[MPlayer-cvslog] r38114 - trunk/configure

al subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Thu Aug 9 01:27:16 EEST 2018

Author: al
Date: Thu Aug  9 01:27:16 2018
New Revision: 38114

configure: Search for parsers in the right file again

Fix build with internal FFmpeg.

After FFmpeg commit 3735d55af32 the list of possible parsers
is stored in libavcodec/parsers.c (instead of embedded in
parser.c as it was before).

Patch on mplayer-users from Dieter >d_werner gmx net<
Patch on mplayer-dev-eng from KO Myung-Hun >komh78 gmail com<


Modified: trunk/configure
--- trunk/configure	Sun Jun 10 19:20:59 2018	(r38113)
+++ trunk/configure	Thu Aug  9 01:27:16 2018	(r38114)
@@ -1554,7 +1554,7 @@ list_subparts_filters() {
 echocheck "ffmpeg/libavcodec/allcodecs.c"
 libavdecoders_all=$(list_subparts_extern  AVCodec       decoder  codec/allcodecs.c)
 libavencoders_all=$(list_subparts_extern  AVCodec       encoder  codec/allcodecs.c)
-libavparsers_all=$(list_subparts_extern   AVCodecParser parser   codec/parser.c)
+libavparsers_all=$(list_subparts_extern   AVCodecParser parser   codec/parsers.c)
 test $? -eq 0 && _list_subparts=found || _list_subparts="not found"
 echores "$_list_subparts"

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