[MPlayer-cvslog] CVS: main/loader/dmo DMO_AudioDecoder.c,1.3,1.4

Diego Biurrun CVS syncmail at mplayerhq.hu
Mon Mar 27 19:25:44 CEST 2006

CVS change done by Diego Biurrun CVS

Update of /cvsroot/mplayer/main/loader/dmo
In directory mail:/var2/tmp/cvs-serv23699/loader/dmo

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Convert printfs in aviprint.c to mp_msg and give the information printing
functions in this file a verbosity_level parameter.

Index: DMO_AudioDecoder.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/mplayer/main/loader/dmo/DMO_AudioDecoder.c,v
retrieving revision 1.3
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -r1.3 -r1.4
--- DMO_AudioDecoder.c	21 Apr 2003 21:06:07 -0000	1.3
+++ DMO_AudioDecoder.c	27 Mar 2006 17:25:41 -0000	1.4
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
 #define __MODULE__ "DirectShow audio decoder"
 typedef long STDCALL (*GETCLASS) (GUID*, GUID*, void**);
-extern void print_wave_header(WAVEFORMATEX *h);
+extern void print_wave_header(WAVEFORMATEX *h, int verbose_level);
 DMO_AudioDecoder * DMO_AudioDecoder_Open(char* dllname, GUID* guid, WAVEFORMATEX* wf,int out_channels)
 //DMO_AudioDecoder * DMO_AudioDecoder_Create(const CodecInfo * info, const WAVEFORMATEX* wf)
@@ -89,8 +89,8 @@
     this->m_sDestType.cbFormat=18; //pWF->cbSize;
-print_wave_header((WAVEFORMATEX *)this->m_sVhdr);
-print_wave_header((WAVEFORMATEX *)this->m_sVhdr2);
+print_wave_header((WAVEFORMATEX *)this->m_sVhdr,  MSGL_V);
+print_wave_header((WAVEFORMATEX *)this->m_sVhdr2, MSGL_V);
         this->m_pDMO_Filter = DMO_FilterCreate(dllname, guid, &this->m_sOurType, &this->m_sDestType);
 	if( !this->m_pDMO_Filter ) {

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