[MPlayer-cvslog] r37550 - trunk/configure

michael subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Thu Oct 22 20:23:30 CEST 2015

Author: michael
Date: Thu Oct 22 20:23:29 2015
New Revision: 37550

configure: Filter out MPEG2_MMAL to fix build

Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michael at niedermayer.cc>


Modified: trunk/configure
--- trunk/configure	Wed Oct 21 22:49:00 2015	(r37549)
+++ trunk/configure	Thu Oct 22 20:23:29 2015	(r37550)
@@ -1580,7 +1580,7 @@ libavmuxers=$(echo $libavmuxers_all)
 libavprotocols=$(echo $libavprotocols_all)
 libavfilters=$(echo $libavfilters_all)
-libavdecoders=$(filter_out_component decoder 'LIB[A-Z0-9_]* H264_QSV MJPEG_QSV MPEG2_QSV HEVC_QSV VC1_QSV H264_MMAL')
+libavdecoders=$(filter_out_component decoder 'LIB[A-Z0-9_]* H264_QSV MJPEG_QSV MPEG2_MMAL MPEG2_QSV HEVC_QSV VC1_QSV H264_MMAL')
 libavencoders=$(filter_out_component encoder 'LIB[A-Z0-9_]* H264_QSV MJPEG_QSV MPEG2_QSV HEVC_QSV VC1_QSV NVENC[A-Z0-9_]* H264_NVENC[A-Z0-9_]* HEVC_NVENC[A-Z0-9_]* HAP')
 libavdemuxers=$(filter_out_component demuxer 'AVISYNTH LIB[A-Z0-9_]* REDIR')
 libavmuxers=$(filter_out_component muxer 'CHROMAPRINT LIB[A-Z0-9_]* RTP RTSP SAP')

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