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> returning to the old index at the end system, alternatives are too
> complex with questionable advantages

Mostly agree.

But I have one big objection. For online playing it is good the index to
be in the begging of the file so no additional seeking should be done. 
(seeking over ftp and http is very slow, mplayer de facto closes the
stream and opens new one and server can detect this as intentional
attempt to overload it)

Of course as dalias had pointed, with current indexing it is very hard
to relocate because the pointers inside index will also change.

Well I request an simple change - pointers to be done relative.
In short it will show the offset in bytes between keyframes. 

This will have additional advantage to make index smaller. In huge files
index pointers could be huge, while the offsets will always be smaller.
And of course if we have e.g. keyframe every second we will have many
small indexes, when we have big time interval between keyframes we will
have few big indexes(but still smaller than pointers)

The computational overhead is not big, as demuxer will simply execute
one more addition.

There are few details... e.g. the first entry could be relative from
file beginning, so on relocating,  it  will be shortened, not increased.
Same applies to pointer to the index ( if there is still such thing)

Wish You Best
   Ivan Kalvachev

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