been made obsolete by this new driver and alsa5 is
> ancient, dunno if anybody still uses it.
yes i would remove alsa9 and alsa1.x. but lets wait few days till some 
people fetching and trying it. 
i wouldn't delete alsa5 cause its probably still used on some ancient 
workstations and its standard on QNX, at least when i saw it the last 

> > default device is now 'default' instead of hw:0,0. so users are able to 
> > set their own defaultdevice (dmix) in asoundrc.
> BTW, I added a new AUDIO OUTPUT DRIVERS section to the man page, could
> you please document the alsa ao drivers there?
yes, yes its on my todo. on the next release there should be also a big 
notice about this change cause most people will try -ao alsa9 or -ao 
alsa1.x first or have it in their config. probably some compat-thingie 
would be the best, allowing -ao alsa9 and -ao alsa1.x for some time. 

> Thanks
> Diego
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