[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: New inverse-telecine filter

Andriy N. Gritsenko andrej at lucky.net
Thu Dec 4 10:15:28 CET 2003

    Hi, Adam Rice!

Sometime (on Thursday, December  4 at 10:23) I've received something...
>Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
>>This is really bad, I do not know how can you get a good 24fps output
>>of this.  Variable rate seems to be more sutable for this, but my
>>filter still produces an acceptable result.

>I think these tests are a little unfair, as the scenes are clearly 
>supposed to look grungy. Someone obviously went to a lot of trouble to 
>make them look like that, and if you somehow managed to clean it up 
>you'd be doing them a great disservice.

    I don't think so. It may be due to recodings from one source/format
to another one. May be even couple of recodings. I've seen that on TV
captures, HK DVDs, for example.

>I think in this circumstance all I'd expect from a de-telecine filter is 
>to produce output at the specified framerate that resembles the input, 
>and throw away as little information as possible.

    Heh, it's exactly that I've tried to do with my dint filter. Nothing

    Be happy!

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