[MPlayer-cvslog] r37854 - trunk/cpuinfo.c

zuxy subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Sat Apr 16 01:36:30 CEST 2016

Author: zuxy
Date: Sat Apr 16 01:36:28 2016
New Revision: 37854

Update CPUID flags


Modified: trunk/cpuinfo.c
--- trunk/cpuinfo.c	Wed Apr  6 21:58:21 2016	(r37853)
+++ trunk/cpuinfo.c	Sat Apr 16 01:36:28 2016	(r37854)
@@ -210,20 +210,26 @@ main(void)
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(8, "tm2", "Thermal Monitor 2"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(9, "ssse3", "Supplemental SSE3"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(10, "cid", "L1 Context ID"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(11, "sdbg", "Silicon Debug"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(12, "fma", "Fused Multiply Add"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(13, "cx16", "CMPXCHG16B Available"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(14, "xtpr", "xTPR Disable"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(15, "pdcm", "Perf/Debug Capability MSR"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(17, "pcid", "Processor-context identifiers"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(18, "dca", "Direct Cache Access"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(19, "sse4_1", "SSE4.1 Extensions"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(20, "sse4_2", "SSE4.2 Extensions"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(21, "x2apic", "x2APIC Feature"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(22, "movbe", "MOVBE Instruction"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(23, "popcnt", "Pop Count Instruction"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(24, "tsc_deadline_timer", "TSC Deadline"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(25, "aes", "AES Instruction"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(26, "xsave", "XSAVE/XRSTOR Extensions"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(27, "osxsave", "XSAVE/XRSTOR Enabled in the OS"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(28, "avx", "Advanced Vector Extension"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(29, "f16c", "Float 16 Instructions"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(30, "rdrand", "RDRAND Instruction"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(31, "hypervisor", "Reserved for Use by Hypervisor"),
             { -1 }
         static struct {
@@ -257,9 +263,21 @@ main(void)
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(8, "3dnowprefetch", "3DNow! Prefetch/PrefetchW"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(9, "osvw", "OS Visible Workaround"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(10, "ibs", "Instruction Based Sampling"),
-            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(11, "sse5", "SSE5 Extensions"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(11, "xop", "XOP Extensions"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(12, "skinit", "SKINIT, STGI, and DEV Support"),
             CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(13, "wdt", "Watchdog Timer Support"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(15, "lwp", "Lightweight Profiling"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(16, "fma4", "Fused Multiple Add with 4 Operands"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(16, "tce", "Translation cache extension"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(19, "nodeid_msr", "Support for MSRC001_100C"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(21, "tbm", "Trailing Bit Manipulation"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(22, "topoext", "CPUID Fn 8000001d - 8000001e"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(23, "perfctr_core", "Core performance counter"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(24, "perfctr_nb", "NB performance counter"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(26, "bpext", "Data breakpoint extensions"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(27, "perftsc", "Performance TCS"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(28, "perfctr_l2", "L2 performance counter"),
+            CPUID_FEATURE_DEF(29, "mwaitx", "MONITORX/MWAITX"),
             { -1 }
         unsigned int family, model, stepping;

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