[MPlayer-cvslog] CVS: main configure,1.1029,1.1030

Jan Knutar jknutar at nic.fi
Thu Jul 21 11:39:53 CEST 2005

On Thursday 21 July 2005 11:01, The Wanderer wrote:

> > Obviously --disable-automatic-bloat should still be available
> If it is your position that autodetection should not be the default,
> then argue for that; you might even convince people.

That is not my position. Autodetection is fine as default. It should however
still be possible to disable components without having to uninstall them before
compiling mplayer.

> I don't think it's 
> a good idea to assume it as a given, however, especially not since it
> *has* been the default for so long with few if any apparent problems.

Autodetection should be default.

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