[MPlayer-dev-eng] New inverse-telecine filter

Zoltan Hidvegi mplayer at hzoli.2y.net
Thu Dec 4 00:43:02 CET 2003

> Zoltan Hidvegi (mplayer at hzoli.2y.net):
> > Do you have any examples where an RFF frame is interlaced?  That would
> > look bad even on interlace-scan TV sets.
>   You mean on progressive-scan flag-reading DVD players.

No, any DVD players.  Interlaced RFF means that the interlaced tv will
show some image, then some other, than back to the first, it will
flicker or reverse motion for a field.

>   For an example of an interlaced RFF frame, see the opening credits on
> the 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' DVD.  See my DVD page:
>   http://vektor.ca/dvd/tech/

On that page none of the RFF frames are interlaced.  And you write
"deinterlacer must look at _every_ non-repeat_first_field frame",
which suggests that it's OK to assume that RFF frames are progressive.


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