[MPlayer-cvslog] r30561 - in trunk/libmpcodecs: vd.c vd_internal.h

reimar subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Sun Feb 14 12:04:14 CET 2010

Author: reimar
Date: Sun Feb 14 12:04:14 2010
New Revision: 30561

Make vd_functions_t describing codecs const.


Modified: trunk/libmpcodecs/vd.c
--- trunk/libmpcodecs/vd.c	Sun Feb 14 12:02:05 2010	(r30560)
+++ trunk/libmpcodecs/vd.c	Sun Feb 14 12:04:14 2010	(r30561)
@@ -39,28 +39,28 @@
 //#include "vd_internal.h"
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_null;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_ffmpeg;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_theora;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_dshow;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_dmo;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_vfw;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_vfwex;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_raw;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_hmblck;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_xanim;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_mpng;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_ijpg;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_mtga;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_sgi;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_libmpeg2;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_mpegpes;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_zrmjpeg;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_realvid;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_xvid;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_libdv;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_lzo;
-extern vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_qtvideo;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_null;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_ffmpeg;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_theora;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_dshow;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_dmo;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_vfw;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_vfwex;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_raw;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_hmblck;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_xanim;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_mpng;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_ijpg;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_mtga;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_sgi;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_libmpeg2;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_mpegpes;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_zrmjpeg;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_realvid;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_xvid;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_libdv;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_lzo;
+extern const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_qtvideo;
 /* Please do not add any new decoders here. If you want to implement a new
  * decoder, add it to libavcodec, except for wrappers around external

Modified: trunk/libmpcodecs/vd_internal.h
--- trunk/libmpcodecs/vd_internal.h	Sun Feb 14 12:02:05 2010	(r30560)
+++ trunk/libmpcodecs/vd_internal.h	Sun Feb 14 12:04:14 2010	(r30561)
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ static int init(sh_video_t *sh);
 static void uninit(sh_video_t *sh);
 static mp_image_t* decode(sh_video_t *sh,void* data,int len,int flags);
-#define LIBVD_EXTERN(x) vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_##x = {\
+#define LIBVD_EXTERN(x) const vd_functions_t mpcodecs_vd_##x = {\

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