[MPlayer-cvslog] r35834 - trunk/configure

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sun Jan 27 18:22:03 CET 2013

On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 03:30:42PM +0100, Alexander Strasser wrote:
> Diego Biurrun wrote:
> [...]
> > 
> > a) Patching libdvdcss in order to silence a harmless warning in another
> >    upstream library copy is not worth it.
>   This is very disputable.

Please - the other warning occurs in a single file in libavformat, which
is not maintained here.  It is not our job to fix or silence libavformat
warnings.  That should be done upstream.

Sometimes warnings in upstream code indicate that we made an error in
duplicating upstream build systems.  This is not the case here.

> > b) libdvdcss will likely be changed to make all of this moot.
>   Here you silently changed your opinion. Suddenly the fixing at the root
> stuff rightly vanished. If the CPP macro gets completely dropped in libdvdcss
> it is fixing the symptoms at the leaf. Your change in configure is just a
> hack because it is just favouring libdvdcss over lavf but not solving the
> inherent problem.


I favor unpatched over patched embedded library copies.  I worked hard
to get local patches integrated upstream and get internal libs to a
(close to) vanilla state and I don't like to see this effort undone.

libdvdcss no longer has local patches and should be kept that way.
In fact, it should be switched to an svn:external, just as libdvdread
and libdvdnav.

To be clear here: the real root of the problem is embedded library copies
in MPlayer and (badly) duplicating the build systems of those libraries.

The other problem is patching those libs locally when problems arise
instead of initiating cooperation with upstream.  I suggested taking
this up with upstream and lo and behold, we're seeing a bug getting
noticed and fixed there.

>   The imported copy was fixed months ago and worked fine. Your 2 commits just
> introduced a warning, without solving any problem.
>   So to make it really short now:
>   1. I will *not* continue playing your game here!
>      Thus I will *not* reply to your flames.

I'm flaming and you're not?  That sure made me chuckle.
We're both flaming, silly!

>   2. If you don't do it in 3 days I will revert both r35834 + r35835 myself.

Calling discussions closed and threatening to just undo my changes if I
do not accept your opinion is no way to behave.

So I'm just going to turn the tables on you here: I am the maintainer of
the components being discussed and my decision is final.  Nothing will be
reverted and I will no longer respond to your flames either.


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