[MPlayer-cvslog] r31359 - in trunk: configure libmpcodecs/vd_libmpeg2.c libmpeg2/header.c libmpeg2/libmpeg2_changes.diff libmpeg2/slice.c

Luca Barbato lu_zero at gentoo.org
Fri Jun 11 09:59:00 CEST 2010

On 6/10/10 6:47 PM, Ivan Kalvachev wrote:
> There are other parameters, some of them define the type of the quant,
> aka h263 vs mpeg. I'm not sure if h264 is supported, but its
> loopfilter makes postprocessing waste of time.

Ok, then basically you have postproc change it's strength based on a 
value that is codec dependent... I don't like it at all.

If you consider the feature this important we should revert that hunk 
and just warn that external libmpeg2 will not support this feature.

Still it's nice to be able to support the system one.

I wonder which codecs implement this feature and if it could be adjusted 
to be more generic.

> IMHO, internal libmpeg2 have been kept mainly because they didn't
> implement the quant export functionality.

I see your point, probably we should document a bit more such thin 
interfaces since it is quite easy forget/misunderstand them.

I'd try again to submit upstream this hunk. Probably today I'll do.


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