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Date: Sat Jun 10 22:48:06 2006
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Preliminary version of mirror howto

Added: trunk/DOCS/tech/mirrors/mirror_howto.txt
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+++ trunk/DOCS/tech/mirrors/mirror_howto.txt	Sat Jun 10 22:48:06 2006
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+			  ------------------------------
+                          How to build an MPlayer mirror
+			  ------------------------------
+This is a preliminary version. Do not rely on anything here.
+Please send feedback, corrections etc to mplayer-mirror.
+About this document
+Mirroring MPlayer is quite easy but requires a few steps to be taken
+and a few things taken care of. This document describes these steps
+in detail so that anyone wishing to build an official or an unofficial
+mirror can do that without much trouble.
+A note on performance issues
+A few of the commands used here will generate some load on our main server.
+Executed too often and by to many clients at once will overload our server
+and cause a performance degradation for all our users. Thus we kindly ask
+you to be considerate about what you do. We do not want to restrict mirroring
+to a few selected people, but this requires that everyone using the system 
+outlined here to behave.
+Outline of the mirroring system
+The mirroring system uses rsync to transfere the data and to perform
+updates. A script is provided to call the rsync client with the right
+set of parameters. This script should be called periodicaly with cron.
+Additionaly, official mirrors should set up an ssh account so that
+updates can be triggered when important updates on the main server
+are performed.
+Mirrors should provide their data over http or ftp or both. Each official
+mirror will be assigned a mirror number. This mirror number determines
+the hostname over which it will be reached.
+Getting the data, mirroring script and cron setup
+The mirroring script to be used is provided over the svn repo at
+svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk/DOCS/tech/mirrors/update_mplayer_rsync .
+This script requires a working `rsync` client. The handling of the
+lock file is done by using `lockfile` from the procmail package.
+Using a lock file is recommended but not necessary. The temporary file
+generation is handled by `mktemp` which is available on from 
+http://www.mktemp.org/mktemp/ . 
+The script contains a few configuration variables at the begining that
+can and should be set:
+PATH: The $PATH to be used within the script (recommended).
+LOCK: The full path to the lock file to be used 
+	(/var/lock/mplayer-mirror-lock or something similar, recommended).
+MIRROR_ROOT: The root of the mirror. This is the directory where all files
+	are downloaded to (required).
+MAILADR: The mail address where reports should be send to (required).
+TMPDIR: The directory where the temporary should be created.
+	If you set this explicitly, you have to uncomment the export below too.
+	(defaults to /tmp if not set)
+Install this script and set the variables according to your setup. Then run
+it once to get the first checkout of the mirror. This will require at the
+time of this writing (2006-06-10) about 500MB of disk space.
+You should get two directories in your $MIRROR_ROOT: homepage and MPlayer.
+The former containing the html pages for the mirror and the later the
+files for download. 
+If this worked out ok, you should set up a cron job that periodicaly updates
+the files. If you run an official mirror you should run the script every
+6h to 12h (6h recommended). If you do not run an official mirror, you should
+not run the script more often than once a day. Please use an "odd" time
+to run the script when it is unlikely that any other cron job is running.
+Bad times are e.g. full hours, or minutes that are divisible by 5.
+An example crontab line would look like this:
+17 1,8,13,19 * * * /path/to/update_mplayer_rsync
+(please change the minute and hours to something random)
+You can change the rest of the script as you see fit, although it is not
+recommended. Please DO NOT CHANGE the options of the rsync commands.
+Especially DO NOT REMOVE the -t and -W options. These prevent calculating
+checksums on the server side which are very expensive.
+Setting up an ssh account for update triggers
+Official mirrors should also provide an ssh based trigger to run the
+update script on request. This makes it possible to distribute releases
+and other important files imediatly to all mirrors.
+The way it is set up does not need a special user other than the one
+with which the update script is run already and does not allow to run
+any other command.
+First you need to create an ssh key pair by running the following command:
+ssh-keygen -t dsa -C MPHQ_rsync_trigger -f www#_sshkey
+(replace the '#' by your mirror number)
+You should send the private key to us by mail and specify the host and
+user to be used. Please do use a private mail of one of us and DO NOT
+send the private key onto the mirror mailinglist.
+The public key should be placed into the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file of the 
+user. To restrict the sshkey to one command only please place the follwoing
+directives at the begining of the line with the key:
+from="*.mplayerhq.hu",command="/path/to/update_mplayer_all" ssh-dss AAAA
+mlGj3IWCBz7e4+XB3L64kFZwLCYN8kwDUAaHq4EtcMVOnQ== MPHQ_rsync_trigger
+(lines split for readability)
+Setting up a webserver
+Setting up an FTP server

Added: trunk/DOCS/tech/mirrors/update_mplayer_rsync
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+++ trunk/DOCS/tech/mirrors/update_mplayer_rsync	Sat Jun 10 22:48:06 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
+#!/usr/bin/env bash
+# MPlayer mirroring script
+# $Id$
+#TMPDIR = /tmp 
+#export TMPDIR
+TMPFILE=`mktemp -t mplayer.XXXXXXXXXXX`
+# Check to see if another sync is in progress
+if lockfile -! -l 43200 -r 0 "$LOCK"; then
+  echo Unable to start mirroring MPlayer, lock file exists.
+  exit 1
+trap "rm -f $LOCK > /dev/null 2>&1" exit
+echo "************ rsyncing homepage ************" >>$TMPFILE
+rsync -pxlrHtWv --delete --delete-after natsuki.mplayerhq.hu::homepage/ \
+      homepage >>$TMPFILE 2>&1
+echo "************ rsyncing MPlayer ************" >>$TMPFILE
+rsync -pxlrHtWv --delete --delete-after --exclude '/benchmark' \
+      --exclude '/old_stuff' --exclude '/tests' \
+      --exclude '/README.incoming' natsuki.mplayerhq.hu::ftp/ \
+      MPlayer  >>$TMPFILE 2>&1
+x=`wc -l $TMPFILE|awk '{print $1}'`
+if [ "$x" -ne "10" ]
+  mailx -s "mplayer mirror" $MAILADR <$TMPFILE
+rm -f $TMPFILE

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