[MPlayer-cvslog] r35903 - trunk/libvo/x11_common.c

ib subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Sun Jan 27 16:23:39 CET 2013

Author: ib
Date: Sun Jan 27 16:23:39 2013
New Revision: 35903

Don't destroy a -wid window's WM_NORMAL_HINTS property information.

MPlayer doesn't handle vo_hint when attached to an existing window and
vo_hint has even never been set in that case.

The MapNotify event adjusts win_gravity and vo_fs_flip which previously
have only been changed in vo_x11_fullscreen(), but in case MPlayer is
attached to an existing window, vo_x11_fullscreen() immediately returns
and doesn't change these variables so there is no reason for adjustment


Modified: trunk/libvo/x11_common.c
--- trunk/libvo/x11_common.c	Sun Jan 27 13:15:19 2013	(r35902)
+++ trunk/libvo/x11_common.c	Sun Jan 27 16:23:39 2013	(r35903)
@@ -940,9 +940,11 @@ int vo_x11_check_events(Display * mydisp
             case MapNotify:
+                if (WinID < 0) {
                 vo_hint.win_gravity = old_gravity;
                 XSetWMNormalHints(mDisplay, vo_window, &vo_hint);
                 vo_fs_flip = 0;
+                }
             case DestroyNotify:
                 mp_msg(MSGT_VO, MSGL_WARN, "Our window was destroyed, exiting\n");

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