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Author: diego
Date: Fri Jun 16 13:39:23 2006
New Revision: 18729


Setting up a web server and FTP server.

Modified: trunk/DOCS/tech/mirrors/mirror_howto.txt
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 Setting up a webserver
+Set up Apache or whatever web server you prefer. We just have static pages,
+so no fancy configuration is necessary. However, we need a few aliases so that
+links on our pages work correctly. /MPlayer and /DOCS should redirect to the
+directory with the downloadable files and /homepage should redirect to the
+directory with the HTML pages.
+Here is an example stanza to paste into your Apache configuration:
+<VirtualHost www#.mplayerhq.hu>
+        DocumentRoot /path/to/htdocs
+        Options FollowSymLinks
+        Alias /homepage /path/to/htdocs
+        Alias /MPlayer  /path/to/MPlayer
+        Alias /DOCS     /path/to/MPlayer/DOCS
 Setting up an FTP server
+Any FTP server will do. We use vsftpd, it's fast and secure. You should have
+the same directory layout as we do on our server, so there should be a
+subdirectory named 'MPlayer' (notice the capitals) that contains the
+downloadable files.

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