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Explain how to use custom options while building Debian packages, based on a
patch by Guillaume Poirier.

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   fakeroot debian/rules binary
+If you want to pass custom options to configure, you can set up the
+DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS environment variable. For instance, if you want GUI
+and OSD menu support you would use:
+  DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="--enable-gui --enable-menu" fakeroot debian/rules binary
+You can also pass some variables to the Makefile. For example, if you want
+to compile with gcc 3.4 even if it's not the default compiler:
+  CC=gcc-3.4 DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="--enable-gui" fakeroot debian/rules clean
+To clean up the source tree run the following command:
+  fakeroot debian/rules clean
 STEP5: Installing the onscreen display fonts

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