[MPlayer-dev-eng] standard file extensions

Spammail spammail01 at gmx.net
Tue Dec 2 02:58:19 CET 2003

i just wanted to ask if there's a reason y .bin files are not in the open 
dialog? i always need to patch mplayer to get them in as it is annoying to 
always select "All Files" and then the bins. additionaly i think most users 
do not even know that mplayer can play vcd/svcds directly from the .bin files 
(i know that it's written more than once in the docs but i also know that 
most guys don't read them :P).
so do you think it wouldn't be better to apply the following patch ?

>          { "VCD/SVCD Images (*.bin)",                                 
"*.bin" },
<          { "Video files",                                             
"*.asf,*.avi,*.divx,*.fli,*.flc,*.ogm,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.m1v,*.mov,*.nuv,*.qt,*.rm,*.vob,*.viv,*.wmv,*.mkv" },
>          { "Video files",                                             
"*.asf,*.avi,*.divx,*.fli,*.flc,*.ogm,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.m1v,*.mov,*.nuv,*.qt,*.rm,*.vob,*.viv,*.wmv,*.mkv,*.bin" },


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