[MPlayer-dev-eng] --enable-static broken under OS X ?

Todd Heidesch theid at iastate.edu
Thu Dec 4 03:35:09 CET 2003

Actually, it's the same thing on mine (OS X 10.3). For pretty much 
every failure there is a section similar to this in configure.log:

ld: can't locate file for: -lcrt0.o

ldd /tmp/mplayer-conf-30714-13360.o
otool: can't open file: /tmp/mplayer-conf-30714-13360.o (No such file 
or directory)

crt0.o does not exist anywhere on my system. I tried defining 
_inttypes=yes  in the configure script but I ended up with multiple 
typedef errors up compilation. It used to be that GCC on OS X didn't do 
static, but that was a couple years ago.
I don't know anything about the /tmp/ file.


On Dec 3, 2003, at 4:46 PM, Gabucino wrote:

> eldjodjo wrote:
>> When I do ./configure --enable-static , it doesn't find "inttypes.h"
> That's a misleading error. Maybe there should be a
> check-if-static-compiling-works check in ./configure. Currently, if 
> -static
> doesn't work, it will bail out at the inttypes.h check.
>> ld: can't locate file for: -lcrt0.o
> Probably your installation is broken..
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