[MPlayer-cvslog] r18833 - in trunk: cfg-common.h libmpdemux/Makefile libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_rtp.c libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_rtp.h libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_session.c libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_session.h libmpdemux/rtp.c libmpdemux/rtp.h

Benjamin Zores ben at geexbox.org
Tue Jun 27 09:37:46 CEST 2006

> On Monday, 26 June 2006 at 23:27, ben wrote:
>> Author: ben
>> Date: Mon Jun 26 23:27:57 2006
>> New Revision: 18833
>> Added:
>>    trunk/libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_rtp.c
>>    trunk/libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_rtp.h
>> Modified:
>>    trunk/cfg-common.h
>>    trunk/libmpdemux/Makefile
>>    trunk/libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_session.c
>>    trunk/libmpdemux/librtsp/rtsp_session.h
>>    trunk/libmpdemux/rtp.c
>>    trunk/libmpdemux/rtp.h
>> Log:
>> added new native rtsp demuxer code for mpeg-ts over rtp (now both real
>> and non-real servers should be handled)
> Does that mean live555 is no longer necessary?

For watching MPEG-TS streams over RTSP/RTP yes.
For any other content, LIVE555 still is needed.
As stated before, RTSP demuxer is kinda generic but stream content is
handled by RTP demuxer which has to support as many payloads as formats
you want to support. Current implementation only support MPEG-TS so does
my RTSP implementation.

Expanding RTP demuxer to other payloads is required for RTSP demuxer to
support them.


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