[MPlayer-cvslog] r27496 - in trunk/stream: asf_mmst_streaming.c asf_streaming.c http.c librtsp/rtsp_session.c network.c network.h pnm.c rtp.c stream.c stream_ftp.c stream_netstream.c stream_rtsp.c tcp.c udp.c

JonY 10walls at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 17:15:34 CEST 2008

diego wrote:
> Author: diego
> Date: Sat Aug 30 00:55:39 2008
> New Revision: 27496
> Log:
> Move duplicated '#define closesocket close' into network.h along with
> network-related #include #ifdeffery.
> Modified:
>     trunk/stream/asf_mmst_streaming.c
>     trunk/stream/asf_streaming.c
>     trunk/stream/http.c
>     trunk/stream/librtsp/rtsp_session.c
>     trunk/stream/network.c
>     trunk/stream/network.h
>     trunk/stream/pnm.c
>     trunk/stream/rtp.c
>     trunk/stream/stream.c
>     trunk/stream/stream_ftp.c
>     trunk/stream/stream_netstream.c
>     trunk/stream/stream_rtsp.c
>     trunk/stream/tcp.c
>     trunk/stream/udp.c

It looks like one of the hunks broke MinGW build.

libmpdemux and the codecs under it cannot be compiled properly because 
definitions from "./loader/wine/*.h" is conflicting with the native 
headers. Conflicts with "loader/wine/windef.h" is especially visible.

"ad_internal.h", used by many of the files under libmpdemux includes 
"stream/stream.h", which then includes "stream/network.h" if 
"CONFIG_NETWORK" is defined, which then in turn includes the native 

r27495 builds with minor workarounds (read: local hacks) for 
HAVE_WINSOCK2_H and closesockets.

Any ideas to fix the problem?

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