[MPlayer-cvslog] r27550 - in trunk: libmpdemux/demux_mkv.c mpcommon.c

Reimar Doeffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de
Thu Sep 11 10:46:15 CEST 2008

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 04:03:48PM +0200, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> > but only _in addition_ to some kind of abreviated "executive summary" of max. 4 lines
> > that mentions the major what and whys.
> I agree that there should be an executive summary, but this message does
> actually have one:
>   Revert bad changes to SSA/ASS subtitle packet format
>   The following commits are reverted partially or completely:
>   "a valid ASS line contains 9 ',' before actual text"
>   "demux_mkv: output correctly formated ASS packets"
>   "libass: add a new ass_process_data() to process demuxed subtitle packets"

Nope, that is only the "what" part. For the long term, quoting the commit messages
without the revision numbers is also a bit questionable.

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