[MPlayer-cvslog] CVS: main configure,1.950,1.951

Nicolas Plourde nicolas.plourde at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 13 20:09:02 CET 2005

Attila Kinali wrote:

>Take the attached file, compile it with gcc:
>`gcc -o bigendian-check bigendian-check`
>then give me the output of
[nicolas at balamb: ~/Source]$ strings bigendian-check
The kernel support for the dynamic linker is not present to run this 
[nicolas at balamb: ~/Source]$ strings bigendian-check | grep MPlayerBigEndian
[nicolas at balamb: ~/Source]$ grep MPlayerBigEndian bigendian-check
Binary file bigendian-check matches

Nicolas Plourde <nicolas.plourde at sympatico.ca>

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