[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: New inverse-telecine filter

Andriy N. Gritsenko andrej at lucky.net
Thu Dec 4 10:03:41 CET 2003

    Hi, Zoltan Hidvegi!

Sometime (on Wednesday, December  3 at 19:58) I've received something...
>> >Which of the G1 filters would be best for DVD ripping at the moment?

>> I wrote dint filter for the same purpose - to do inverse telecine by
>> deleting extra interlaced frames. It works fine for me at the moment,
>> I've ripped 5 DVDs already with that. :)

>>From the manpage I was never able to figure out what dint does, and I
>was lazy to look at the code.  But from what you describe, this does
>not seem to be enough, if you drop one of the interlaced frames, it
>still leaves you with an other, and you are actually discarding a
>field, so how can that look good?  You have to merge the last field of
>the discarded frame with the next field, does dint do that?

    No, it doesn't. May be I'm wrong but I've found that frames on DVDs
(at least from filter's point of view) are progressive interlaced so I
didn't find a way to split one frame in two fields, drop one and join
other field with field from next frame later. Again, I may be wrong in
that. I just didn't find another way then (a year ago). I've also tried
detc filter but I've found it worse than dint filter because it leaved
more interlaced frames and it looked bad. :(

    With best wishes.

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