[MPlayer-cvslog] r32009 - in trunk: eosd.c eosd.h

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Tue Aug 24 00:19:11 CEST 2010

Le septidi 7 fructidor, an CCXVIII, Ivan Kalvachev a écrit :
> There are user reports about breaking build.
> The eosd.h uses ASS_Image typedef. There is no include header that
> defines it in the eosd.h  (aka probably breaks `make checkheaders`).
> The rule says a header should include all headers needed to define the
> stuff in the said header, aka it should be able to work on its own.

I see the problem, and I do not understand how it could have been undetected
in the numerous builds and rebuild I had to do.

> There is a tricky situation here, for the case when libass is not
> enabled and (in future case when internal libass is removed) even
> missing.

One of the purposes of this patch was to make it slightly easier to have
EOSD without ASS; it was inspired by the thread "[RFC] EOSD improvements"
started by Grigori Goronzy about a month ago, by moving all ASS-related code
in one place. Unfortunately, I missed a level of #ifdef while ensuring that
ASS_Image would be declared even if ASS is disabled.

Anyway I would gladly try to fix this problem, as soon as I get advice on
the best way to revert the last two commits (r32009 and r32008).


  Nicolas George
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